November 11, 2011, 11/11/11, 11.11.11, Eleven Eleven Eleven — Any Way You Say It, It’s Symmetry



Eleven, eleven, eleven

November 11, 2011

There are many ways to write that date string, but any way you do it, it’s just too cool.  There’s a delicious symmetry there, don’t you think?  Now, certainly, 11/11/2011 isn’t as neat as 11/11/1111 was, but hey, we do what we can in this modern age.

If we take a minute to examine our world, we see that it is in quite a state of disarray.  Between the economy, politics in general, the madcap sporting world, and basically anything happening on the 6 o’clock news, it would be easy to just lose it.  Totally and completely.  Maybe that’s overstating it.  Perhaps we just want to hide in bed.

Perhaps under the bed.

Where is the daily symmetry?  Where is the point where life lines up?  It would be all too easy to throw our hands up and give up.  It would be too easy to flail with anxiety and twist in the wind like a ragged shirt on a tall pole in a windy day.

Yes, these are easy things to do.  These emotions are the unfortunate companions of those who walk straight in a world of twisting turns.

But then we get 11/11/11.  11.11.11.  Eleven, eleven, eleven.  November 11, 2011.  We get symmetry.  We get a visual representation of a moment in time when everything can line up.

This isn’t a story of stars and planets, signs and wonders.  No.  It’s simply about taking a moment on a symbolic day to give a nod to the idea that maybe…just maybe…things really are as they should be.  Maybe the appearance of things out of order and in chaos will lead to the greatest time in history.  You never know, right?  You never know when the good will spring forth from the shadows.  Honestly, can it get much darker?  (Don’t say yes!)

Today is also Veteran’s Day 2011.  In the spirit of symmetry, might I also suggest a spared thought for those who fight to keep order in a world of disorder?  These are the men and women truly on the front lines of chaos, struggling to maintain an uneasy balance in the world.

There’s really no script for this day.  Soon 11.11.11 will give way to 11.12.11.  Symmetry will slowly bend again to disarray.  But then again, if you can find some time tomorrow to take a breath, appreciate the day, and get your internal affairs in order, perhaps every day can be November 11, 2011.

And if not, well, we’ll have another chance on December 12, 2012.  But I’m not so sure — 12/12/12 just doesn’t have the same symmetrical appeal.


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