7/24/12 America’s Got Talent is the Last Quarterfinal…Who’s Last (But Not Least) to the Semifinals?

Welcome to Nobody’s View, Nobody Nation.  If it’s 7pm in the West, then it must be the last of the America’s Got Talent quarterfinals.  Has your favorite performed yet?

It’s all about talented members of Nobody Nation livin’ the dream, folks.  Glad you could join us here for the write-up.

Oh, and if you didn’t see our post on The Dark Knight, check it out.  Let us know what you think of the movie!

Ah, but that’s not why you’re all here, so why don’t we just get this started.

[We here at Nobody’s View have a soft spot for America’s Got Talent.  Why? Well, contestants on the show are our kind of folks.  Just regular people like you and me who get to live their dream.  Getting their moment in the sun.  People doing what they feel they were born to do.  Hard to argue with that!  And, judging by the thousands of you who join me here each season, well, I think you agree!  Welcome to the LIVE Nobody’s View America’s Got Talent 2012 blog.]

Okay, so here we are.  It’s been a long season.  So much new (Howard Stern) and so much familiar (Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel).  Are we really at the last of the quarterfinals?

And furthermore, are the Olympics really in three days?  Good lord.

So, why are so many good acts smashed into tonight?  That’s not really fair now, is it?  Eric & Olivia, Sebastien “El Charro De Oro”, Horse, All That!, Eric Dittelman, Joe Castillo, Olate Dogs, Unity in Motion, Ulysses, William Close, Lindsey Norton, David “The Bullet” Smith.

There are more than a few names in there that could be considered favorites.  Something tells me they did this on purpose just to mess with us.  Probably not.  But still, maybe.

But who cares, right?

It is what it is.

And we’re just Nobodies, so they don’t really take our opinion into account.  But then again, we’re the “millions of viewers,” so…maybe they should (and, yes, I mean more than the voting).

Ah, but let’s move on and talk about other things…like Nick Cannon’s blinding suit.  I actually asked my mom if I could wear a white tux to prom, and that didn’t go over so well.  I’m glad Cannon gets to wear one, though.  Did he just say, “nut shots”?  Ah, TV.


First act?  David “The Bullet” Smith trying to do a 40-yard human field goal out of a cannon.  In his preview, he said he had an accident last summer that he was “lucky” to walk away from.

Boy, am I glad that I have a job where that phrase is never uttered.  I don’t even like going up a ladder if no one’s holding it.

So, here we are outside.  Cheerleaders.  Screaming.  Yelling.  Yes!  These are just the things you want just before all your concentration has to go into not becoming human ash.

The football is a nice touch.

Well, he did it.  Unscathed.

Lucky guy!


I love car commercials that show regular folks getting deals at the car lot.  Of course, they aren’t regular folks–they’re actors.  And of course, nobody gets a “deal” at the car lot.  Yet, we still cling to that myth…like the tooth fairy or a perfect soufflé.  It just doesn’t exist.  (Yes, I’m sure you’ll counter all my bitter judgments, and that’s your perogative).

Where were we?  Oh, that’s right.  David “The Bullet” Smith and his 40-yard field goal.  The judges really liked it.  Did you?  Is it worth a million bucks?  Sharon told him to fly over a pit of fiery alligators.  Would that make you like it more?  I mean, alligators are cool and all, but…


Next?  Clogging with All That!  I think you should vote for them simply because they have an exclamation point after their name.  We in Nobody Nation need more exclamation points after the things we do.  Why not?

The act opening behind an American Flag, and then the dancing started.  It’s a really entertaining act.  Sharon asked for less shirts, more oil and leather, and…well…y’know…I’m good with the shirts on.  As for the judges?  It wasn’t rousing, but I can’t say it would be impossible for them to move on.


Up next, Ulysses.  This guy is living the dream.  He sings theme songs.  I watched ’em.  He sings ’em.

But apparently, before the show, he lost his hair.  However, through the magic of a multi-million dollar TV budget, he got it (sorta) back.  However, Howard Stern is not convinced of Ulysses’ magic.  That’s too bad.  This guy has a show.  It might not be everyone’s taste, but it’s something.  C’mon folks.  We all watched these shows.  But Ulysses was smart enough to turn it into an act.

Three X-es?  That’s okay.  But Howie said what we’ve always said.  Producers, please…stop jazzing it up.  Let these folks be themselves.  We say it to our kids, but then…well…somehow we forget.

Better to be you than a different you.  Although, I have to say, I really liked that turquoise suit.


