8/28/12 America’s Got Talent Is Going to Be Big; the Semifinals Are Stacked and America Has to Choose

8/28/12 will be an incredible night of talent.  How will America choose?

Sorry we’re a little late tonight.  Had some stuff I had to do.  So, I’m just settling in now.  How’s it been?  Wait, don’t tell me.  I’m about to join Sharon Osbourne, Howie Mandel, Howard Stern, and Nick Cannon…and…you…and we’ll see.

Enjoy, Nobody Nation!

[We here at Nobody’s View have a soft spot for America’s Got Talent.  Why? Well, contestants on the show are our kind of folks.  Just regular people like you and me who get to live their dream.  Getting their moment in the sun.  People doing what they feel they were born to do.  Hard to argue with that!  And, judging by the thousands of you who join me here each season, well, I think you agree!  Welcome to the LIVE Nobody’s View America’s Got Talent 2012 blog.]

So, the semifinals.  I see as I’m fast-fowarding on the DVR here that part of the Republican National Convention preempted AGT.  It’s nice to be able to fast forward politics, don’t you think?

Let’s get away from the whole political spectrum where dreams seem to consist of money, power, and pain, and get to what matters: talent!

Who’s up tonight?  Ah, yes.  The crazy night of talent.  The impossible voting night.  The stacked competition.  It’s Turf, Edon, The Scott Brothers, Eric Dittelman, Bria Kelly, Todd Oliver & Irving, Tom Cotter, Joe Castillo, Academy of Villains, Andrew De Leon, Donovan & Rebecca, William Close.

Good luck.  Who put all of these acts together?!?  There’s at least 6 in here that could go through blind, no vote.

Only three move on from tonight to the finals.  To the Venetian.


First up?  Andrew De Leon.  I really like this act, but then again, you know that Nobody Nation.  You know we love the loner-to-opera story.  He’s up against some crazy good competition tonight, no?  Yes.

“Ave Maria” came out of nowhere.  Sounded great to my untrained ear.  I mean, what do I know?  I’m still trying to learn Neil Young’s “Heart of Gold” on my guitar.  Imagine trying to sound like him.  (I can’t!).

But De Leon?  Sounded great.  Love the act.

But the judges had some criticism.  Some of it is fair–he doesn’t have formal training and he does have a different look.  But that’s what makes him a Nobody Nation favorite.


Up next?  A man and his dog: Todd Oliver & Irving.

This act was terrific last week.  Incredible.  If it’s just as good this week?  Well, he may just squeeze through.

He had a whole talk show set tonight!  Looked like Leno.  But the material was fresh.  It was now.  It was really funny.  I could watch this act for a long time.  It really is clever.

The judges loved it, as well.  They especially loved the “Tonight Show”-ish originality.

Good job, Todd Oliver.


So, they’re showing poll results at the bottom of the screen for the Republican and Democratic primaries here.  Talk about a buzz kill.

Good lord.

Anyway, back to the show.

Up next?  A husband and wife gymnastic duo–Donovan & Rebecca.  They said they took up acrobatics late in life, going from dancing and singing to pure artistic strength.  Tonight?  Features Rebecca’s strength.

They really are impressive.  The strength and danger is at a really high level.  Is it enough to compete with comics and singers?  America will decide.

But I agree with Stern.  It is a “spectacular” act, and Rebecca’s strength is amazing, but…will it translate to the TV audience?  Howie seems to think it should be one of the AGT 3 from tonight.  Do you agree?


Ah, the commercials fly by.  Isn’t that just the best?

So, we’re back with a young singer, Edon.  Another great act.  I wish I could play piano like this kid.  Check that…I wish I could play piano at all.  Ah, shoulda stuck with it.  Oh, well.  I have the guitar.

But anyway, back to Edon.  Living the dream.  Loving what he does.  Lucky guy!  Tonight he went for the votes with One Direction’s “You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful.”  Can’t blame him, can you?

How is anyone going to decide on which three to put through?  This is impossible.  Who organized this night?

Anyway, Howie and Sharon loved it.  Howard?  No so much.  But listen, Edon: ignore that.  It’s noise.  You were terrific tonight.  I can’t say I’m a One Direction fan, but your rendition was great.

That being said, if someone threatened me and forced me to name another One Direction song?  Well…

Let’s just say it would be a bad day for me.


Next?  The Scott Brothers–mirrored dancing.  That hat trick they did a while ago was spectacular.  Remember that?  They said the routine tonight is more technical and precise.

And it was.

