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While They Pick Popes, Sequester, and Make Us Wait, We Can Control Something in the Drama….

I watch the news and realize there is so little I can control.

Of course, I can control how often I watch the news, so luckily, it’s not that often.

But who could miss all of this stuff about the Pope and the sequester and silly politics, and…well…all of that?  Life is full of drama.  Plays performed by others and we are doomed to watch…and often, all we can do is wait.  We Nobodies aren’t really the major history makers.  Instead, we do what we can when we can and maybe…just maybe…if we wait, then we can see the effects of our actions in the world.

But not all waiting has to be in vain.

I was once doing group with some clients and I told them that even when they thought they were spiraling out of control or just waiting for the next “attack,” something they could control was their creativity.  Their outlets.  How they used their time in between cravings or episodes.

Something to alleviate the waiting.  The endless waiting.

And, that’s not advice that I do not take myself when it comes to my own affairs.  I am fully aware of the fact that although my days are filled with waiting or work, or when the news is filled with drama, or my head has some anxiety, there is a place to go.  Something to do.  Something I can control.

My outlets.

So today, I sat in front of my computer and opened a book idea.  It’s a stem that I had been working on, but it had to take a back seat to some other things.  But I picked it up again.  Couldn’t ignore it.  Couldn’t quiet the voices of the characters.  I realized that their “drama” in the story could actually help quell the effect of all the drama in my own life.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  My life is fine.  One good thing about watching the news occasionally is that it reminds me that I don’t have “problems,” just “issues.”  But still, writing can be a great outlet.

So, I joined my characters already in progress.  It’s a big host of new folks, all with their own back stories.  I actually found them right where I left them…mid-action.  Still in the same place.

And, I joined them for a while.

I gave them some new directions.

And you know what?  I think they were just as happy to see me, as I them.

So, I’m done for the day.  I closed out their story for a little bit.  I’ve decided to move on to other things this evening.  But I feel better.  I don’t feel like I “waited” the day away.  Instead, something new was created.  A new story.  A new drama.

A drama I can’t wait to work on again.


70% Chance Of…

I’m out of town…in Canada.

Today was supposed to be a 70% chance of rain where I am.

Now, up here, that should be a ‘guarantee.’  I mean, 70%?  70?  That’s a high number.  It almost has to be!  It almost has to be a sure thing…

But, as with most things in life, there are no guarantees.  And, sure enough, it didn’t rain.


Dry as a bone, puffy clouds rolling along.

In fact, it was a chamber of commerce day, which was pretty spectacular.  I took a walk downtown and sat on a favorite bench, staring into the horizon.  Then I moseyed back home and worked on a manuscript…and worked and worked.

Good stuff.

And, the job search continues, as well…but I won’t set the odds.

Nope…not today.

There’s a 70% chance of something tomorrow…something…

I’ll let you know.

WEB FEATURE: Isner – Malhut Wimbledon Match Prompts a Thought…

Have you ever wanted something this much?

CNN reports that a match between John Isner and Nicolas Malhut reached nearly 10 hours before the players mutually called a halt until tomorrow.  They are 59-59 in the last set after tying the first four.

This amazing clash led me to think: What have I ever wanted that much?

And there are some answers.

I’ve worked at relationships for a long time, spent months (years?) on manuscripts, and carefully crafted articles for publication, sometimes editing them for long stretches before submission to editors.

So many times it would be easier to just toss it in.  To quit.  To let the ball go by and call it.  But you know?  If it’s something you really want, just go for it.

And hey, the worst that can happen is that you call it for darkness and start fresh in the morning…