Life Is a Lot Like the Kitchen…

I cooked today.  Cooked with a family member.  It wasn’t anything special.  Just something quick that we whipped up.  Lot of vegetables.  Lots of chicken.  Lots of green.  Lots of brown.  Lots of olive oil.  Lots of cheese.

It was fun!

Listened to some favorite music and got the whole thing prepared.  It’s nice to cook and listen to good tunes.  The time just flies by…except when it comes to the dishes.  Still haven’t figured out how to make that more pleasant.

But anyway, you know what?  It came out great.  The stir fry was crisp and the garlic toast was rich.  I mean, I’m nobody special (unlike those famous folks on The Food Network), but all things are equal at the stove, right?

I’d like to start doing more cooking and baking.  There’s something very satisfying about going through a series of steps and having it come out well.  You follow the directions as best you can, use the freshest ingredients, give it the ol’ college try, and enjoy the fruits of the labor.

Then again, what happens if it comes out wrong?  Is that the end of the world?

I donno.  I suppose cooking isn’t always about everything working out perfectly every time.  I guess activity in the kitchen is the same.  We enjoy it when it comes out right, cry a bit when it doesn’t work out, but always get back out there and try it again.  A dash of this, a pinch of that, a little spice, some sweet, a helping of sour.  If we don’t continually try to nourish ourselves, we starve.  And we can’t stop eating just because our appetite is spoiled.  No.  Have to keep at it — whether life is caviar or ramen noodles (especially when it’s ramen noodles).

I’ll need to eat again tomorrow.  Who knows what I’ll try?  Probably leftovers — otherwise known as the same ol’ same ol’.

Come to think of it, there’s something special about those too.


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