7/17/12 America’s Got Talent Is the Third Quarterfinal…Is Your Favorite Here?

7/17/12 is the third America’s Got Talent quarterfinal.

We here at Nobody’s View have the blog for you.  Thanks for joining us.  Watching with us.  Wishing you could DVR it with us so that you could fast forward through the commercials with us.


Howie Mandel, Howard Stern, Sharon Osbourne, and Nick Cannon are about to witness the next 12 perform to see who will go on to the semi-finals.


[We here at Nobody’s View have a soft spot for America’s Got Talent.  Why? Well, contestants on the show are our kind of folks.  Just regular people like you and me who get to live their dream.  Getting their moment in the sun.  People doing what they feel they were born to do.  Hard to argue with that!  And, judging by the thousands of you who join me here each season, well, I think you agree!  Welcome to the LIVE Nobody’s View America’s Got Talent 2012 blog.]

Okay, welcome.

Sorry, I’m late.  I was at a loooooong meeting tonight.  Worked all day then went to work again.

Ah, the working life.

Anyway, we’re here now, so let’s get started, shall we?


Reviews of shows past.  Reviews of horrible hats that Howie has worn.  Reviews of acts past.

Who’s up tonight?  The Untouchables, Rock Star Juggler Mike Price, Inspire the Fire, Cristin Sandu, Elusive, Jake Wesley Rogers, All Wheel Sports, Wordspit and the Illest, Jacob Williams, All Beef Patty, Spencer Horsman, and Lightwire Theater.  Good.  Looks like a good night.

But then, y’know…who knows?

“Go Big, or Go Home.”  Ugh.  How about “A Penny Saved Is a Penny Earned”?  That’s a good one, too.  How does one go about picking a cliche to start a show?  So, I have my finger-to-the-temple gesture as my hand gesture.  Now I need a cliche.

Help me find one!

So, Nick Cannon looked…casual.  I don’t think I could pull that look off.  It looked like it came right off a mannequin.  I’m not really a mannequin.  I mean, I do have clothes I look nice in, but…actually, you don’t care about this.

Howard Stern said that tonight, it was hard to know what to expect.  You just never know with this show.


First up?  The Untouchables.  Young group coached by the Miami All-Stars from last year.  No wonder these kids are so talented.  Their coach seems as excited as they are.  The way they move is so fluid.  So incredible.  These kids could be teaching on cruise ships already.  What a future they have.  Stern called them “remarkable,” and I agree.  Would love to see them again in the semifinals.


Rock Star Juggler Mike Price.  He had a great trick at his audition, and I hope he can top it.  He says he learned in 10 minutes.  Nice.  I taught myself in about an hour, but…um…have not quite gotten to his level.  At all.  If his level is Everest, I’m an ant in Death Valley.  He says he can go years without dropping.  Let’s hope tonight is not the night.  Tonight he juggled blades and fire…some of it on a unicycle.  And, at one point, the dreaded drop.  And right after that, he juggled over a gal covered in gasoline.  I’m sure she was a little worried.  In the end, the judges weren’t too impressed.  Do you agree?  And, I have to say, Mike Price gets my vote for humility.  He said if it’s not his time, he has to step aside.  Major respect, Price.


Inspire the Fire.  Do you think they’re Broadway?  Glee?  Do you like them or not?  I like this act’s mission–reach out through the arts.  Yes.  More of that!  But their performance tonight?  I wish they’d picked a different song that maybe played more into their strengths.  Not sure.  Don’t really know how to put it into words.  Howie said he wasn’t really “inspired” tonight.  Were you?


Cristin Sandu, the balance guru.  He says he owes a lot to his mom, who told him before she died to make something of his life.  And he’s mastered balance and is studying to be a doctor.  He said tonight he’ll be doing something so dangerous, he could end up in the hospital.  Let’s hope not.  As he stacked the metal canisters, I found myself getting more and more on edge.  Higher and higher.  How was he going to get on that thing?  And stay on it?  In the end, it didn’t work.  Too wobbly.  Too bad.  I would have loved to have seen that act work out.  I like this act.  I like Cristin.  I’d go to him as a doctor.

Enough said.


