5/14/12 America’s Got Talent Premieres Tonight on NBC–Howard Stern, Howie Mandel, Sharon Osbourne, Nick Cannon, and a New Season of…Talent?

[We here at Nobody’s View have a soft spot for America’s Got Talent. Why? Well, folks live their dream. Get their moment in the sun.  Regular folks just like you and me doing what they feel they were born to do.  Hard to argue with that!  Welcome to the LIVE Nobody’s View America’s Got Talent 2012 blog.]

Thank you for joining us here at Nobody’s View for the annual America’s Got Talent live blog at 7pm in the west.  Thank you to the thousands who joined in last year (including some of the acts!).

We’re looking forward to another great season.

How will Howard and Howie work together?  Well, we’ll have to see.  Sharon Osbourne was always the creamy filling between the two hard cookies of Mandel and Piers Morgan.

Now what?

Let’s find out together on AGT at 8/7c.


Ok, so we started with the usual cache of commercials.  The traveling gnome.  The kids who wrecked their dad’s car.  A truck company trying to testosterone us into buying their product.

Well, fine.  They pay the bills, so if it’s testosterone that does it, well, who am I to judge?

Nick Cannon stood on top of some red rocks.  Howard Stern and his curly hair were right on cue!  Sharon Osbourne made a heart shape with her hands.  And Howie?  Well, he’s Howie with no hair.

Y’know?  For a second I thought they were going to shoot Nick Cannon out of that cannon.  Now that would have been interesting.

So, would you want to try out for Howard Stern?  I’m not sure I would.  Then again, Piers was no picnic.

Stern said they need a superstar for the show.  Someone like Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr.?  Someone like Jackie Evancho?  Team iLuminate?

We’ll see.

Anyway, when they introduced Howard Stern the crowd went crazy.  I’m sure a few critics did, too.

My viewing group?  Well, they were less than thrilled.  But let’s see how he does.  You can never tell.

So, uh, did you see that Snapple product placement?  We did.  Again and again.

So who was first?  A magician.  Aoni Jackson.  He got some good words from Stern.  He got help from Nick Cannon.  Almost.  He had to ask for Howie’s help, instead.  And boy was Howie happy (not!).  Howie was panicked that Aoni would touch him.  That would have been more interesting than what happened.  Somehow he transformed into a stripper exhibitionist.  Yikes.  Can Aoni make himself disappear with his magic nipples?

Oy.  Nice start.

Oh, and Aoni kept Howie’s ring…at least, Howie told him to keep it.


 The L.A. AGT train rolled on with a bird lady.  Weird.  I typed “bird lady” before she introduced herself.
Anyway, it was Miss Les, music teacher, and her magical cockatiels (I added the “magical” thing).
Now, I’m not sure what the point of the birds was.  I don’t think Howard did, either.  He pulled a Piers, gave her the “X” and, well, we moved on!
But not until Howie pushed Howard’s buttons with a “yes.”  What was Sharon’s vote?  The fate of a hundred cockatiels rested on her………….”no.”
Well, next was the montage of X-es.  Some guy singing “Proud Mary” with a…carnival behind him…a carnival that insulted Stern.
Genius.  Rude, but genius.
Then a…well…a singer, I guess.  I mean, good for him.  If he’s living his dream, more power to him.
Then a baton-twirling gorilla, a keyboard/singer/crooner, Stern singing.
And, well…a throwback Dolly Parton ukulele player and a zinger from Stern about Ozzy O.  Who was there.  Nice.
And how about the sexy sax player?  Sex player?  Player?  I have no idea.
I need a commercial.  How about you?


 Up after the break, a man and his fiance.  3,000 feet of string.  And a will to play.  This looks promising…
William Close, instrument creator, came to the stage with something different.  Earth harp.
Well, I have to say…very cool.  And yes, I can see this Vegas.  Everyone in my viewer group loved it too.  Just so you know, William Close, we’d all buy tickets for this.
Standing o.  All around.  I am looking forward to seeing him again.
He got all kinds of of praise and, well, he’s moving on.
And, of course, the “Snapple Chat” room.  I don’t know about that.  I was kind of partial to the popcorn room, or whatever the heck that thing was last year.


Next up: Elements Dance Cru.
Another dance crew.
But they do clogging with a theme.  Intrigued?  I kinda am…
Not bad, I have to admit.  Has a Raggedy Ann (did I spell that right?) meets stepping meets…dance crew.
I’m not adverse to seeing them in Vegas, and I guess I get my wish.
Ok, then I we got another montage.  Death-defying stunts, The Amazing Elizabeth and her red silk act
Then an interesting rapper who rapped about…things that were fact.  100% off the top of his head.  Now, the issue is, what’s he going to do when he runs out of AGT material?  Maybe he can get some ideas from the Snapple Chat.
Or these commercials that I’m going to flip away from.


I have to admit, I did turn it back for that Capital One commercial with Jimmy Fallon.  It’s one of my viewing group’s favorite commercials.  Someone else in the group loves Fallon, but says she can’t stay awake long enough to see his show.
Oh, the humanity.


