Graduation 2012 and Mother’s Day 2012 Get Me Thinking About America’s Got Talent 2012…and Inspiration

We’re coming to that time of year again.

You know….  C’mon.  Think!

That’s right!  America’s Got Talent 2012 is here.  You may know it as AGT 2012.  Whatever.  All I know is that a guilty pleasure is coming back to TV.  (Wait, isn’t all TV a guilty pleasure?)

It premieres May 14 on NBC at 8/7c.  Oh, and Piers Morgan has been replaced by Howard Stern.  That has caused some…well…strange reactions amongst the loyal that I know, but you know?  Maybe Howard Stern will be a good addition to America’s Got Talent.  We just can’t know until the season begins.  But we still have familiar faces Nick Cannon, Sharon Osbourne, and Howie Mandel.

If you are a regular here at Nobody’s View, you know we blog this show live (when we can!) as it’s happening.  Often, we’re watching with a little band of the faithful, sometimes we watch alone, but it’s always a good evening of television.

Some other things are happening in this realm of time here in mid-May.  One of my close relatives and a good friend is graduating a Masters program.  She’s been working for this for so long, and to see it happening is really quite special.  I have her gift sitting here next to me waiting to be wrapped, and today, I’m actually going north 2 hours to see the graduation.

Also, tomorrow, May 13, is Mother’s Day 2012.  That great day of appreciating Mom for all of her loving support over the years!  I donno.  A lot of these Hallmark days seem so contrived, but who could argue with a day for Mom?  You can’t!  It just makes no sense.  So, tomorrow I will be celebrating Grandma, Mom, and a new mom that I know.  A pretty nice thing, right?

So, what do these have to do with America’s Got Talent 2012?  Well, one of the reasons we here at Nobody’s View loves AGT is that it takes unknown people in the world (people just like you and me) and puts them in their one moment.  It gives them a chance to chase a dream.  Yes.  Absolutely.  Why not?  Even for 10 seconds.  From handwhistler Sally Cohn to Sponjetta Parrish who sang Up In My Studio, regular folks like you and me get a chance.  Favorites like Poplyfe, Jackie Evancho, and Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. made their moments shine.  And, when I think about that, I think about my cousin who, very quietly and quite diligently, has been pursuing the dream of a Masters degree.  She just got up on the university and stage and went for it.  There were stumbling blocks along the way, but she never gave up.  In fact, she has the academic bug now and will probably go on for more.  Good for her!  And as for Mom?  Well, I know in my own life that I have some dreams.  I have some things that I want to see come to fruition.  And, well, when I need some support or a pick-me-up, Mom is there with encouragement, ready to help out.  She’s always been that way, and if there is a day during the year to celebrate that, who am I to miss out?

I know it may seem like a stretch to compare America’s Got Talent 2012 to a college graduation or Mom, but to think that is to miss the point of all three things.  Life milestones, dreams, and those who support us are the very essence of life.  For a few months each summer, we are treated to an NBC talent competition that reminds us of that.  Too grand?  Maybe.  But remember this: the day you start forgetting the inspiration in the mundane, everyday world, is the day you lose a little free-floating inspiration.

And, if my cousin and Mom have taught me anything, it’s that we should never turn down the chance to dream…or be inspired.

Join us here at Nobody’s View each week as we blog America’s Got Talent live in the West.

Let’s make it a summer of inspiration.


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