8/22/12 Is the America’s Got Talent Wildcard Reveal: It Was an Incredible Night of Television Last Night…How Can We Pick Just Four?

(Looking for the 8/21/12 wildcard write-up?  Click here.)

Last night was the AGT wildcard show.

8/22/12 is the wildcard reveal.  There were 12 amazing acts.  How can America pick just four?

Well, they had to.  Who’s it gonna be?

[We here at Nobody’s View have a soft spot for America’s Got Talent.  Why? Well, contestants on the show are our kind of folks.  Just regular people like you and me who get to live their dream.  Getting their moment in the sun.  People doing what they feel they were born to do.  Hard to argue with that!  And, judging by the thousands of you who join me here each season, well, I think you agree!  Welcome to the LIVE Nobody’s View America’s Got Talent 2012 blog.]


So, how’s this gonna work?

Last night was incredible, and tonight, there’s only room for four.

A lot of fellow fans agreed last night was one of the best nights of AGT they’d seen.  I had to agree.  Redemption.  Sweet.

Who did you like last night?

Andrew De Leon?  Horse?  The simple fact that acts like Andrew De Leon and Horse could occupy the same stage?

And a night without X-es…That’s right…not one X.  Sounds like a divorce attorney’s nightmare.

By the way, Howard…nice hand gesture.  You have to have one!


Elimination 1

Sebastien “El Charro De Oro,” Bandbaz Brothers, Ben Blaque

Wow, this is just too much tonight.  All three of these were incredible.  On any other night, these are the three winners.  On any night in Vegas, you can see acts like Bandbaz Brothers going for $200 per ticket.

So, the votes are in.  The act going to the semifinals is….

Sebastien “El Charro De Oro.”

That could have gone in any direction.  I loved his reaction.  He said he has a big voice like Evancho.  Amen to that.

And Howie said he’s an “entertainer” and not just a singer…amen to that too.  Kid’s talented, humble, and polite.

Magical trifecta.

A real triple threat.


So, after the break?  Popcorn.  Totally unrehearsed popcorn.

Anyway, on stage next?  The cast of Bring It On.

I should get to NYC soon.  I probably won’t be seeing Bring It On, but I’d like to see a Broadway show.

I wonder what they have at the half price booth?


So, we’re back.  I didn’t get to NYC.  Too bad.

But here’s…

Elimination 2

Horse, Jake Wesley Rogers, Andrew De Leon

So, this is an interesting group.  Right?  Right.  Nut smashing.  Lady Gaga covers.  Budding opera singer.  Gotta love AGT, right?

So, the votes are in and it’s….Andrew De Leon.

I’m happy about that.  I want this guy to go all the way in this contest.  Why?  Because he’s an inspiration to millions of young people who think they don’t have a voice.  Literally and figuratively.

Listen, Nobody Nation.  Do what you love!  Don’t just sit in your room (unless, like me, you write there).  Get out there and do it!  Now!  You can DVR the show.  Get out there now!

What’s that?  Oh, the next elimination.  Okay.


Elimination 3

Todd Oliver, Cristin Sandu, Spencer Horsman

Tough tough tough decision.  Oliver and Horsman were both amazing acts.  And Cristin?  Well, he’s brave, I’ll give him that.

Three very different acts.

The act moving on?  Todd Oliver.

That was a tough one.  I thought Horsman had a good chance, but Oliver’s act was fantastic last night.  Simple and clever.

Good lesson there for all of us.  Don’t complicate it.  Keep it simple.  Make ’em laugh.  Move on to the semifinals.

Good formula.


Good music in that commercial we just saw…Peter Gabriel’s Big Time.  Although, I think my favorite by him is Solsbury Hill.

So, now?  Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen

You know what that means!

Snack time here at Nobody’s View.  See you for the next elimination.

That’s always a…good time.

Maybe they’ll write a song about that someday.  Probably not.  Nobody cares about me eating an apple.


So, I’m back and fed.  You still don’t care.  Owl City doesn’t care.  Carly Rae Jepson doesn’t care.  But I care.  It was a good apple.  Granny Smith.  Not too sweet.  Not too sour.  In the absence of pinks, it’ll do.

So where were we?

Ah, yes…

Elimination 4

Lindsey Norton, All That!, and Jarrett & Raja

I really like two of these acts.  But last night?  Well, I think Jarrett & Raja really brought it.  Someone at work was talking about it this morning.

But who’s heading home right now?  Jarrett & Raja.

Well, I don’t disagree too often with the vote, but…hmmm….Howard said Jarrett & Raja were robbed.  Do you agree?

So, All That! and Lindsey Norton.  Both had good things to say in their appeal.  Who’ll be?  That’s after the break…………

So, was just texted by another fan.  Said it should have been Jarrett & Raja.  Now, hundreds of you are stopping by to read tonight.  I’d be willing to bet more than a few of you agree.

But that’s AGT, right?

So, here it is.  The final vote.

Howard voted for the group he’d pay to see: All That!

Howie voted in his Olympic glow for: Lindsey Norton.

Sharon?  These are both her picks–how can she choose?  She clearly was struggling.  But in the end, it was All That!


So, next week’ll be ridiculous.  The semifinals.  A stacked show!  Join us then.

But then again, join us through the week and see what’s new in the world of opinion for the rest of us.

Be safe.  Be good.  Be you!


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