This act is so freakin’ watchable, y’know?  It’s mesmerizing.  Howard said he thinks people might be getting “fatigued” by the act.  I’m not sure I agree with that.  Every time I see it, I enjoy it.  But I do agree with Sharon–this is a tough week.


Next up?  Illusionist Eric Dittelman.  So, how about this act?  Dittelman.  The Dittelman.  Love it.  This guy is a million dollar act.  He’s out there on a limb right now.  Living at home.  Trying to make it.  I think he will.

He involved Stern tonight.  He told Stern to pick up a colored marker and color in his face on the Stern self-portrait.  Then the glasses.  Then the hair.  Then add some devil horns, a goatee, and moustache.  Then he got all of America at home.  He had us imagine a triangle inside of a circle and a lot of people in the audience said they guessed that.  Then, Dittelman revealed that he, in fact, colored in a picture the same way Stern did.  Wow.

Love this act.  I want to see it NOW, in Vegas. Right now.  I want to buy tickets.

He says he has a “finale” planned for the last show.  I can’t wait to see that!  Absolutely cannot wait.

Forget Republican and Democrat.  VOTE DITTELMAN!


Now?  Turf.  You know him.  You’ve seen him.  You’ve cringed when it looks like he’s popping his shoulders out.  But you gotta admit, he’s great.  And he wants this.

He’s been dancing on the streets for years, and now he has to have the performance of his life.  He says that tonight, he’s going to push his comfort zone and “jump out” a bit more into dancing.

He’s great.  But is it enough?  Lots of love from Howie and Sharon.  Will America give the love?


We’re back

A singer–Bria Kelly–from the YouTube competition.

She was a standout on that show, and she has a great voice.  I’m disappointed she didn’t have the band tonight, but she still gave a great performance.  Whether it’s enough to get through?  Not sure.

But here’s another act that should be making its way to the Disney Channel.  Just sayin’…but then again, Disney doesn’t listen to me.  And why should they?


Disney aside, here comes a favorite of mine: Joe Castillo. He’s a sand artist, and it’s just fantastic.

Do you like the beret?  Are you a beret fan?

He says he wants to tell “epic” stories that can change people’s lives.  And I think he’s probably done that a few times in his life.

He made doves, then turned them into shaking hands.  Brilliant.  Then he created a child’s portrait with a brilliant sun.  Beautiful.  Then that sun was transformed into another person, with a hug.  Was it Jesus?  Who knows?  It looked great.

Do you agree with Stern?  Is it similar each time, or is it something new and wonderful to your eye?

I could watching this for a long time.  Love the act.

Oh, and love Castillo’s plea for peace.

That’s worth a few votes!


Next is William Close and his Earth Harp Collective.  I love this act.  The sound is mind-bending.  Last time he was on, the judges went nuts, pledging their own money to produce his show.  I can’t blame them.  It gave me chills.

Tonight he played…his significant other.  Then he had a guy playing a double guitar.  Then he jumped to his incredible harp.

This guy is a whole production.  Everything.  The whole package.  Voice.  Rhythm.  String.  Charisma.  It can’t miss.

Howie called him the “favorite.”  Then Sharon went on and on about his professionalism (she’s right).  And Stern agreed.

Look, folks.  The guy has a passion and has created an empire of creativity out of it.  Good lesson for us all.  Do what you do with gusto!

Even if it’s a harp!


Now?  Comic Tom Cotter.  Cotter has clearly been influenced by his father who may not have “agreed” with Cotter’s professional choice, but has supported him nonetheless.  Love that.

Cotter had Howie pick a topic: College.  Then, he went off on a hysterical rant of college-related one-liners.



Really clever.  All I can say is, “Dang it!  Why is he on on this incredible night!?!”  Cotter and Dittelman need to team up and hit the road together.  I know a slew of people who’d pay to see it tomorrow.

Tom Cotter, you rocked it.


The final act?  Academy of Villains.

How great were they on the YouTube show?  The red gloves were a stroke of genius.

One of their dancers got a broken kneecap during rehearsal, forcing a re-do of the show.  Ouch.  How will they do?

Incredible.  As you know, I’m not always a huge dance crew fan, but they are spectacular.  They’re a show ready to go.  I agree with Sharon.  Unique.  Exciting.  I actually want to see them week to week.

Stern said he got a little bored.  Sharon disagreed big time.  What’s your take?


Well, it was a tough week for the acts.

And it was a long day for me.

So, I’m heading for bed and America’s heading for the phones.

Tomorrow?  The results.


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