6/27/12 Sees Vegas Week End With the Standby Acts–Who Will Fill in Those Remaining Spots? Is Your Favorite There?

Looking for the 6/26 writeup?  Click here.

There were some heartbreaks last night.  But all those going home left a space for a standby.

Is your favorite going to go on?

You’re here for the LIVE 6/27/12 America’s Got Talent blog at 8pm in the West for the last of the Vegas shows.

[We here at Nobody’s View have a soft spot for America’s Got Talent.  Why? Well, contestants on the show are our kind of folks.  Just regular people like you and me who get to live their dream.  Getting their moment in the sun.  People doing what they feel they were born to do.  Hard to argue with that!  And, judging by the thousands of you who join me here each season, well, I think you agree!  Welcome to the LIVE Nobody’s View America’s Got Talent 2012 blog.]


Okay, another night.

Are we there yet?  I mean, I love this show, but jeez…how much can a guy type?  And tonight is TWO HOURS!  *sigh*

The things I do for you, Nobody Nation.

Oh, and I know some of you acts are Googling yourselves and finding yourselves here at Nobody’s View.  Feel free to leave a comment.  We’ve had many acts leave comments, so why not give us some insight into your experience?  We’d love that.


Let’s get started.


So, last night was kind of brutal, right?  But then again, it was kind of nice.  Some really great acts going on, and some going home.  Tonight?  Well, tonight are the AGT standby acts.  Is your favorite here?

The show opened with Turf doing some dancing at 1:00am.  Then, he slept late.  Then, a producer had to come get him.  Then he got moving to the theater.

Cannon came in and greeted the standbys.  Gave ’em a pep talk.  They all looked sort of tired, but ready to go.

The magic standbys were first.  Jarrett & Raja, Hawley Magic, Giani.

Hawley Magic was up first.  A Yanni-esque levitation that was quite elegant against the black backdrop.  Wires?  A lift?  Who knows?  But it sure looked cool.  I think the key is a white dress.

Giani looked a little nervous.  Asked for a number from Stern.  A city from Sharon.  A name from Howie.  Sure enough, a all three things written down.  With a misspelled “Milan.”

Jarrett & Raja.  Redemption.  A small white piano.  A red velvet curtain.  A turn of a table.  Some razzmatazz.  And voila, an entire symphony.  And an “oh, crap” and a “give me a break” from the other performers.  Wonderful illusion.

And, as a viewing partner said, “I liked the music.”

It was good music, wasn’t it?  When is a symphony going to get on the show?


Vegas week day 3 continues with the band category.  The Distinguished Men of Brass?  Love ’em.  The All Ways.  Interesting.  Loud.  Wordspit and The Illest!  I liked these guys in the audition.  Interesting fusion.  I liked them tonight.

The HillBenders.  Great sound as well.

Dillon Havins and Friends.  Tough song.  Pickin’ Elvis was a gamble.  Will it pay off?

The Emily Anne Band.  The lead singer is really good.  She has a unique voice.  Lots of unique voices this year.

And then?  The Distinguished Men of Brass.  Fantastic.  Remember them in Tampa Bay?  How could you forget?  The sound.  The standing o.  Good stuff.  The judges?  Well, they weren’t as enthusiastic as in Tampa.  We’ll have to see.  I like the act.

Of course, everything sounds different without the screaming audience.


Danger category.  Oh, boy.  My favorite, right?  Not so much.

Serengeti Steve brought a cobra.  Cliff’s Demo Team, Kota Sports, LionDanceMe.  Lions, dancing, crazy wheel stunts.  And then, deadly animals.  Oh, and wasn’t it just great when he put the scorpion in his mouth?  No, it wasn’t.

Anyway, tonight, Serengeti Steve had a large cobra.  A cobra with fangs.  A cobra with fangs and neurotoxin.  Directions to the medic, and it was on.  A bug came out of his mouth.  A snake came out of a basket.  A member of my viewing party closed their eyes.  Ah, what an act.  And yes, he kissed the cobra.

Then, the judges took a break.  Shouldn’t Steve be taking the break?  Maybe if he’s hungry, he can have a scorpion or some Madagascar cockroaches.


Back to Ventian/Palazzo.

Kids acts.  Like herding cats.

Unity In Motion, Danielle Stallings, Lil Babywockee, Lil Starr, and more.

Babywockee was first.  She should perform with Turf.

Lil Starr seemed ready with her hip hop and tricks.  She certainly has intensity.

Danielle Stallings has quite a voice for 14.

The Cos Fam brought a disco inferno.

Tevin McGuire shared soul far beyond his age.

Unity In Motion brought the yin-yang ballet but had a few missteps.

The Williams Buthuz admitted to making some last minute changes, and it looked really good.  And guess what, guys.  If you say nothing, I don’t notice the “mistakes.”

Just something to take with you for the next time you perform.

Not that you need guidance from me.  I’m just a Nobody, after all.


Summer Lacy, aerialist, said she changed her apparatus at the last moment.  Donovan & Rebecca looked on sized it up.  Benn Mendoza Circus gave it a stretch.

Summer Lacy had a great audition.  Now in Vegas, Howie did his best to make her nervous before she started.  Luckily, she shook it off and performed incredibly.  She made a great neck hold on the hoop.  Wow.  I can’t even sleep wrong on my pillow without complaining.