 A father-daughter singing duo came up next (7-year-old Alexa and Jorge Narvaez).  I think I’ve seen them on a commercial before.  What was that for?  They look so familiar.  And no, I didn’t see them on YouTube.
Cute act.  Vegas-bound?  Yes.
Alexa made Howard Stern sad because his dad never played guitar with him.  Wow.  I play guitar.  If I ever have kids, I’m gonna play guitar with them.
And if I don’t?  Well, then Alexa will come find me and kick me for it.
Nah.  She wouldn’t do that.


Back from break on on to St. Louis.
I saw the Arch once.  I was looking at a college there.  Nice place.  A little muggy, but really nice!
But how’s the talent?
The elevator at the…place…got stuck.  Classic.  I’m surprised that Howie fared better than Howard.  Howard breezed past Howie’s mom to get off that elevator.  Heh….
Ben Black, crossbow sharpshooter arrived next.  With a very brave assistant.  Acts like this make me nervous.  Not as nervous as that guy with the circular saw, but still…
Did you see him split that newspaper?  Release those balloons?  Almost kill that gal?  I did.  The judges did.  And soon, Vegas will.  Sharon asked how he’d top it?  Well, blindfolded.  Uh, I might fast forward that.
Anyway, it was a good act.
Oh, wait.  Did you see?  The Orville Redenbacher thing was back.  So, now we get popcorn acts that pop and Snapple to wash it all down.
Great.  Advertising for dinner.
Okay, two members of my viewing group are making out, so that’s my cue to take a break.


They killed the lights for Light Wire Theater.  Hmmm….  This is cool, but it looks familiar to me.  The dinosaur theme was interesting, but…well…I’ll have to see in Vegas.  Was it as good as Team iLuminate?  Fighting Gravity?  My viewing group doesn’t think so, but time will tell.
Reptiles were on stage next.  And scorpions.  In a dude’s mouth.  And he’s going to Vegas.  Argh.
Then a very clever ventriloquism act.  With a dog.  A live dog.  Terry Fator?  No.  But still pretty funny.
Then Stick & Move dance crew.  A two man dance crew.  Ok.  Why not?
Anyway, these groups are going to Vegas, so you’ll be seeing them again.
In the meantime, enjoy these commercials for…some movie I won’t see and some kind of beverage I won’t drink.


So are you going to do the YouTube thing?  Huh?  Huh?
Me neither.
Coming up?  A circus sideshow act with some sharp stuff.  Like that?  Huh?  Huh?
Me neither.
So there we were cringing, watching Sanjula Vamana put things in his face.
Argh.  Yikes.  Good lord.
A kazoo group got buzzed out.  Way out.
Then, Stormin’ Norman came on with his crazy pumpkins.  Okay.
And poor Nick Cannon had to watch someone sing a not-so-Nick rendition of his song, so he went out and did it his way.
I still didn’t recognize it, but…then again, I haven’t listened to the radio in years.
I know, I know…


Another dance crew?  Check.  Loyalty Dance Team.  They’re going through, yes, but what are they going to do next?  It was passionate and speedy as Sharon said…but can it go on all summer?
Now, if they keep that “family” vibe, forget AGT.  They can go as far as they want in life.  And that’s a bit more important than a million bucks.


Simply Sergio wants to be a “recording artist.”
It was a little rough at first.  Especially when he sang The Girl From Ipanema.
But, I have to hand it to him…when he sang “God Bless America,” he showed some talent.  Is it $1,000,000 talent?  Well, we can’t be sure.  If he sticks to opera, it just might be.
And now?  A preview for The Amazing Spiderman.
A four minute preview.
Break time!  I’m gonna spend some time with a dog that’s lying on the floor in front of me.  He’s no spiderdog, but I love him.


A father-daughter sidewalk singing act (Maurice & Shanice Hayes) closed us out.  These are always feel-good stores, aren’t they?  It’s even better when they pay off with real talent.
The father is really good, but Shanice?  Well, she’s a superstar in the making.  Heckuva duo.  Stern called it “perfection.”
I agree.
See you in Vegas Maurice and Shanice.  Looking forward to it.


 So, here we are at the end of the 5/14/12 America’s Got Talent premiere.  Some good stuff, and some…stuff.
Tomorrow is the second part of the season premiere.
We are Nobody’s View will be there.
See you there!

2 responses to “5/14/12 America’s Got Talent Premieres Tonight on NBC–Howard Stern, Howie Mandel, Sharon Osbourne, Nick Cannon, and a New Season of…Talent?

  1. Hi,
    This is stormin norman, the pumpkin carver. NOT the artificial pumpkin carver. I made the show with some of the things I can do with a real pumpkin, which are out of season in April & May, so they gave me an fake to work with. As you can tell, it didn’t work, but when you are invited to be on a national TV show, you give it a shot.
    Next season we hope to have the real thing as some farmers are going to keep some plants under grow lights for the show.
    Thanks for your tolerance of artistic growth!

    • @STORMIN’NORMAN: Thanks for the comment. I am glad you got a chance to be on the show. Y’know? People have to follow their dreams. Congrats on living yours! Here’s to next season.

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