8/29/12 Is the America’s Got Talent First Semifinal Results: Great Night…Impossible Choice…Did Your Favorite Make It Through?

8/29/12 is the results show for what was a very stacked night last night on America’s Got Talent–the first semifinal show.

Did your favorite make it that far? Will they make it to the next level?

Thanks for joining us here at Nobody’s View for the results!  LIVE at 9pm in the West.

Let’s get started.

[We here at Nobody’s View have a soft spot for America’s Got Talent.  Why? Well, contestants on the show are our kind of folks.  Just regular people like you and me who get to live their dream.  Getting their moment in the sun.  People doing what they feel they were born to do.  Hard to argue with that!  And, judging by the thousands of you who join me here each season, well, I think you agree!  Welcome to the LIVE Nobody’s View America’s Got Talent 2012 blog.]

So, before the show I watched that Survivorman show.  You know that guy, right?  Les Stroud?  He films himself.  Survives by himself.  No camera crew.  Nothing.  Now that’s a talent right?  The episode I saw was a two-parter…surviving on a desert island in Mexico.  Pretty cool.

Now, which of our acts will survive tonight?  (Neat segue, huh?)

How great was last night?  I spoke to some people I know who watch the show and they all agree that the person who put last night’s lineup together should be fired.  Immediately.  Too many great acts in one night.  Not fair.

But here we are.  And as you know, nobody listens to us here at Nobody Nation.  Heck, that’s how we got our name!

But that’s okay.  We speak our minds anyway.

I actually turned on the very end of the last-night recap and got to see Tom Cotter again.  Funnier the second time.  Love this guy’s act.  Sharon, Howie, and Howard all agreed as well.  Who’d a thunk it?  Tom Cotter is the AGT messiah.  Is it possible?

Did he make it to the finals?


So, do we really have to do this?  Do we really have to send away some great talent?  Ah, the bittersweet symphony that is America’s Got Talent.  (That’s a great song, by the way…Bittersweet Symphony.)

So, Steve Harvey came on stage to do…something.  I donno.  Give his thoughts.  Apple time?  No.  Not yet.  I hear there’s a music act on tonight, so as you all know, that’s when I’ll be snacking.

Oh…there it is.  A plug for some new show or something.  Can I get on AGT and plug my books?


The four acts that got the most votes are getting revealed tonight, then we discover who moves on.


Reveal 1

Turf, Joe Castillo, The Scott Brothers

I really like Joe Castillo from this group.  Not that the other two aren’t great, but still…I’ve never seen anything like Castillo.  Sand.  Pictures.  Too cool.

But anyway, the first of tonight’s top four acts is…Joe Castillo.

Wow.  Nice.  I think that’s a good pick.  I think people are really taken by his unique act.  Sharon sure seems to be.  And the berets?  Well, that’s just the frosting on the Joe Castillo brownie, right?

I have a feeling I’ll be seeing Castillo live on stage before I wear a beret.  Still, stranger things have happened….

Turf, wherever you go next, keep being great.  You reminded America how badly you wanted this, but somehow, I have a feeling you’ll be known even though you didn’t win AGT.

I guess sometimes we chase fame, and sometimes fame finds us.


After the break?  You guessed it.  A totally unscripted and surprise visit to the Orville lounge.  Yup.  That’s right.  Just popping in for a surprise visit out of nowhere.

Ha!  Popping….

Anyway, moving on.


Reveal 2

Andrew De Leon, William Close, Academy of Villains

Well, looking at this group, I have a feeling that one of my favorites won’t be moving on.  De Leon.  Too bad.  I mean, I love William Close’s act, but…De Leon speaks/sings for a whole lost group who feels no one values them or what they do.

But the reveal hasn’t happened…am I right?  Is it Close?  Howie seems to think all these acts should be going through.  Do you agree?

Anyway, the next act going through is…William Close.  And that’s probably the right choice.  This guy could easily take his act to Vegas tomorrow and be ready to go on a 10 year contract.  He’s that talented and that polished.

Howard Stern said he’s “pleased” because Close “shines” and is an original showman…a headliner.  I agree.  Hard to argue.


Donovan & Rebecca, Todd Oliver, Edon

Yet another great group.  A truly incredible acrobatic/artistry duo, a fantastic comedian, and a terrific singer.

I can’t predict this one.

But America spoke (is texting “speaking”?) and the next act is……………Todd Oliver.


Howie says that “variety” is winning.  He’s right.  That’s nice to see.  It’s not always singers.  Sometimes there’s room for something else!

Maybe my throat-playing ability has a place on the stage after all.

Whaddya think?

