Yes, Bosses — I Did Go Away to Dreams Resort Puerto Aventuras in Quintana Roo, Mexico (Mexico, Part 1)

(Pic above is the side beach where I spent most of my days reading, in Puerto Aventuras)


No, we here at Nobody’s View didn’t drop off the face of the earth, although, it may seem that way.

The last year has been…interesting…to say the least.  I’ve been working a lot, thinking a lot, and, well, just being me a lot.

As you probably know from your own life, that can be kind of taxing.  A lot.

So, I made I decision.  I was going to India!  Yes!  Finally!  After years and years of dreaming, I finally started planning the trip.  The realization of a lifetime of anticipation.

Alas, as the planning went on, I realized it just wasn’t going to be feasible right now.  So, I decided to can those plans.  Indeed, I was going to can the whole going-away thing.  Then, something interesting happened.  My bosses essentially ordered me to take a vacation.  Two different bosses.  Two different sets of marching orders.

Now, those who know me know that I don’t often skip off.  There is one trip I take per year to a family stead in the great Canadian north, but other than that…well…I stay home a lot.  I have that adventurous spirit, but unfortunately, my wallet is more of a homebody.

But not this time.

I went to a travel agent who’d been helping with India and I gave him a price.  Not a high price, but a price.  He starting his fingers a-typin’ and after some discussion, we narrowed my choices down to three places: Honolulu, Kona, or  Cancun.  Three different places.  Three potential hotels.  Three places to get away.

Well, I’m not an beach person.  I prefer the mountains.  But y’know?  The spirit lately has been to try new things and, if you read the blog you know about my issues with the sea.  So, in the spirit of exploration and the dreamy visions of the Caribbean blue, I jetted off to an all-inclusive resort in Cancun.  Why not Hawaii?Well, the great travel agent said to me, “All the hotels are under your budget, but don’t forget…you still have to eat.”  Touche, travel agent.  Touche.

So I took off.

All by my little lonesome.

I didn’t take much.  Just a lot of clothes (that I never really wore) and some books that I have been waiting to read.  There was sunblock, two spiral notebooks, a camera, and some money.  Not much.  Just some.  Also?  An openness to whatever was in store.  No plans.

I stayed at Dreams – Puerto Aventuras, on the Caribbean.  All I could eat, drink, rest, and stare at the ocean.

And I did all of that.

What was amazing was how comfortable I was just being alone and how quickly my years of Spanish came back to me.  I mean, it wasn’t an astounding vacation, but simply an excuse to go away and not turn on email or cellphone.  That’s all.

Now, there was a little more.  Some surprises.  But those will be coming in other installments here at Nobody’s View.  Stay tuned for some descriptions of the trip and some tips and tricks for getting about in the Yucatan/Quintana Roo area.

For now?  Well, we’ll just let this entry into the blog stand as a testament that yes, I do occasionally relax.  So, if you’re one of my bosses reading this: Yes, I went on vacation.  No, I didn’t do any work.  And, finally, yes…I’m very glad to be home, although I can still hear those waves, see that radiant blue, and feel the sand beneath my feet.

Next time though?  The mountains….

[Author’s note: this writer received no incentives regarding any resort or products in this post]


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