9/6/12 America’s Got Talent Is the Second Semifinal Reveal…Did Your Favorite Make It to the Finals?

9/6/12 Amercia’s Got Talent is the second semifinal reveal.

Howie, Sharon, and Howard made their opinions known a few nights ago, but who was your choice?

Will they move on?

[We here at Nobody’s View have a soft spot for America’s Got Talent.  Why? Well, contestants on the show are our kind of folks.  Just regular people like you and me who get to live their dream.  Getting their moment in the sun.  People doing what they feel they were born to do.  Hard to argue with that!  And, judging by the thousands of you who join me here each season, well, I think you agree!  Welcome to the LIVE Nobody’s View America’s Got Talent 2012 blog.]

Well, it was pretty crazy the other night.  Lots of really great acts.  It was a better night than I thought it would be!  Hard to choose.

UNFORTUNATELY, we here at Nobody’s View won’t know.


Because once again, my cable company has hosed me.  It was all set for 9pm in the West.  DVR set.

And then?  Well, I checked what it taped and guess what?  It was “Today” and “Mad Money.”

I’m not kidding.

So, unfortunately, it was on an hour earlier than my cable company said, so we won’t have the write-up for a while.

I’m sorry, regulars.  I’ll try to get it here when I can.

In the meantime, well, I’ll consider a dish.


So here it is, Nobody Nation.  The show still hasn’t popped in to my “On Demand” feature on cable.  So now?  Well, now it’s 9/8/12, the 9/6/12 AGT second semifinal is old news, and I’m sitting here watching it on my computer and trying to blog it at the same time.

So forgive me.

Another apology to all of you.  I’ll try to do better next week!

But let’s get started here…as best we can.


Nick looked pretty sleek, right?  Nice outfit.

Reminds me…I need another suit.  One that fits well.  I have a really nice sportcoat outfit, but still…a good suit can go a long way, right?

The best judges in the business?  Howie Mandel, Sharon Osbourne, and Howard Stern?  Well, ok…


Reveal 1

Shanice and Maurice Hayes, All That!, Lightwire Theater

Three good acts here.  I tend to agree with Howie on the Hayes act.  Shanice, go and be a start.  Then, cut an album with your father.  All That!?  Like ’em, but just too much competition this year.

And Lightwire?  Well you’re spectacular.  No doubt about it.  As I said, I’d see you tomorrow.  In Vegas.  Tomorrow.

Sharon said this one was a “really tough call.”  Do you agree?  I think Lightwire is the incredible act here.

America has voted……..thanks to my cable company you already know……..you know it’s going to be……………

Lightwire Theater!  Well, that was anticlimactic.  Too bad I saw the last 2 minutes of this the other night.


Reveal 2

Jacob Williams, David Garibaldi and His CMYK’s (not sure what Nick said), and Sebastien “El Charro de Oro”

There are some good acts in this group.  But for me?  Garibaldi.  I love his act.  I really love what he does and find it very creative and exciting.

Williams didn’t have the greatest act the other night, but I love his schtick.  Sebastien is great.  But David Garibaldi?  Just too good.

Who will it be…who will it be…I mean, I know who it will be, but will it be the same in reruns?????  (You know I’m kidding, right?)

And in the end….David Garibaldi.

Had to be.  Just too great.  Too too great.  I think he could have a Gallagher-type thing going.  Getting paint on the first few rows?  High drama.  High entertainment.  High dry cleaning bills.  People coming out of the theater covered in paint.  Nice.

What’s not so nice is that the player just crashed, so I had to start over and watch the same exact Verizon commercial two more times.  That’s right.  The same commercial twice, in case you missed it the first time.  Ugh.


And then?  I fast fowarded…and guess what?  The same commercial.  Again.  Twice.  Ah, the modern age.  Isn’t this a magical time in which we live?  At least the second commercial was different.

Anyway, where were we?

Ah, yes.  AGT.  I’m going to skip the music acts.  And the Orville Lounge.  Hope you don’t mind.  Twelve-year-olds singing “We’re Not Gonna Take It?”  I’m sure it’s great but…I don’t want to watch the same commercials again….

I’m not gonna watch it………anymore!


One of the commercials was for a pasta sauce.  I’m going to make some pasta now, but specifically use a different sauce.

That’s my way of taking a stand!


Reveal 3

Clint Carvalho and His Extreme Parrots, Olate Dogs, All Wheel Sports

My pick out of this group?  Olate Dogs.  The others are interesting, for sure, but there’s something about savant dogs that really makes me take notice…perhaps because the dog I had in my young life wasn’t quite so…able to do tricks.

America’s choice?  Olate Dogs.

Sharon was thrilled, for sure.  I think this is her pick to take it all this season.


Reveal 4

Tim Hockenberry, The Magic of Puck, The Untouchables

I really like Hockenberry.  Love his voice.  The soul in his music.  Imagine was a great choice.  The Untouchables?  Fantastic.  These kids are truly amazing.  I mean, I know the result, but I just have to say it.

The choice?  The Untouchables.  Who are apparently “over” the crying.

Love this act.  Looking forward to seeing them again.

Train is up after the break.

But for me?  Fast forward.  Sorry Train.  Can’t risk more insanity commercial-wise.


Wow.  So trying to fast forward made the thing start over.  Then I had to learn how to make chicken parm with mayo (ick!) and learned some more things about my gasoline and phone service.

But finally finally finally….


The first spot in the semifinals.  We have Garibaldi, The Untouchables, Olate Dogs, and Lightwire Theater.

The first to move on to the finals?

The Untouchables.

Wow.  How great is that?  They say sometimes picking a favorite act is like picking your favorite child…I guess that’s really true here.

The second act moving on to the finals?

Olate Dogs.

Another good pick.

Unfortunately…that leaves two amazing acts for the judges’ choice.  Who would your pick be out of these two?  Garibaldi and Lightwire.

That’s rough.  I love both of these acts.  If they were an act together, well…blockbuster.


Sharon said, “This should never have happened….a travesty.”  She’s right.  It really is.  But in the end, she choice Lightwire.

Howie?  He agrees with Sharon.  Both million-dollar acts.  Both creative acts.  Both amazing.  But in the end, Howie went with David Garibaldi–not better, not more worthy–just a choice.

Howard Stern?  The tie breaker.  Not a fun position here.  He said Garibaldi stumbled a bit last night.  I’m not sure I agree, but…y’know….Stern said he would go and pay money right now to see Garibaldi, so he picked him…and put him through.

I think this was the right choice.  Not because Lightwire theater isn’t mindbending, but because Garibaldi is so different.  So unlike anything we’ve seen on the show.  I think he brings something really different.

But Lightwire?  We’ll be seeing you on the Vegas strip soon.


So, it’s going to be a great finals.  Some creativity, some dance, some comedy, some well-trained animals.

This is what we love here at Nobody Nation.  A great group of acts that no one knew about a few months ago.  Now?  They’re standing tall on the biggest stage.

Who will get the million?

We’ll find out together…assuming my cable company can get it together.



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