6/26/12 America’s Got Talent Is the Second Night in Vegas — Will Stars or Nerves Shine at Venetian/Palazzo?

Looking for the 6/25 writeup?  Click here.

You’ve arrived at the live blog for the 6/26/12 America’s Got Talent from Vegas. Sharon Osbourne, Howie Mandel, and Howard Stern will decide who will make it to the live shows…then we’ll decide.

Will it be stars or nerves that show up tonight?

[We here at Nobody’s View have a soft spot for America’s Got Talent.  Why? Well, contestants on the show are our kind of folks.  Just regular people like you and me who get to live their dream.  Getting their moment in the sun.  People doing what they feel they were born to do.  Hard to argue with that!  And, judging by the thousands of you who join me here each season, well, I think you agree!  Welcome to the LIVE Nobody’s View America’s Got Talent 2012 blog.]

So, I watched Hardcore Pawn right before this.  A good transition show while gettin’ the ol’ blog ready.

Just started watching it recently.  That and The Big Bang Theory.

That’s some good stuff!  It’s good to watch stuff in reruns that you didn’t see the first time around.  Hey, it’s all new to me!  Wait, wasn’t that an NBC thing in the early nineties?

I know, I know.  You’re thinking, “Whatever.  Get on with the writeup, blog boy.”

Wow.  That’s hardcore.


Meteor, lightning, obligatory shots of some random skyline, pics of the host and judges waving and doing hand things…it must be America’s Got Talent.

Okay, so magic first.  Eric Dittelman.  Magic.  Mentalist.  Love this guy.  He’s really incredible.  He blew the judges away in Austin.  He blew my viewing group away.  Where do you go from there?  He’s going to read Sharon’s mind.  Name of her first crush, he said.  Jot down the name.  Fold it into fourths.  He jumbled letters in her mind.  Held her hand.  He guessed “B.”  He guessed “N.”  He wrote down Robin.  She said “Robin.”  This guy is a million bucks.

Taylor Reed was next with his illusions.  A helicopter appeared out of nowhere.

Justin Rivera did some interesting stuff with boxes.  Stuff where we could see his foot on the side.  Oy.  But at least it was an ad for U-Haul.

Spencer Horsman, the escape danger guy, seemed nervous.  He said he was pushing his limits with a watery escape.  He got in.  Squeezed in.  Clipped himself in.  1:25 seconds of air.  A blindfold.  The countdown began, and he was very calm.  One by one the locks came undone. Then he dropped the file.



A Snapple commercial.

I wonder what the Big Bang Theory guys are up to?


Ok, so where were we?  Right.  Spencer Horsman dropped his file.

But he got out.  And, after risking it all, he got, “Thanks guys.”  And some oxygen.

What if he sneezes or coughs in there?

Okay.  Eric & Olivia.  Love it.  But do they love each other?  Well, not so much in Austin.  But I loved her Moves Like Jagger.  Ah, her voice.  So smoky.  So jazzy.  Love it.  What a Wonderful World?  Indeed.

Maurice & Shanice Hayes were up next.  A little off.  But then the judges made the dreaded “no duo” comment.  How do you split a daughter and father group?

Speaking of which, Jorge and Alexa Narvaez.  It’s cute.  But is it a million dollars? Well, the smiles are anyway.  And I’m sure their future is, too.


Comedians coming up.

Remember Last Comic Standing?  Bring it back!

Tom Cotter, Frank Roche, Kellen Erskine, and Jacob Williams.  Williams was up first.  I like his approach.

Sammy Obeid told a funny joke.  Dave Burleigh did a great Walken.  Erskine told a psychic joke that was really great.  Cotter brought his great delivery to the stage and really got a lot of laughs, especially from the judges.

And, alas, Roche had to follow Cotter.  He told a joke.  He asked to start over.  Then he got nervous.  Then it stopped.  I wish he’d done impressions.  The judges called him back on stage and sent him home immediately.  Too bad.  I’d have loved to have seen Jack Nicholson again.


Kids.  Doing homework.

And one of my favorites, Sebastien “El Charro de Oro” led us off.  LOVE this act.  This kid is going to go far far far.  Amazing.  Guadalajara never sounded so good.  “Magic” Sharon?  Indeed.

And then?  Isaac Brown.  I love how they’re putting “student” under the kids’ names.  I mean, what are they gonna put?  Accountant?  Attorney?  They’re kids for gosh sakes.

Next was the Untouchables.  A group of “students” who dance.  Very well.  The kids have more going on than a lot of the adults.

Amazing Elizabeth climbed the red curtain hoping to make it to the red carpet.  Very bold act for a 6-year-old “student.”

And then Edon.  Love this act.  He’s going to be Billy Joel in a yarmulke.  You go, Edon.  Great voice.  Great talent.  By the way, I wrote that before Sharon said it.  Not that you care.  Or believe me.  But I know the truth.

Me and Billy Joel.


Male singers after the break.

Ulysses.  In a gondola.  Singing the Love Boat theme.  Love this guy.  Why didn’t I pick this up?  I watched a lot of TV in the 80s.

Anyway, he sang Secret Agent Man.  I really believed it.  I was into the Secret Agentness.

Daniel Park did one of my favorites by Tom Petty.

Jake Wesley Rogers sat at the piano and lived his dream.  Sharon, the music expert, called him a star.

Tim Poe sang next.

And then?  The excellent and soulful Tim Hockenberry.  What a voice.  So great.  That’s an act I could listen to for hours.

Stacked category.

Maybe there’s room for a few of these guys.


So, one of the commercials played My Guy.  I thought someone in my viewing party hated that song, but they reminded me the song they don’t like is, Judy in Disguise.

You don’t care.  I don’t care.

What’s up next?

Ah, arguing about who goes on to the next stage.  I can’t even imagine how they narrow this down.

One by one the acts were excused.  I agreed bigtime with the comic choices.  Incredible.  I felt terrible for the kids who were going home, but was happy to see who was going through.  Sebastien could take this, right?

I agreed with dancer choices, too.  Great category this year.

Female singers seemed like an easy choice for the judges.  Male singers?  Not so easy.  A great three choices for the male singers going to NYC.

Group singers.  Good choices.

Magic?  Fantastic.  Two absolutely great acts.  A mind reader.  An escape artist.  Combine those acts.

Light, sand, and a beef patty are also going ahead.

Dog ventriloquist?  Going.

The opera singer?  Painful cut.

Andrew De Leon going home.  I’m sick about that.  He deserved another chance.  Now, you’re going to tell me they all deserve a second chance, yes, but there was something about the act.  Something about him.

We deserved to see him again.

Hopefully we will some day.


Tomorrow’s the 2 hour finale of Vegas week.  We’ll do our best to be here live.  If we can’t be, then please be forgiving.  The write-up will make it’s way to Nobody’s View.  Hopefully, you will too!



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