And don’t worry.  My throat does turn red while I do that, but it doesn’t hurt.  Actually, I’ll wear a turtleneck while I do it.

Wait…where was I?  Oh, yes…AGT.  Variety.  One commercial break closer to an apple.


Okay.  The break is over and now?  Everybody Talks…which apparently is some platinum-selling thing by Neon Trees.

You know what else everybody does?  Or, should I say–you know what else Nobody does?

Eats a snack.

See you in a few….


Right.  Great.  Everyone done talking?  Apparently everybody does it.  I didn’t know that until Neon Trees told me….

So, anyway, on to….


Reveal 4

Tom Cotter, Bria Kelly, Eric Dittelman

I’m sad.  Two favorites are here.  Cotter and Dittelman.  I can’t believe both of these acts aren’t moving on.  Too bad.

Hey guys…I still say you should both team up and go on the road.  Incredible act.  Comedy.  Mind tricks.  Genius.

But for now?  Only one of you is going on.

And that act is?

Tom Cotter.

I have to say…I’m crushed Dittelman isn’t going on.  Maybe America just couldn’t believe Dittelman.  Couldn’t believe his act was real.

Dittelman, I’m sorry.

But Cotter?  You’re great too.  If you go through, I can’t wait to see your next set.

I learned tonight that, apparently, everybody talks.  But not everybody can get up in front of millions of people and make ’em laugh.  You can.  You rock.


So, how about the commercial that tells us if we aren’t whitening, we’re getting yellow…or something like that.  And not the good kind of Coldplay Yellow.  The tooth yellowing yellow

Y’know what I say to that?  From the moment we’re born, we’re on our way out.  I think a little yellow on my teeth may not be my primary concern.

But then again…I’m no expert on anything, so what the heck to I know?


William Close, Todd Oliver, Tom Cotter, and Joe Castillo

That’s your top four.  First act moving to the finals?

William Close.

That one was an easy call, no?  Yes.

The second act going to the finals?

Tom Cotter.

Again, another good call.  Can’t wait to see his next comedy set.  If it’s half as good as last night, it’ll still be freakin’ hysterical.

Now?  The judges pick between Castillo and Oliver.

Who would you pick?

Well, after the break the judges had to make their decision.

Howard said he was “definite” about this.  He said Castillo may have run his course.  Stern said Oliver has been building each week, so he picked Todd Oliver & Irving.

Sharon said Oliver has been “upping” his game.  She said Castillo brings “heart and emotion” to the show.  I love the idea of Castillo and Close working together. So, it was down to Howie.

Howard and Sharon made their appeal, but in the end it was Joe Castillo moving on.

So there it is.  William Close, Joe Castillo, and Tom Cotter.

Is that what you expected going in?

I wanted Dittelman, but somehow, I don’t think we’ve heard the last of him.

Be sure to join us next week for more AGT, but check in through the week for more opinion from Nobody’s View!


4 responses to “8/29/12 Is the America’s Got Talent First Semifinal Results: Great Night…Impossible Choice…Did Your Favorite Make It Through?

  1. No one listens to your blog, but people do read it. Or person. Or nobodies like me. You had your snack at the wrong time, that Neon Trees dude was awesome and unexpected. i dig the 1950’s pop rock sound, his growly singing, and his Mick Jagger like way of gyrating around the stage. that was great, not like the off key, terrible, cringe worthy singing of Edon.
    How about the lineup for next week? There’s only 4-5 acts that are really worth it, half of them are no where near as memborable some of the 8-9 this week that blew the roof off. The dude who organized the lineup SHOULD be fired. Blah

    • @KAYELL: I know nobody listens, but that’s the point, right?!?! Thank you for the kind comment. And thank you for reading. Actually, I caught part of Neon Trees, and I have to say, not bad…interesting sound! And, if you’re the lead singer, then please know, I didn’t make that up! We’ll have to agree to disagree on Edon, but I must say, I do agree with you about the next show. It’s not that the acts in it are “bad,” as at this stage, everyone is pretty polished; it’s just…well…how in holy creation can Dittelman be off the show? Good lord. Let’s hope that some of the other acts step up and surprise us! Here’s to another week and more people livin’ the dream….

  2. Howard Stern Didn’t use the last colored marker as dittleman asked thus the difference in colors on the pics watch the video Dittleman says you should have 1 color left for the Mustache and gotee Howard used the same marker for those as the horns instead of the last color still sitting in the cup Dittleman got screwed and we voted him off with no fault of his own Lets figure out a way to fix this

    • @BUDDY: Love Dittelman. Sad he’s gone. Not sure there’s a way to fix it, but we can watch for him when he performs and support him that way. If you’re out there, Dittelman, let us know where you’ll be appearing!

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