5/22/12 America’s Got Talent Will Search for More Talent in New York; Whatcha Gonna Do? Watch It, Of Course

Looking for the 5/21/12 recap?  Click here.

Welcome to the 5/22/12 LIVE America’s Got Talent blog at 7pm in the West.  Howie, Sharon, and Howard will search New York for more talent.

Whatcha gonna do?

You’re gonna watch along with us.

[We here at Nobody’s View have a soft spot for America’s Got Talent.  Why? Well, contestants on the show are our kind of folks.  Just regular people like you and me who get to live their dream.  Getting their moment in the sun.  People doing what they feel they were born to do.  Hard to argue with that!  And, judging by the thousands of you who join me here each season, well, I think you agree!  Welcome to the LIVE Nobody’s View America’s Got Talent 2012 blog.]

I admit.  I watched The Big Bang Theory right before this.  Reruns.  But since I’ve never really seen one, they’re all new to me.  But what a show, right?  So funny.  Goes well with dinner.  But then again, I like to eat, so pretty much anything goes well with dinner.

Okay, enough.  On to the talent!

Now, last night was interesting.  Howard Stern made someone cry.  Then he made someone not cry.  They there was a guy who smashed bricks on his crotch.  What a night, right?

How can they possibly top that.

Oh, wait.  They’re not going to top it, because NBC is doing that thing where they say it’s “new” but really it’s just a repeat of last night.  Argh!

See you in an hour, folks.


Okay, so is it the new episode?

Yes.  Finally.

Eh, whatcha gonna do?

Okay, so where were we?  Bricks on crotches.  Basketball dunkers.  Howard Stern apologizing to young rappers.  Ah, yes.

And no, I still haven’t come up with a hand gesture to use as my…y’know…thing.  I’ll come up with something.  In the meantime, Cannon’s in a helicopter, Howie is fist bumping, a guy is dressed like a gal.  It’s all good.

Up first?  Ronald Charles–a man who does it all.  Almost.  Stern called him a “nudnik.”  Then Stern’s father called took him to task.  “Make a living!” he said.  I wonder if Ronald Charles will forget this moment.  I know AGT won’t.

Dude.  Stern’s father?  You’re a genius.  Get a radio show on Sirius and I’ll listen to it.

The roller skating duo got buzzed off to the dulcet tones of “Baby Give It Up!”  Heaven bless you, AGT producers.

Then mimes.  Buzzed off.  Still playing K.C.

It would be classic if that song was actually playing in the studio.

The montage continued with some kind of rock-and-roll thing.  Not sure, but it didn’t last.

Rock on, man.  Rock on.


Back to the buzzing.  Chair singers, a French horn thing.  A woman snorting.  All buzzes.

John Pizzi, a ventriloquist, made fun of all the judges.  Including the “sexual tension” between Sharon and Howie.  Wouldn’t that be a story if it were real?  The Howard Stern was actually a good likeness.  So was the Howard/Howie manchild.  Now?  It’s Pizzi’s honor to go to Vegas.


Donovan & Rebecca, a very in-shape couple, came up next to do acrobalance.  I wonder how many relationships start with this line: “What I really want to find is a woman who can lift my weight, or perhaps balance on my neck.”  Awesome.  Gives me something to shoot for.  Although, I never really put physical balance on the top of my list.  But I have to say it works great for Donovan & Rebecca.  Should be interesting to see them in Vegas.


Oh, Love in the Wild commercial, why do you persecute me?

Anyway, back to AGT.  Unity in Motion made it through with their dance act.  So did Ivory Rose (am I getting these names right?  Acts, let me know in the comments!).  All Beef Patty?  Yup.  Going on as well.

A 23-year veteran of comedy with a large family was up next.  Tom  Cotter has really put it all on the line for his passion.  His material was really good.  Good material about childhood and family.  Should make Stern happy.  Sometimes I wish I were a TV producer.  I’d create a show with this guy as host.  He really has that affect.  I hope this episode is a boost for his career.  A well-deserved standing O.

Oh, and Tom Cotter said he was “humbled.”  That alone is worth the trip to Vegas.


So, what are your thoughts on Men in Black 3 (MIB3) that just got a spot in the last commercial break?  I’m not sure.  The Avengers was so good, I don’t know if anything can top it this summer.  Then again, summer is still a month away, so…y’know….

A story back from break: a guy who says he has poured it all into his dance since he was young, when he struggled with family issues.  He’s a dance teacher, too.  Calls himself Stepz.  He’s good.  Smooth.  And, yes, he can move his joints in all kinds of unnatural, but cool, ways.  He could rename himself Jointz.  Nah.  Stick with Stepz.  Stern was tough on him, and not sure where the act could go.  Howie said he loved it.  As for Sharon?  Well, she asked if he’d fill arenas.  Now, I’m not sure that makes a “superstar,” but what the heck do I know?  Not much, actually.  But anyway, he got a “yes” from Howie, a “no” from Stern, and a Vegas from Sharon.  So, Stepz and his jointz are heading West.  Wezt?


Last act?  The Savage Men.  Muscles and stripping.  They got a savage reception from the judges and audience.  And, yes, it ended in underwear.  Then it re-started with Howard Stern doing a strip tease of his own.  That got a somewhat better reception.  However, he already has his ticket to Vegas.  As for The Savage Men?  Well, a “yes” from Stern.  A “no” from Howie.  And, a “no” from Sharon.



Whatcha gonna do?  Join us here next week at Nobody’s View for the live AGT blog in the West.

That’s what.

What do you think of the season so far?  Let us know.


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