Joe Castillo–sand and story.  He says he learned storytelling from his father, and now, he’s turned it into an artform.  This is a great act.  It’s so unique.  I’ve never really seen anything like it.  It’s sort of like sand painting and mandalas…but so unique.

Tonight’s animals from around the world were amazing.  I could watch this for hours.  Hopefully, someday, I’ll have that chance.  I’m sure it’s as meditative to do as to watch.

Beret and all.


Love this next act: Sebastien “El Charro De Oro.”  He’s a normal kid who sings love songs…his words, not mine.  This kid is incredible.  Passion personified.  Doesn’t get much more intense than that.

His voice is incredible.  But, like all young boys with a great voice…13 is lurking around the corner.  Ah, but enjoy 10 as long as you can, Sebastien.  Make the most of whatever’s about to come your way…like Disney, Nickelodeon, and everything else.

Oh, and when that all comes your way, don’t forget why you got into this business in the first place.


Next?  One of my favorites: Eric Dittelman.  This guy is great.  Mind reading.  Nice.  This is a great talent.  And how great was it that he went after Howie Mandel and Let’s Make A Deal.  One by one, he eliminated cases, on his way to a predicted case.  And lo and behold…Howie chose case 4, the one that had the sign in it…the pre-selected case.

Dittelman, you could win right now and I’d be happy.

Ah, but you knew I would say that.

I’m sure you hear people thinking it all the time.


Another great act: William Close.  This is a beautiful act.  A giant harp.  A harp that takes up the whole performance hall.  It was spectacular tonight with percussion, voice, strings.  It’s an event.  A happening.  A destination.


And the best part?  Close comes out of nowhere.

Mandel went on a limb and said that William Close pretty much took it all tonight.  I guess we know who Howie’s pulling for.  And, for that matter, Sharon, who echoed Howie’s sentiments.  Then, Howard double echoed.

Oh, and by the way, Howard, Sharon, and Howie agreed to produce Close’s show.

I agree to see it.

Cannot wait.


We’re back.

Next on stage is Unity in Motion.  Dance, strength, commitment.  That’s why they’re this far.  It’s amazing how far you can get on sheer determination.  Yes, talent helps, but if you don’t have stick-to-itiveness, well, you don’t have much.

They certainly brought it tonight.  But as Stern said,  the night is a difficult one, where even brilliant acts may go home.  I echo his sentiment.  Whoever put all these acts in one night needs to go to time out.

30 minutes.  No TV.

Except AGT.


Another favorite up next.  Eric & Olivia.  It’s just a great act.  Just so we’re clear, they’re not a couple.  Are we clear?  Clear on that?

This has been one of my favorites since the beginning.  Seriously.  Check the archives.  Her voice.  His arrangements.  What crap luck they’re on the hardest night of the season.  If they don’t make it through tomorrow, here’s praying for the wildcard.  Although, to hear Howard and Howie tell it, doesn’t sound promising.

But there’s always hope, right?  Here’s hoping.


We’re back.  The next act is Lindsey Norton–dancer, acrobatics, contortionist.  And, she’s solo.

We know her future is at Cirque du Soleil, but in the meantime, she’s doing great on AGT.  And, yet again, the terrible luck of the hardest AGT night ever.

But Soleil will still call.  Don’t worry about that.



The crotch shot guy.

The guy who, even if he doesn’t win, will earn his spot on Jackass.


The superhero theme was clever.  But, I’m just not sure it’s enough.  Maybe a few weeks ago, but…Sharon didn’t quite know what to say.  Or how to classify it.  I think that’s accurate.  It just kinda is what it is.

I don’t hate the act.  I just don’t think it’s enough on this particular night.  Somebody get that guy an ice pack for his face!

And his…well…y’know…


Last act.

Olate Dogs.

What a great story.  The father trained a dog in Chile to support his family, and now…here they are.  Dogs that walk and roll.  And go down slides.  Backwards.

Now, look folks.  Those dogs did more in a few minutes than most dogs I’ve known have done in a lifetime.

Acts?  I’m so sorry about tonight.  But, I have a feeling a lot of wildcards could come from this evening.


Listen up, folks.  We say this every time, but we’ll say it again.  The reason we blog this show is because it personifies Nobody Nation.  These acts come out of nowhere to showcase talents that are special to them.  Special to the people who love them.

Yeah, it’s TV.  Yeah, it’s Hollywood.  But then again, yeah…it’s happening.

Even if you aren’t on AGT, you must have something that gets you going.  That makes you tick.  Do it.  Ignore the noise.  Tune it out.  Focus on your passion.  Do it.


You bet.


You bet.

See you tomorrow night.


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