Sir David Ramon Hawkins M.D., Ph.D. — An Obituary You Might Not See, but Should….

An obituary crossed my desk today.

You probably didn’t know the man.  But then again, maybe you did.

He didn’t make a big splash like a Kardashian.  He didn’t write a book-a-minute like some of the authors you may know.  No theme parks named after him.  No shock-jocking.  No infamy.

Nothing like that.

He was a psychiatrist.  A physicist.  A man who tried to show that the simple act of pushing on muscle could give an answer to any yes/no question known in the universe.

He was Sir David Ramon Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.  Or, as he was more simply known: David Hawkins.

He wrote books that maybe 100 people read (Orthomolecular Psychiatry with Linus Pauling), and books that were controversial and deep (Power vs. Force, Eye of the I).

Revered by some.  Reviled by others.  Always controversial.  Always entertaining.

I had the privilege of seeing Dr. Hawkins speak a few times.  Some of the things he said were quite illuminating.  Some were clear as mud.  Sometimes, he told himself a private joke and laughed alone.  At other times, we laughed with him.

But he always made you think.

I’m not going to launch into a description of his teachings (or findings).  It would be impossible.  It wouldn’t do them justice.  It would just make things more confusing.

Instead, if you feel moved, check out Veritas Publishing or his biography and descriptions at Hay House.

I don’t know why I felt moved to write about him today.  I just saw the obit and decided I wanted to say something.

Remember: whether you agree or disagree with a particular spiritual or philosophical teaching is no really the important thing.  The importance lies in engaging, discussing, and processing.

And David Hawkins gave us that opportunity in more ways than even he may know.

Rest in peace, Doctor.  May you now fully live the truths you believed.


One response to “Sir David Ramon Hawkins M.D., Ph.D. — An Obituary You Might Not See, but Should….

  1. I know it’s my ego, but I’m devastated to have just heard of his passing! Dr. Hawkins and the Veritas employees literally saved my life. My heart might be broken at the moment, however, y’all have taught me (and helped me experience it to know) that he is in a place of profound beauty. God Bless him and everyone that helped make him and his work possible! Much Love! Jeremy @

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