Austin’s Elusive came on stage.  He said in his intro that he has hearing loss and kept to himself, but at 13, he took up dancing and kept it up.  He couldn’t recognize beats, but did “tricks.”  From “shy” to “millions.”  Not bad.  I did like climbing the stairs up and down on his hands.  That alone could put him through.   But Stern said Elusive has to do “more” if he’s going to beat his main dance competition, Turf.


Jake Wesley Rogers was up next.  Piano.  Guitar.  Voice.  Confidence.  That’s a good combination.  But is it enough?  He started with a mellow vocal, then got on the piano.  I wish he’d have concentrated more on the piano.  It would have been nice to hear more of that.  But he took a chance, and it wasn’t bad, although I have to agree with Howard and Howie that I didn’t sense the greatest connection to the song.  But I do agree with Sharon that he does have good stage presence.  We’ll hear from him again someday.


Moving right on?  Yes.  Danger act.  All Wheel Sports.  They met.  They clicked.  They perform.  They want to do this full time.  Ah, we all dream of doing our passions full time.  I love when it happens for someone.  Makes me happy.  Who knows?  Maybe All Wheel Sports’ll get to live that dream.  Tonight had a lot going on.  Tumbling, flipping, wheeling….just a lot of stuff.  The audience was pretty jazzed.  Stern had a good comment…there was so much going on, people might not be able to follow.  Then Howie said the act is hard to take in on camera, and I’m sure that’s right.  I’d love to see this live.  I’d like to see more.  But then again, who am I?


Wordspit and the Illest!  Interesting fusion of sounds.  They had a great first audition, and I’d like to see them match it tonight.  Sharon was concerned because they’re doing an original song tonight.  Good idea?  Well, why not?  If you’re going to go for it, be original.  And, apparently, loud.  It was loud.  But was it enough?  Howie pointed out the “popularity” portion of voting–in that if America doesn’t recognize the song, it cuts off a lot of votes.  That’s probably true.  Pure art is hard if you’re not popular first.  Argh.  Did I just say that?  It’s sad.  It may be true.  But then again, it may not be.  Hopefully Howard is correct.  Hopefully America surprises us.  And them.


A comedian is up next.  Jacob Williams.  I like his persona.  That “dad disappear emotionally” joke from his first act was genius.  Did you hear me?  GENIUS!  More of that.  Please.  He says tonight is some of his best material.  We can only hope.  When it was all said and done, he wasn’t bad.  He seemed a little nervous, and at times, a little disjointed, but I like his material and I think it’s all part of the show. Sharon called him “oddball” and “awkward” and “charming” and that’s a great comedic persona.  I really like Jacob Williams.  I’d pay to see him at the Improv.  Howie said he’s “memorable” for being a character, and I agree.  Can’t wait for his set in the semifinals.


Next?  A singer.  All Beef Patty.  Is ABP one of your favorites?  Do you like the song “Let’s Hear It for the Boy”?  Howard wasn’t too thrilled with the act.  And, I agree with Howie…move.  Use the stage.  Sharon said ABP “lifted the show.”  Do you agree?


Escape artist.  Spikes.  Spencer Horsman.  Inspired by Houdini.

These are always hard acts to watch.  I just hope I never see one that doesn’t work.  Hopefully tonight isn’t that night.  Locked inside a security bag and steel straightjacket….  There sure were a lot of locks…tension…but then that screen came down…hmmm….did that detract from the act?  In the past, we’ve seen him actually escaping, but not tonight.  But it’s still a good act.  He’s still a great escape artist.  And we know he’s the real deal.  But performing is something else.


The last act of the night?  Lightwire Theater.  Dance.  Light.  They build their own characters.  Tonight featured birds.  Lots of them.  And a lot of applause.  I wish I’d have seen it live.  It was probably stellar in the theater.  This group is probably on their way to incredible things in Vegas.  Howard was almost speechless.  Almost.  But he echoed the sentiment of the audience and the other judges when he said it was a million dollar act.  Guess we’ll be seeing them again soon.


So there it is, folks.  Twelve more acts.  Four will go through to the semifinals.  Who was your favorite tonight?

Join us tomorrow to find out who’s going through.

Until then?  Live your dream tomorrow…even if just for a few seconds.


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