I Woke Up This Morning With Problems — Then Winter the Dolphin and “Dolphin Tale” Reminded Me That…

I woke up this morning under the impression that I had a few problems.

What problems?  Well, the same problems many have in this economy — money issues, some insecurities about the future…the usual!  Had a pair of shoes to break in and some other trifles and minor tribulations.  The things that get into our head and kinda crawl around in there for awhile.

Then, this evening, a family member asked if I’d like to see Dolphin Tale.  You know that movie, right?  It’s the story (based on actual events) of Winter the Dolphin (see Winter the Dolphin’s live webcast here) and the tale…of her tail.  She literally lost it in an unfortunate twist of fate and, well…you can watch the movie to see how it ends.  I won’t spoil it.

Suffice it to say you’ll leave smiling.

Along the course of the movie we meet a child with a missing leg and servicemen who have lost limbs for this country.  We meet a struggling animal clinic full of folks struggling to help a defenseless creature…who is, of course, struggling.

But in the best mix of Hollywood and real life, there is hope and inspiration.  There is a reminder that some people in this world are fighting to do something good, even if the chips are stacked against them.  They just do it because it’s right, not because it is a guaranteed succeess.

As we left the theater, my family member and I had a great conversation about doing what needs to be done.  About stepping up.  About taking some chances.  I don’t know what direction that will take me, but hey, inspiration is like that, right?  It comes upon us when we least expect it, and just like that — *snap* — it can all turn on a dime…and we’re called to action.  We may be fooled into thinking that our lives have become stale, but then we discover that fate was only giving us a rest before the big moments.

I don’t preach around here.  That’s for other blogs somewhere out there.  I’m not going to tell you that your problems don’t matter in the face of someone else’s issues.  I believe that the life you live every day is something you’ve earned, and that you are more than welcome to label it any way you wish.  Don’t let anyone ever tell you different.  It’s yours.  Be in it.

Really what this post is about is perspective.  I woke up this morning with a few problems on my mind.  But you know?  Money often has a way of coming in just as it goes.  Security about the future is a matter of getting a grip in the present.  And as for my shoes?  Well, I guess I’m lucky that I have feet to even break them in.

So, yes, I woke up this morning thinking I had some problems.  But then I saw Winter the Dolphin and Dolphin Tale.  Now, on my way to bed, I think I’ll try something else…

I’ll try giving thanks for what I really have.


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