5/15/12 America’s Got Talent Is the Second Night of the Season Premiere; More Howard Stern, More Talent, More…AGT!

Looking for the 5/14/12 recap?  Click here.

[We here at Nobody’s View have a soft spot for America’s Got Talent.  Why? Well, contestants on the show are our kind of folks.  Just regular people like you and me who get to live their dream.  Getting their moment in the sun.  People doing what they feel they were born to do.  Hard to argue with that!  And, judging by the thousands of you who join me here each season, well, I think you agree!  Welcome to the LIVE Nobody’s View America’s Got Talent 2012 blog.]

Howard Stern, Howie Mandel, and Sharon Osbourne will sort through the acts again as AGT gets underway.  What are we waiting for?


Okay, folks.  Before we get started here, just want to give a shout-out to Stormin’ Norman, the pumpkin performer from last night.  He was kind enough to leave us a comment here at Nobody’s View for yesterday’s recap (just look at the previous link).  Thanks again for the comment, Norman.  Here’s to another chance next year.

Ok, for the rest of you?  We’ll get started here in just a few minutes…


So, I just watched the end of Wheel of Fortune and the guy had something like this in the last bonus puzzle: “magic _and”
He tried all the letters for the second set and couldn’t come up with “magic wand.”  Reminds me of that Friends episode where Joey guessed “Count Rushmore” for
_ount _ush_ore.  Or something like that.
Ah, must see TV.
Anyway, we’re back.  Howard Stern is back.  Howie Mandel is back.  Sharon Osbourne is back.  Nick Cannon is back.  Of course, they’re not back with me, as I have nothing to do with the show, but they are back on NBC for America’s Got Talent.
So, who is heading to Vegas, baby?
Not me.  But some of these acts will.
Tonight opened in San Francisco.  Love that place.  I have a lot of friends there.  I should go visit.  Maybe I’ll surf over to some travel site and price out tickets….
But first?  Talent.
And Howie with a jet pack.  A sterile jet pack.  Did you see him fist bumping?  The pained look on his face was…well…Howie.
And, yes, Howard Stern was there, looking very happy to be a part of things.  He certainly loves crowds.  And why not?
Did you hear Stern?  Said he once signed 25,000 books in Vegas.  I’m an aspiring author (who isn’t?).  Maybe someday I’ll sign 25,000 books.  Hey, it could happen, right?  America’s Got Talent has shown us anything’s possible.
The first act tonight?  David Garibaldi and his CMYKs from Sacramento, California.  They made a face.  Out of chaos.  It looked like Quentin Tarantino (the painting, not Girabaldi).  I gotta say, this guy and his crew were incredible.  Really good.  I like acts like this.  As Howie said, “Wow!”  See you in Vegas, David Garibaldi.  Dontcha just love it when you come to AGT and Vegas is waiting for you?
Sorry.  Couldn’t resist the Pulp Fiction reference.  But no, seriously, it was Beethoven.
Not Tarantino.
Or Howard Stern.
Hey, after the break they played Scott McKenzie’s San Francisco. Love that song.  Great song.  Now I’m in a good mood.
Anyway, Mr. Special was up next.  In some kind of chicken suit thing.  On a tricycle.
Howie wanted there to be “more” to the act, but the more was an inspirational speech instead.  It was sort of inspirational.  Especially when he told Sharon he had the hots for her.  I’m sure that really made an impression on her.
A group of fire-wielding folks on fuel cans were sent away.  Then, a group playing luggage guitars went on and off.  Gold dancers got Sterned to Weird Science.
Mars Green got launched off stage to a “Uranus” joke courtesy of Howie.
Kim McAfee, a singer and singular duet-ist (you had to see it) came on next.  It started with a hip hop beat and then went downhill.    But hey, Kim tried.  And then Cannon came out and made it a duet.  All that got was twice the buzzers.  I think the product-placement Snapple cups even shook a bit.
Anyway, enjoy the toilet paper commercial and meet me back here in a few….
