On Tax Day 2012, Ignore the Political Noise and Go To the Park!

I dropped off my 2011 tax stuff today.

Now, my taxes are pretty routine, but as I was walking into my accountant’s office, I thought, “Boy!  This envelope feels like it weighs a ton!”

Just between you and me, it was only a few ounces.

But what is it about the looming date of April 15, 2012?  Tax day…

Taxes have gotten a bad rap/rep through the years.  Deservedly so?  Maybe.  I don’t know.  I don’t get too political about these things.  I would have drank the tea at the Boston Tea Party.


People waste so much time standing in front of microphones talking about taxes. Complaining about taxes.  Telling me what the “American people” think of taxes.  Usually the people yammering on like that are rich people who don’t know anything about what regular Americans want, especially when it comes to taxes.

All I know is I pay what I have to pay and then drive on the roads and walk on the sidewalks paved with my tax dollars.  Hey, there’s an idea!  Why don’t these suits (who wear jeans when they “meet” us in our home states) get out a bit more and enjoy the parks, sidewalks, and playgrounds in the cool, fresh air and spend less time blabbering and releasing more hot air into the atmosphere.

Dontcha just love an election year?

Anyway, I’m not sure how long it’ll take my guy to finish my taxes.  I’m sure I’ll end up owing.  Maybe I’ll get something back.

Who knows?  I’m just nobody paying my dues, much like you and your friends and family.  We work, we pay, and we move on.  Hmmm….that sounds like what I want.  Do any of the candidates understand that?

All I know is, when I get to wherever the heck it is we go after we leave this place, I’ll hopefully have more to say to whoever is meeting/judging/weighing than, “Hey!  Guess what?  I ran for public office with the special, unique lifetime you gave me and spent it standing on the (Republican/Democratic/Independent) platform that I knew what the American people wanted and ended up spinning wheels!  Thanks for the chance to yell, scream, argue, and smear.  It really was time well spent!  Now, why don’t you open those pearly gates and let me spend eternity with the few thousand bucks I saved.  It’s here, isn’t it?  I was told it would be waiting for me.  I fought so hard for it.”

I’ll hopefully say that I spent my time worrying less (note: I didn’t say I DON’T worry about it…just that I hope to worry less!) about what I paid and more time considering that maybe after all the taxes cleared, and life came to and end (as it will), that it was about what we all paid forward.

Just a thought for every Democrat, Republican, Independent, and…well…whoever else knows what this American wants.


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