Can $11 Buy Happiness? No, But Maybe It Can Help Me “Rent” It…

So, in my desire to see more community theater, I took a friend up on an invite to go see “Rent: No Day But Today” (Aka…um…”Rent”) on Saturday.  Remember when I went to see Fiddler on the Roof at a local high school?  Well, this was the next step.

Yes, I should have been working.  But I’ve been putting in 60-70 hour weeks, so get off my case!

Anyway, it was at a local community college.  Now, I’m not sure if the theater is actually part of the college or part of the community…but then again, it’s a “community college” so does it matter?

The theater was packed.  Sold out!  I loved that.  It was the final performance, and all actors at all levels deserve to see a full house, y’know?  I mean, when I achieved the crowning glory of my music days singing Carmina Burana with a major symphony and ballet company, the house was full, and it was a rush!

But I digress.

The actors took their places on the frenetic Rent set and we were off.  My friend–a Rent devotee–started singing along with the actors.  I couldn’t really blame him, though, as I’d do the same thing with Les Miserables.

There was Mark Cohen.  There was Roger Davis.  There was Tom Collins.  There was (an incredible) Angel Dumott Schunard.  All as I remember them from Broadway back in 2001.

The highlight of the show was Seasons of Love.  The ensemble gave it everything they had, and it was truly spectacular.  It seriously gave me goosebumps.

Afterwards, I rushed off to meet some friends, and my companion headed back to a local library to get some work done.

When I got home that night, however, I thought about my past and all the opportunities I had to perform.  I wish I’d have taken greater advantage of those opportunities!  Watching this local cast of Rent, I got the bug again.  The desire.  The tingle.  There is a feeling of the stage that really can’t be matched.  Years ago, I played Linus in You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown (I took over for a 6’4″ guy with a beard when he dropped out, so…).  It was great.  Every night friends and family filled the small high school black box and we gave it our all.  As the Rent cast waved goodbye, many of them were crying.  Why?  Well, that last show.  That last note.  That last moment.  I know the feeling….

I like this project of local theater.  This same theater is going to be hosting Charlie Brown soon, as well as The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.  I think I’ll go see those too, if for no other reason than to share that rush!

Who knows?  Maybe I’ll even try out.


I have to work…gotta pay the rent!


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