Summer Used to Mean Bright Drinks, Pool Parties, MTV, and the Freedom to Play a Good Game of Sock

So, we’re into June already.

Summer is on the way.  It’s not just a time for famous folk to be photographed in bikinis.  No.  Even the regular, everyday Joes like you and me can have some fun.  Where I am, summer’s been around for quite a while!  I’m ready for winter again.  Can someone send winter back?  Of course, by winter, I mean, my type of winter—nice weather.

Anyway, enough about the weather.  I’m going to hear about it from friends and family for the next four months, so lets focus on something else.  Summer vacation!  Or, at least, memories of summer vacation.

When I was young, I remember June 1 as being sort of a start date.  It was the start of warmer weather (oops.  Did I mention weather again?  Well, I probably will keep mentioning it, so forget I said anything), swimming, good movies, and lots of other stuff.  So today, we at Nobody’s View want to list the five “coolest” things that came along with “hot” weather for this nobody-in-particular.  Are you ready?  No?  Well, go get that tall glass of lemonade, put on your swim trunks, and read along when you’re settled in.  Oh, and please feel free to add your faves in the comments section.

And unlike the seasons, this list is in no particular order.

1.  Sweet drinks…too sweet

Mmm.  June signaled the “permission point” for mixing up and imbibing wonderfully scary-lookin’ drinks.  Somehow, it was okay to drink neon McDonald’s orange drink and bright red Kool-Aid once the thermometer went over 90.  I’m not sure why.  And y’know?  As I’m typing this, I can actually taste the stuff.  I can actually remember the feeling of tasting that stuff.  Goodness.  Now I’m flashing back to picnics in the park, Big Macs in Playland, and every pool party I ever went to…which brings us to…

2.  The pool

I had a pool growing up.  I know, I suck.  It was a nice one, too.  And my friends had pools.  I remember whiling away the hours on summer afternoons splashing around and running like hell around a pool deck that was at least 200 degrees (by the way, kids…don’t run around the pool).  Actually, on the subject of whiling, I once wasted most of a day standing backwards on a diving board trying to get the courage to do a backflip.  I eventually did it.  Afterwards, I had new courage, the approval of my peers, and a crazy sun burn to show for it.  Yay for me.

3.  MTV all day

I used to sit for hours watching MTV in the summer.  In my day (am I that old?), MTV was about videos, not shows about young “love” and “reality” that in no way resembles reality.  They were all there: Tears for Fears, Duran Duran, Phil Collins, INXS, The Buggles.  Did I leave your band out?  Let me know.  But that was great stuff, folks.  If your summer vacays didn’t start until the ‘90s, I’m sorry.  So very, very sorry.

4.  Football, skateboards, sock, and the hose

My brother and I had some neighbors across the street with whom we spent a lot of time.  We used to play football in the cul-de-sac, skateboard down a hilly road, and drink metallic water out of our respective filthy house hoses.  Ah, good times.  But the thing we loved most in the warmer days was staying inside in the good ol’ A/C to play a rousing game of “sock.”  What is sock?  Good question.  One guy is “it” and has a paper bag over his head.  He has socks balled up.  He somehow tries to find the other guys in the house and hit them with a sock while avoiding walls, furniture, and a yellow lab named Cassie who once ate and then threw up my whole hot dog lunch while I was “it.”  I may have had a bag over my head, but I could hear every bit of that episode.  Times.  Memories.

5.  Freedom

Even a young boy knows the joy of leaving the house at 9am on a Wednesday morning and not returning until dinner.  Of all the great things about true summer vacation, that might be the best of all.  Freedom.  The freedom to play all day during the week and stay up at night just a bit later.  Much like those horrifying drinks (that I actually really like!), I can still remember the feeling of tasting freedom.  Now that I’m older, I really miss that.  Maybe not as much as a good game of sock, but I miss it.

June is here.  What are your favorite memories?


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