This Thanksgiving 2011 Egyptian Protestors, Stocks, Pennsylvania Turnpike Goo, and Justin Bieber’s Paternity Get Me Thinking About ‘Sometimes’

I just got home from work on this eve of Thanksgiving 2011.

I got on the Internet and surfed around some news sites and saw headlines that included a stock slide, bloody protests in Egypt, and an assortment of stories varying from Justin Bieber’s paternity test to some kind of goo on a Pennsylvania turnpike.

Goodness gracious.  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, right?  Thanks for what?

We here at Nobody’s View know that in these troubled times, it’s getting harder and harder to be nobody-in-particular in this world (trust me).  Even though we don’t make the paper, the headlines of our own lives are sometimes just as, or more, tragic than what we see in the news.


It’s that word “sometimes” that prompted me to write today.  Things haven’t been a bed of roses on this end at all times and for all things.  But then again, there are also some amazingly wonderful things that have happened to this nobody-in-particular lately.  It’s good.  Sometimes it seems like an embarrassment of blessings.


It’s not always great, even though I didn’t share the nightmares of so many in the news today.  And, if you’re safe in front of a computer reading this, you probably didn’t either.  But sometimes we do.  Even though sometimes we don’t.  Sometimes it was a good day at work.  Sometimes less so.  Sometimes there is just barely not enough money, sometimes just enough.  Sometimes more than enough.


Sometimes the pie for Thanksgiving dinner turns out perfect.  Sometimes not.  Sometimes the turkey’s dry, sometimes moist.  Sometimes everyone gets along, sometimes they bicker.  Sometimes it’s all perfect.


We are in the Thanksgiving 2011 season.  I think tomorrow I’ll wake up and just be grateful for anything and everything, “sometimes” be damned.  Life’s good right now — at this time.  And, maybe if I acknowledge the good in my own life, I can make a difference for some of the unfortunate news makers (except Bieber — probably not much I can do for that guy).  In other words, sometimes we need to take stock.  Sometimes we need to be good with things as they are in this moment.  Sometimes we need to have faith that we made the right decision, took the right stand, found the right job, or are in just the right place.  Sometimes that’s all it takes to be happy in a world filled with tragedy and frustration.



To my readers: a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving 2011 and a well transition to the holiday season.  May you be joyous at ALL times.




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