iPhones, Computers, and the Future of Technology Can Coexist With Those of Us Still Fond of the Past

Someone texted me a picture today of my parents both playing on their iPhones.

Loved it.  What a great shot!

No, they aren’t all-consumed with their phones.  They lead rich, full lives of joy and fulfillment and have plenty of things on their plate.

In the photo, they were waiting for a plane.

The point of this is this: we can be part of the new age of technology without being consumed by it.  Now, that’s certainly nothing new.  You know that!  But this thought is really for the younger generation.

Be patient with your parents and even with people in my age bracket (30s).  You don’t really care about this, but there was a time when technology was a TV remote a little smaller than a brick and phones with cords.  I used to dial the kitchen phone (egg cream yellow and as big as a little loaf of bread) and walk to the edge of the room and look through the door at the TV in the living room.  That’s how it used to be. MTV showed videos and a car with a tape deck was all the rage!

Today?  Well, today, every Nobody can look like a Somebody with a phone in their ear and a look of importance.  But back in the day?  Well…we had to work harder at it.

I still don’t do the Facebook thing, although that will probably change someday (soon?).  I blog.  I tweet (twit?).  I play on my iPhone.  I work in environments that are filled with computers and even require me to play around in HTML code sometimes.

But at the end of the day?  Well, let’s just say I look to make connections that aren’t just digital.

There is so much wonderful about smart phones, computers, and the like.  But there is also something wonderful about quiet meditation, a good book, or stimulating conversation.

But this picture I got today?  The one of my folks on their phones?  Well, I’m going to keep it as a great reminder of how the past, present, and future can all coexist quite nicely…as long as those ol’ smart phones are in the hands of smart users.


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