Did you see that Wayne Gretzky commercial?  Pretty funny, right?
Well, I thought so.
Anyway, back from break, more good music, and some new acts.  Oh, wait…did you just hear Stern say, “I have to get serious now”?  Serious.  Sirius.  Funny.
Funny to me.
Up next?  Cristin Sandu doing a balance act.  He balanced on a bunch of round things that weren’t stable at all.  Helluvan act.  I thought Sharon was going to lose it.  I don’t know how he tops that.  I don’t want to know.  Unfortunately, I’m going to have to find out.  (No offense, Cristin.  I just don’t really like these death act things!)  Howie gave him a “no” but maybe Cristin will surprise him.
After the break, a group in black body suits.  The Lisa Clark Dancers.  They say they bring the full panoply of dances (“panoply” was my word, not theirs, so hate me).  It was sort of interesting and surreal to see all those dance styles mixed and not done to some loud, insane music.  The music choice alone gets my vote.  And it got Stern and Osbourne’s vote.  Let’s see if they make good on their promise to Howard to really bring back something great.  They certainly have the potential.
A magician/concert pianist act came up and then headed to Vegas.  Didn’t quite get the name, though.  Then, a fantastic 14-year-old singer, also with a difficult name to type.  Big voice and a ticket to Vegas.  Good for her.  A juggler (initial struggler) also punched his ticket to Vegas.
That plane is getting crowded!
So, do I have some Greek yogurt with berries and a banana or some coffee cake?  Hmmm…now that’s a tough decision.  I’ll wait about 15 more minutes and decide.  Maybe I could have the judges vote on that!
So, how about that plug for the 2012 Olympics in London?  How much are you looking forward to that?  I can hear you all saying, “I only watch the winter games” or something like that.  Well, you know what?  I love the Olympics.  Great stuff, y’know?  More people quietly doing their thing for years before getting their chance on the big stage.
Great stuff.
Anyway, a comedian/impressionist up after the break.  He said he got two laughs in college.  That’s about how many I got doing improv in college.  Good stuff!  His name is Dave Burleigh.  His Nick Cage wasn’t bad.  The Jack Black was…close.  Charlie Sheen?  A bit better.  But his comedy was really good.  The Owen Wilson was probably the best, with Vince Vaughn a close second.  I was hoping he’d do Stern’s voice.  Maybe in Vegas.  Stern told him to get edgier.  Do you agree?  Is edgy the way to go?
And the auditions that popped?  Well, you saw ’em.  I’m not gonna type ’em again.
Go have some popcorn.  And a Snapple.
And no, I don’t get paid to say that.
A feel-good story up now.  A nurse at a care center who sings for his patients.  He’s giving his dream a chance…all the way from Utah.  Saving money for 6 months to get his shot.  Love it.  Gotta root for him.  His name is Luiz Meneghin, and he has a really nice voice.  There was some real potential there.  With a voice coach, there’s no telling how far this guy could go.  Ah, it’s nice to see it go well.  Will it go well in Vegas?  I sure hope so.  I really do.  He certainly has a lot of support!
Ok, so my cable and Internet went out at the same time.
Right after the Brazilian singer Luiz Meneghin.  So now, I have to depend on you!  If you can fill me in on what happened after that, that would be great!
Let’s hear it for the computer age.
Eagerly awaiting a final hour recap….
Oh, well.  Here’s to next week when we do the live blog again!
So, I found the show on my On Demand feature.  Apparently, whatever knocked out my cable last week was so bad, it took a little bit for it to show up, so let’s finish up, y’all.
Where did I leave off?  Oh, yes.  Luiz Meneghin had just wowed Howard with opera.
Now, we’re back from break and Nick Cannon is driving a sports car around a mountainous road or something.  Gee, he seems to be having a good time.  Good for him.
Now, back to the real world of people trying to live their dream in Hondas and Kias.
