6/18/12 America’s Got Talent — The Auditions Continue, but Will the Talent?

Welcome to Nobody’s View at 7pm in the West for the live 6/18/12 America’s Got Talent blog.  The auditions continue and Vegas is getting closer!

When was the last time you were in Vegas?  For me, it was a few months ago.  Too long ago.  I gotta get back there, soon.  There’s a really good cookie place at the Planet Hollywood Shops.

Boy, what I wouldn’t give for one of those right now.

Aaaaaanyway, let’s get on with it, shall we?

[We here at Nobody’s View have a soft spot for America’s Got Talent.  Why? Well, contestants on the show are our kind of folks.  Just regular people like you and me who get to live their dream.  Getting their moment in the sun.  People doing what they feel they were born to do.  Hard to argue with that!  And, judging by the thousands of you who join me here each season, well, I think you agree!  Welcome to the LIVE Nobody’s View America’s Got Talent 2012 blog.]

This week?   Well, the last chance.  Who will join sledgehammer crotch guy?  The Human Cannonball?  The mariachi savant?

Let’s see.  We’re starting with Thea Wilcox and a smoochy pig.  Named Smoochy. Smoochy the Pig.  It took ol’ Smoochy a while to get started, but boy, when she got rolling…well…I’ll just say she got one “yes” from Sharon.

And a bacon joke from Howard Stern.

Then popcorn from Cannon.

Martial artists came up next with a quick-hit act.  Basically, they beat each other up very quickly.  It was pretty cool, actually.

Then a female-empowered rapper/dancer.  Ok.  Why not?

A bizarre mime.  A strange ballerina.  An odd dance group with a very smiley dance leader.  Nick in a tutu.

I need a Vegas double-stuffed chocolate chip cookie with vanilla cream.  Can I get one of those?  I’ll bet if I were a judge, I’d get one.

I should look into that.


After the break?  Liliana from Chino, CA.  Lil Starr.  Tap dancer.  She wants to buy headbands with her million bucks.  A mil buys a lot of headbands, I tells ya!  I have to say she was pretty amazing.  She could probably power a whole city with her feet.  She got a “yes” from Sharon, a “no” from Howard, and a “yes” from Howie.  It’s on to Vegas where we get to see the rest of Lil Starr’s dancin’ arsenal.


Did you see that ad for Cadbury ice cream bars?  Good lord!  I’ve eaten my share f Cadbury, and I can say that those would probably be tasty.  And no, I get nothing for saying that.

But I’ll take an ice cream bar.

So, back to AGT.  Ben Mendoza and the Midnight Circus.  Very cool.  Should be good to see again.

Then a hair band whose name I couldn’t understand, but the drummer had great hair.

Two dancers dressed like referees.  A killer singer.  An impressionist.  Tap dancing octogenarians.

And Jacob Williams.  A stand-up comedian.  Who is terrified to talk to people.  He has a good schtick.  Can he use it to his advantage?  Once he got started, he was funny.  Really funny.  Really really funny.  Smart and funny.  Standing o?  Oh, yeah.  This guy is gonna be huge.  That joke about making his dad emotionally disappear?  HA!  Awesome.

Cannot wait to see this guy again.

Jacob Williams, listen:  Don’t let the producers change your personality on stage.  Just keep doing what you do the way you do it.


A Puerto Rican dance crew was up next.  787 Crew.  They bought their own tickets from Puerto Rico and came to dance…$3700 to do it.  I have to say they were really good.  Lots of stunts.  Lots of craziness.  Looks like they’ll have to stick around on the mainland for a little while longer.

Oh, and Howie said AGT’ll pick up the tickets to Vegas.

Maybe AGT’ll spring for cookies as well.


After the break?  A woman with a crush on Stern.  A…big crush.  She’s Trish…like fish.  A computer programmer/rapper who talks fast.  And probably types fast.  Erm…Ok…Remember that guy from the ’80s who used to talk really fast?  He used to do a commercial for Micro Machines.  I think his name was John Moschitta Jr.  Love that guy.  He’s good at talking fast.

Where was I?

Oh yeah.  A no-go for Trish-like-fish, but she got to meet Stern.  That was her dream.  She lived it.  Life’s good, right?  Oh, and she got in a dig against Piers and left Cannon speechless.


Next up, an impressionist.  Mark Ofuji.  I think he was impersonating Mark Ofuji. I have to say, he was pretty funny.  And I loved his attitude.  I’d actually like to see this guy again.  His Gilbert Gottfried was pretty good.  But alas….


Mary Joyner was the final act.  Al Joyner and Flojo’s daughter.  But Mary’s not running.  She’s singing.  And she has a really nice voice.  She definitely didn’t have to rely on name recognition to race to Vegas.  She’ll do just fine on her own.  She said she felt like her mother was with her on stage.  I’m sure Flojo will be in Vegas, too.


So, lots of great acts going through.  Vegas should be great.  Did they just say a three night event?


See you there.

Oh, and NBC, if you can get me to Vegas, I’d love to blog live from there.  You don’t even have to pay my way.

Just get me a cookie.


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