6/5/12 America’s Got Talent Brings Us Back to Austin–More Great Talent? Howie, Howard, and Sharon Will Let Us Know!

Looking for the 6/4/12 recap?  Click here.

Thanks for joining us at 7pm in the West for 6/5/12 America’s Got Talent from Austin.  Watch it with us live as we blog it!

[We here at Nobody’s View have a soft spot for America’s Got Talent.  Why? Well, contestants on the show are our kind of folks.  Just regular people like you and me who get to live their dream.  Getting their moment in the sun.  People doing what they feel they were born to do.  Hard to argue with that!  And, judging by the thousands of you who join me here each season, well, I think you agree!  Welcome to the LIVE Nobody’s View America’s Got Talent 2012 blog.]

I see some of you have already been searching for tonight’s blog.  What?  You mean you weren’t watching The Big Bang Theory in reruns?  How did I not watch this show NOT in reruns?  What a great show.  I’m not into online gaming or comic books, but it’s still great.

But enough of that.  You’re all here to read about AGT.

Now, let’s see…where were we?  Ah, yes.  More of Austin.  Austin, Texas.  The big “T.”  Tejas.  I actually almost went to school in Houston, but…

Y’know what?  Forget it.  Let’s get back to America’s Got Talent.  Did you see that Sebastien kid in the opening montage?  That kid was great, right?  Right!  Well, let’s see who’s up now.


Howard Stern pointing at people.  Howie Mandel doing goofy things with the people in line.  Yeah, that’s about right for the opening.

Aurora Light Painters are first.  They make pictures with light.  I did that once in a pitch black lava tube.  We actually wrote dirty words in the darkness with light and it actually worked.  It was weird.  Anyway, Aurora Light Painters are much better at it than we were, and a helluva lot more family-friendly.  It was hard to get a real handle on how this happened, but it was pretty cool.  It was probably much better in the live theater.  It’ll be interesting to see what they can do in Vegas.  Maybe they’ll go off stage the right way.  Maybe they had light in their eyes.

Coming up?  Someone might injure a lip.

But not with light.


We’re back.  A pink gorilla playing an instrument.  A guy standing on his head doing…something.  A guy playing a washboard.  A guy too old to be breakdancing.  Good times!

But then…Doppleganger Circus Sideshow from Detroit, Michigan.  Uh oh.  Look away!  Look away!  An apple.  A chainsaw.  A guy with the name “sideshow” in his act.  This is not a good combo.  She got lockjaw.  That’s right.  A chainsaw was in the act, and what injured her was the apple.  Erm.  Yikes.

Anyway, off they went into the Austin afternoon.

A female pop band gave it their best shot.  Um, no Vegas.  Then there were some NBA halftime blow-up people.  I’m sure Piers woulda LOVED it.  As it was, they’re  done and deflated.

Next?  A guy named “Tubby” in a bathrobe.  A bathrobe that didn’t stay on long enough.  Ok.

And, um, that takes us to break!  Oh, look.  An SUV on the freeway.  That’s about right.


So, my local news is going to have a story tonight on the city with the most spoiled children.  That oughta be a good one.

But for now?  Well, now we’re getting spoiled with talent.  Hopefully.  Or, just more lockjaw.  Who can tell?

Anyway, on to Eric and Olivia–a singing duo who, I guess, aren’t dating, but…well…I’m not sure.  Anyway, they’re a band.  Or…well…not a couple, but a duo.  Or something.  And yes, Howard Stern was just as forgiving of their status as we were.  And I’m sure Eric was embarrassed at the ribbing.  But anyway, Olivia’s voice was really nice.  Really really nice.  And, somewhere, Piers is yelling at his TV for Olivia to go solo.  But they look good together.  And they sound good together.  I like how Eric plays guitar.  Love it, actually.  Jazzy Moves Like Jagger. Howie voted “no,” saying it wasn’t big enough.  Thank goodness the other two disagreed.  Can’t wait to see this act again in Vegas.  Or in my local jazz club.  Oh, and yes…this is likely going to be a soap opera story all the way through.

If Eric has the moves like Jagger, he may be going from “duo” to “couple” soon.


Returning to a montage of singers backstage.  Oy.

Meanwhile, Richard Grossman emerged from an elevator to sing opera.  Three “Xs” later, the opera stopped.

Moving on.

Auditions that popped?  Well, I know a jaw popped.  But I’m not sure Orville Redenbacher has a snack for that.


After the break, a mentalist.  A mindreader.  He says he started in magic, but then became fascinated by psychology.  Anyway, his name is Eric Dittelman (but you knew that, right?) and he had some help from Nick and the judges.  Dittelman put tape over his eyes and the judges started drawing.  Oh, and then he put more tape over his eyes.  A lot of tape.  Enough to probably lose his eyebrows.  Howie’s drawing was first and Dittelman guessed that.  Then, he knew it was part of a face.  An ear.  Wow.  Next?  Howard’s drawing.  Howard’s face.  The kid got it.  Last?  Sharon.  A pair of glasses.  Dittelman got it.

And that, folks, is a Vegas act.  A Vegas act I’d pay to see.  Tomorrow.

Aerial dance with chains go the go-ahead.  Then, a guitar version of Moon River.  Not the Moon River I know, but Moon River nonetheless.  On to Vegas.  A dancer showed his stuff and got the Vegas green light.

And then Snapple Chat.  A totally unscripted scripted chat with the three judges reviewing the acts.

Then my cable hiccups.

Then commercial.


So, how many garbage movies are they advertising now?  Oh, yeah.  It’s summer.  I wrote a few scripts.  Why don’t those get picked up?  Ah, yes…Nobody’s View.  But who knows?  We all have a dream, right?

Speaking of which…Andrew De Leon is going to sing.  A guy who says he was alienated because he wasn’t interested in mainstream stuff.  I like this guy already.  Oh, and this is his first public performance.  Love it.  He reminds me a bit of Prince Poppycock.  Wow.

Now, listen to me producers.  Don’t do that thing where you turn him into something he isn’t.  Andrew De Leon is a goth-dressing, uber tenor in leather with cool contacts.  Leave him alone.  Let him be himself.  Allow this to develop the way it has developed.  Naturally.

De Leon, you rock.  Literally.  Can’t wait to hear it again in Vegas.


So, this week we learned that you can injure yourself with lockjaw when you have a chainsaw in your face.  We learned that Eric is NOT dating Olivia.  And, we learned that Andrew De Leon is on his way to the most unusual opera career of a lifetime.

What will next week bring?

Join us here when we blog it live at Nobody’s View.


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