Election Season 2012 Is Only Terrible When I Watch It

Okay, Nobody Nation.

It’s almost over.  We’re on the cusp.  The end is in sight.

Election season is almost over.

Thank God!

I don’t know how much more of this I can take.  It’s just really getting to be too much.  I see it this way: if you’re still undecided, well…y’know.  And what of all these billions spent on getting elected?  Imagine all the good that money could do!  All the things politicians promise–how much could $2 billion buy?

Well, I could go on and on about money and decency and whatnot, but this is politics we’re talking about, so decency really doesn’t have anything to do with it.

But this past weekend I had an interesting break.  I was able to go up north in my state for a pseudo-business thing and had the opportunity to get off the beaten path a little bit.  Like, really off.  So far off, I spent a good part of the day chatting with folks who don’t have power.  Or TV.  People who make their handicrafts in the backs of their cars and make a living that way, no matter what the politicians say about “jobs.”

When the subject of politics came up, this was one response: “It doesn’t really affect me.  I do my art.  I have my own job.  I don’t really think about it.”

We live the way we live here in the world of electricity.  We go on with our bile-spewing politicians, televisions, and workaday jobs.  And we forget that there are people who live a whole other kind of life.  Not one I’m romanticizing or wishing I had.  Just another way of living.  Just something different than what we might call the “norm.”  The question, “Can people be happy living that way?” doesn’t seem to really come up.  When your life is what you know, it’s all you know.

It’s only when you pine away for it to be other than it is that trouble brews.

What was so striking is that I didn’t turn on a TV for two days.  I didn’t have political acid thrown in my face.  I didn’t even think about the elections except for a brief exchange with the craftsman I met.

It was a trip of conversation.  Of isolation.

There was no questions of happiness.  I was just…calm.

And it was nice.

But now I’m back home and the commercials are still on.  One person bagging on another.  One person promising better.  The other person promising…well…who the hell knows what.

Fighting.  Cursing.  Lying (lots of that).  Buying votes.  Denying votes.  Hate.  Bile.  All the usual things in this 2012 election season.

But somewhere up north, there’s a guy who works by daylight and sleeps by moonlight.  He hasn’t seen the ads.  They haven’t seen him.

And frankly, both seem pretty happy about that.


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