Welcome to “Nobody and Everybody” – the tolerance campaign for Nobody’s View.

Nobody’s View was created with “the rest of us” in mind – in other words, those of us who have opinions, but not necessarily hatred and anger.  And, as we know, with the state of the world right now, there is negativity to spare.  We don’t have to add to that here.

When you subscribe to Nobody’s View and participate in posts and discussions in a friendly and helpful manner, you are helping to ease some of the tension in the world by providing a viewpoint in a calm, rational way.  You are saying you have had enough of blind vitriol and are ready for something else.

This page has comments open.  For now, the Nobody and Everybody campaign is this page.  To participate, tell us what you think needs fixing in this world, or share a story about tolerance and acceptance.  Did you have a meaningful experience or a deep insight?  Share it.  Then, head out to the front page and share your comments on the news and opinions of the day.

Remember, we’re nobody in particular.  And we’re everybody.


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