Super Bowl XLVI? I Don’t Really Care. Maybe I’ll Be Like the New York Giants and Do Some Yoga!

Super Bowl XLVI is in Indianapolis!

New England Patriots versus New York Giants!

Eli Manning versus Tom Brady!

The battle of the East!

The most anticipated sporting event of the season!

Super Bowl XLVI!

I only have ONE question for you: do you care?

I ask this because on at least two occasions in recent days, I’ve had friends say, “Really?  The Super Bowl is THIS WEEKEND?  I TOTALLY forgot!”  I didn’t forget, however instead of waiting around here, I’m meeting some people for lunch and then will probably go browse around some stores for a while and enjoy the emptiness that only a major sporting even can bring.  Sure, I may catch part of the game, but honestly?  I’m really having a hard time getting into Super Bowl XLVI.

Now, don’t get me wrong—I love football.  Love it.  It’s far and away one of my favorite sports to watch, and, as my long-time readers know, soon after I was born, football Voldemort hit me with a spell and I have a curse-mark on my forehead that says, “Cleveland Browns” in a squiggly, lightning bolt pattern.

So, I’ve paid my dues and earned my fandom.

It’s just, as with so many other sports, it’s exhausting seeing the same teams every year.  I mean, good for them for their prowess, but I think variety is what brings interest, and quite frankly, no one I know is very interested…except maybe the Eagles fan I know who is rooting for Tom Brady and crew.  Heck, I can’t even root against anyone this year, because my divisions got shut out of the dance.

But I digress…

Still, maybe there is more to this Super Bowl XLVI than meets the eye.  I read a fun and interesting article this morning by the New York Post’s Jennifer Gould Keil talking about the Giants and their penchant for yoga.  Again, long-time readers will know this gets our ears perked at Nobody’s View.  It turns out the Giants take yoga classes.  Since 2004, an instructor named Gwen Lawrence has been showing the Giants the ways of the other East.

You know what I say?  Good for them!  Perhaps if Manning makes a big play he won’t be Tebowing, but pigeon posing (according to Keil, this is his favorite pose!).  I for one would love to see that.  Maybe I’ll watch just on the off chance that could happen.

Yoga keeps ‘em flexible and strong, and it will pay dividends long after short careers end.

Like I said, I’m going to come and go from Super Bowl XLVI today.  I’ll drift in and out as the rest of my February 5, 2012 unfolds in whatever way it will.  But there’s one thing the Giants and I have in common today: we’ll both do yoga.  That’s right.  We here at Nobody’s View pursue our own yogic practices.  And yes, it does pay some nice dividends that last long after big events and little traumas pass.

Maybe that in itself is enough of a reason for Nobody’s View to throw its support behind Eli Manning and the Giants…because for the life of me, I can’t come up with any other reason to care about the outcome!


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