The 2012 Barrett Jackson Car Auction in Scottsdale Reminds Me That the Best Memories Are Made, Not Bought

The 2012 Barrett Jackson auto auction is going on right now.

I’m not a “car guy” exactly, but I love watching this on the Speed Network.  I really find it quite fascinating, seeing all these cars (and other assorted things on wheels) going across the auction block.  It’s exciting when a bidding war takes place and two or more people are fighting to reclaim the same piece of a lost youth of parking, making out, and drag racing.

It truly is a look at how men actually bid on a midlife crisis.  It’s fun to watch!  Although, I must admit, I have told some folks that the day I have a car where a paint swirl is as devastating as a natural disaster, they are to beat me about the head.

Anyway, as I watch this 2012 installment of Barrett Jackson I am reminded of the old saw that everything old is new again.  This is true with fashion, recipes, vacation destinations…but perhaps nowhere as accurate as with cars.  Many of the 2012 Barrett Jackson offerings are re-imaginings of these old cars.  Someone found a car body.  They got a crew together.  The guys rebuilt the thing as close to standard as possible, whipped up a coat of paint, and voila!  Across the Barrett Jackson block and into someone’s “recapture-my-youth-or-the-youth-of-my-father” collection.

Something once discarded and rusted is now shiny and new.  A centerpiece.  A topic of conversation.  A work of art secluded in a hangar.

We here at Nobody’s View like that sentiment that all old is eventually new.  Though I’ll probably never have nearly enough disposable income to buy a $350,000 ’66 Vette, I certainly can read a long-forgotten novel, participate in an ancient ceremony, or do some yoga.  You see, not everything that is old is forgotten.  Not everything that is a little frayed around the edges needs to be polished, buffed, and sold as “new.”

It is new again when we participate in it.

It is new again when we “rediscover” it.

It is new again when we share it with someone who really gets it.

I think sometimes we fall into the trap of envying people who can afford to buy expensive antiques and display them.  We admire folks who can live out their midlife crises or indulge their inner child with a costly purchase.  But to go down that path of envy is a false road.  It’s not that I begrudge them this pleasure.  I say, if you can do it, go for it!  Why not?  But for the rest of us?

Well, there is no reason a Nobody can’t reclaim a piece of the past in some very inexpensive ways.  Tell you what…over the next few days or weeks, dig out some old pictures and arrange them into a photo album from a craft store.  What’s that, $10 or so?  Perhaps go have some ice cream at a favorite spot for $3.  Call a childhood friend on your cell phone and burn 50 anytime minutes.  Put $20 worth of gas in your tank and take a scenic drive where grandpa used to take you in his car that’s now being sold for $500,000 at Barrett Jackson.  Pull out a crinkly $1 bill and get a candy bar from the vending machine that you used to love and really savor it.  But a $100 fun pack to your local NBA team and take the family.  Make a mix tape (CD?).  Watch a favorite movie from the ‘80s on a $2 rental.

The list is endless.

If you get a chance today, flip over to the Speed Network.  Check out the guys spending 3 children’s educations on a car they owned in 1970.  Then, turn off the TV, pile your own kids into your 2007 Honda, and make some new memories….

The kind that are as close to free as possible, and so much more precious.


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