Paula Nelson, 80, known as Granny G.  She looks like a really nice lady.  A walker?  Pink dress?  Pearls?  Stand-up comedy?  Nice.  Love it.  She talks about family values?  Horny boys?  Pregnant teens?  Rapping about “keeping it in your pants”?  Geez.  Go granny go!  She’s quite something, eh?  If she goes to Vegas, will both Granny G and the town spontaneously combust?  I think we should see if that happens.  And, let’s see if she be-dazzles her walker ala Sharon’s suggestion.  Cool.
Dear Lord, this is Nobody’s View.  Can I please be as sharp as Granny G when I’m 80?  Thank you.
Okay, on to the next act.  But not before the b-roll of cross-dressers, small ponies, and…well…ok.  Double cool!
Now Kotton Kandy.  A street performer from Las Vegas.  Good dancer.  Good voice.  Good schtick.  My only suggestion?  I think you need a little more confidence and stage presence.  (Oh, and that was sarcasm.)  The good/bad news?  Your going back to Vegas.  But not as a contestant.  Maybe I’ll see ya some day on my way to some casino or another.
But wait.  I’m going to see ya right now, dancing with Nick Cannon.
Oh, yeah.
Seriously, I’m gonna find that guy next time I’m in Vegas.
Hmmm…what’s going on with these motorcycle guys?  Parades?  Festivals?  I’m in.  I’ll watch that at my next parade or festival.  Maybe I’ll even throw one just for fun to have those guys.  Perhaps the dog-riding pony as well.  That dog looked pretty scared.  And what was up with the flute-playing janitorial thing?  That was kind of neat.  I’ve never seen an instrument made out of cleaning supplies before, unless you count a washboard thing that they use in bluegrass bands.  Pretty cool, dust-pan-broom-guy.  Maybe you’ll clean up in Vegas (I wrote that before Howie said it, by the way…so don’t think I just steal material!).
Tim Hockenberry, new father, came to sing.  He shared his story of alcoholism with America, but more importantly, his story of asking for HELP.  Let’s just leave that where it is.  That’s a good thing.
So, he came out on stage and faced the biggest audience on the biggest stage.  And my goodness.  What an interesting voice.  Sounded a lot like Randy Newman and Louis Armstrong together at last.  Stern called him a breath of fresh air.  I agree.  This is Nobody’s View, y’know?  Just a guy with a heavy dose of humility trying to make it happen.  Keep that.  Even when you are a star.
Please.  The world needs more of that.
Funk Beyond Control.  Yes.  Young kids dancing to funk.  And being beyond control.  That seems to make them funk beyond control.  That Howie Mandel thing at the end was…very cool.  Y’know what?  Send ’em through.  Just as we need more Jim Hockenberrys (Hockenberries?) we need more young, funky kids.
The Emily Ann Band?  Interesting sound.  Going on.
Martial Arts Line Dance Studio came on with a lion dance/balance/music act that was very interesting.  They’re moving on with their art and danger.  Vegas.  Good place for that.
On to Alonzo Jones (Turf)…an extreme contortionist.  EXTREME?  CONTORTIONIST?  Not in the same sentence, please.  He said he told his mom that he was going to be a dancer and she threw him out.  And that he was homeless.  That’s a shame.  But he practiced and practiced and now he’s on the biggest stage.  I’m not really into this sort of act, but I’m into that sort of story.  You go, Turf.  Your slo-mo dance move was absolutely amazing.  Incredible.  The shoulder thing?  Erm…well, I’ll get over it.  Even if we have to cover our eyes, we’re still watching.  Never lose your ability to cry.  That’s what’s going to take you from great to inspiring.  Sharon said Turf’s paid his dues and learned to control his audience.  She’s right.  And Howie said it was magic moment of change.  And he’s right.  Turf’s going to be a star.  And I’m right.  I cannot cannot cannot wait for Vegas.
By the way, he said he came by himself…that there’s no one there who’s proud of him.  I don’t know.  Do millions and millions of viewers count?
They do now.
Join us here at Nobody’s View for the next broadcast!  Live!

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