Benn Mendoza brought out the circus to do Alice in Wonderland.  An intense Alice in Wonderland.  A strange Alice in Wonderland.

For Donovan & Rebecca, it’s going to be hard to top their amazing audition.  Donovan said that the act tonight would be fast and dangerous.  Sounds like an AGT favorite.  Rebecca climbed the rope like a high school gym fantasy/nightmare, then hung on for dear life while Donovan spun her like a lasso.  I have to say, it was wild to watch.

I can’t even turn in a circle without getting dizzy.  Yikes.


One hour down.  One hour to go.

Rap category.

The Rhymatist did his AGT rap long ago.  Remember that?

Burton Crane, the humorist rapper from the ’70s.

Rob Hayes brought his now.

The Rhymatist brought his retro.

Svet brought the fiddle.

Granny G brought pink, then lost it for a black-clad dance act.

Burton Crane had his little Casio and…”Whatcha gonna do?”  He had the same music track (different key), but different words.

Whatcha gonna do?


Dance after the break.

Lisa Clark Dancers, The Scott Brothers, Battle Born, Old Shoes New Shoes.

LCD danced the Turtles’ Happy Together.  Nice.

The Scott Brothers did a Mozart thingy.  I have to say it was really cool.  So in sync.  So clever.  Don’t listen to Howie, Scott Brothers.  Your precision is mesmerizing.

Inspire the Fire brought their excellent Glee-esque act to the stage despite a lost wallet and a twisted ankle…and some vomit.  But they made it.  I like them.  They look like a Broadway show.  And great color palette.

Actually, if I was a Broadway producer, I’d consider signing them for a show called, “Inspire the Fire.”  You’d pay to see that wouldn’t you?  I would.

But nobody listens to me.

Wait, didn’t I say that already?



Now that’s new.

Big Barry.  Yes, sir.  Love that guy.

John Pizzi.  Good to see him again.

David Garibaldi and His CMYKs.  How were they not a favorite?  Well, tonight?  Very interesting.  Was that Elvis?  Whatever it was was good.

John Pizzi brought his modern ventriloquism to the stage.  I think he is so interesting.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  It wasn’t the funniest act ever, but it’s different.

Michael Nejad.  He played all kinds of interesting instruments.  A shovel violin?

Rock Star Juggler Mike Price?  Always good to see a juggler.

The Two Bits?  Much younger than their age.

And then, of course, Big Barry.  A Bob Dylanesque bit of awesome.  He may not have the biggest room in Vegas, but he can certainly hold his own.  He started with a short joke and then hit us with his swooping voice and Sinatra.  He can make it anywhere….Howie loves him.  The other two?  Well, not so much.  I think he’s cool.  I’d like to meet him for dinner and talk about his life.

That’d be neat.


Alonzo Jones–aka Turf.  The guy who can bend his limbs and sleep late.  This guy is really cool (have I used cool too much?).  There are certain people you want to see do well.  Turf.

This is a tough category.  Stepz.  Turf’s main competition outside of this show.  Apparently, they know each other.  That’s very interesting.

Lindsey Norton is also in the mix.  Don’t forget her.  She’s terrific.  Tonight, she did more tumbling and acrobatics.  She has a lot of talent and a lot of respect from Turf.

Elusive was up next.  He says he has hearing loss and sometimes he can’t hear the music.  He says he was picked on as a kid, but dancing saved him.  Great story.  Even better dancer.

Stepz said he was “anxious” to go and that Stern’s last comments from his first audition really motivated him.  Turf was rooting for him, which only raises my admiration for him.  At the end, Stepz really said how blessed he was to be on AGT.

Then Turf.  I love that he mouthed along with the words to the song he danced to.  It made it that more intense.  His act is so…freaky…and cool (there’s that word again).  I want to see this guy again.  He told Cannon he comes from the “dirt” and that AGT was everything.  Man.  Living dreams is real when they are finally lived.


Okay, my fingers are falling off.

But you don’t care.

We got to see the judges argue in their break room (scripted arguments?).

So, arguments.  Worried faces.

Then, eliminations.

It was hard to watch the “no-s” come to the kids.  Please don’t lose your vision and dreams, kids.  Please.  Please.  You’ve discovered what takes so many of us so long to find.  Please keep on.

For those of you who went through?  Well, step it up!

Was happy to see certain painters, musicians, magicians, dancers and other favorites going through.

But I have to say there are some incredible acts going home.  They could have a whole show just from the people they’re sending home.

It’s good TV folks.


So, more eliminations and acceptances.  I’m glad to see Inspire the Fire moving on.  Maybe to Disney!

I was surprised to see cobra Steve leaving, but other eliminations were less shocking.

Big Barry?  He is going to New York.  Glad to hear it.  He’s such an interesting story.  And I think he’s Cannon’s pick.

And now we come to Turf and Stepz.  Sharon sent Stepz home and Stern brought Turf to Vegas.

Now, here’s my question: how can you leave Stepz behind?  Without disparaging any act going through, I just want to say — judges, you should have made a spot for Stepz.



Well, the top 48 should be interesting.  Some great talent there.

And, we’ll be here.

See you soon.

And check back for more opinion and inspiration!


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