Seven Billion People and Counting. Change Can Start With Seven (Or One!)…

Just saw that we reached 7 billion people on the planet.

That’s right.  Seven billion bodies bumbling about on this rock, flying around the sun.  Seven billion adventures.  Seven billion stories.  Seven billion pieces of potential.

One of my favorite sites,, confirms it.  In fact, according to the folks at, at the time of this writing we’re at 7,000,078,000.  Amazing, huh?  The ol’ humanity count just keeps going and going and going.  As long as people are people, then we’ll have babies.  I wonder who the actual 7 billionth kid was.  That’d be interesting karma, huh?

While we’re on the subject, think about the people you know — the family you have, the friends you see, the co-workers with whom you spend so much time.  Out of 7 billion people, your network is probably composed of somewhere between 50-100 people.  If you’re good at Facebooking (I’m not), then you may have thousands of connections.  And those connections link you to connections.  But still, no matter how masterful your social networking skills, it’s hard to believe you can connect to all 7 billion folks currently on the planet.

Then again, maybe we all connect in other ways.  Maybe there is something to that whole web-of-energy thing, or maybe our thoughts connect us.  I’m no quantum physicist, but maybe there’s a clue in that somewhere (a clue that’s safe from discovery from the likes of me).

I don’t know.  I’m just waxing philosophic here.  The point is, even if you don’t know everyone on the planet, you can still make a pretty big impact in your own little circle.  Share a smile.  Give a dollar to charity.  Break for humans.  Spare a moment.  You don’t have to help seven billion people.  Start with seven!  Heck, start with one!  You’re unique because you’re you.  You have an impact because you choose to.

As for that seven billionth kid?  Well, by the time he or she is 18, s/he’ll have the opportunity to write a blog about that eight billionth kid.  Imagine that!


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