The 84th Academy Award Won’t Go to Ordinary Me…But My Reality Is All the Drama and Comedy I Need

Are you going to watch the 84th Annual Academy Awards tonight?  C’mon…Billy Crystal is hosting.  He’s the best!

If nothing else, watch the Oscars for Billy Crystal, okay?

The Academy Awards are a fun night.  We get to watch the great Somebodies of the world receive awards for their talents.  That “other” world is brought into our living rooms–where ordinary folks can get a taste of another life.

I didn’t see many of the nominees this year, which is unusual, but what can I say?  It was a busy year.  I had other stuff going on.  However, I did see Michel Hazanavicius’ “The Artist” (I think I have a review of that somewhere in the ol’ archives!), but unfortunately missed its biggest competition, “The Descendants.”  George Clooney’s great.  Don’t know how that one slipped by!  I also saw Iran’s “A Separation.”  Fantastic.  I love those slices of life.  Oh, also had a chance to see Terrence Malick’s “The Tree of Life.”  If you did not see this movie, all I can say is…see it.  And watch it carefully.  Ignore the noise and just have an experience of it.  It really did blow me away.  And yes, Brad Pitt was great in Moneyball.  Had to ‘pitch’ that one in there.

So yeah, I’ll watch.  I’ll enjoy.  I’ll smile.  Then, I’ll go to bed.  Why?  Well, because the ol’ alarm is going to go off at 5:25 am tomorrow and this nobody special will have to hit the highway for work.

But who knows?  Who really knows?  Maybe tomorrow is the day I star in my own real life comedy.  Perhaps a drama?  Maybe a dramedy.  Will there be laughter?  Tears?  Who will give a great performance?  Who will be comic relief?  Will there be a deus ex machina to save the day?  Will anyone in a supporting role steal the show?

One thing’s for sure.  The Academy won’t be watching me and I won’t get any awards tonight.  But hey, if I can get to the end of the day knowing I put in a good performance (that, by the way, won’t be universally loved by the critics), then maybe no red carpet is necessary.  Maybe the ordinary life lived in the real world is all the Oscar I need.


2 responses to “The 84th Academy Award Won’t Go to Ordinary Me…But My Reality Is All the Drama and Comedy I Need

  1. We are always “Stars” in our daily lives when we take the time to reach out to others in the simplest of ways. A smile to a stranger, holding a door open for another, a “may I put that detergent bottle in your cart for you”, may be the kindest thing that happens to a person in their day. At the end of their day you are sure to receive “top billing”. I love Billy Crystal too.

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