The Lesson Of Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr., and Reflections On Season 6 Of America’s Got Talent 2011.

Well, it’s all over but the memories.

Another season of America’s Got Talent has come and gone and we were treated to yet another exhibition of some of the best and…most interesting…that America has to offer.  In the end, it came down to Team iLuminate, Silhouettes, Poplyfe, and Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr.

Team iLuminate was dazzling with their fast-paced dance, flashing lights, and incredible creativity.  Silhouettes brought out the astounding power of shadow, as they wove ballet into architecture.  Poplyfe gave us all hope that maybe there is something good again in youth music.  And Landau?  Well, he is now the master crooner — a former car washer who had big dreams.  In his first audition, he was chewing gum.  And then?  Last night he became a million dollars richer.

If you’ve been part of Nobody Nation, reading and watching along with me this season, you know why I blog the show.  I blog it because AGT is a stage not just for ratings or silliness, but a platform for people who might otherwise have none.  Think about it.  Whether or not a person wins America’s Got Talent, they have a chance to show off their passion.  How many of us really get that chance?  How many of us get to roll around on the floor like Sam B, dive from impossible heights into kiddie pools like Professor Splash, or croon Sinatra in front of millions, instead of just in the shower?

There aren’t a lot of shows that would allow it.  Then allow you to vote on it.  Then pay for it.  And, with such variety.  You probably never heard of Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr., Team iLuminate, Kehlani Parrish, Michael Grimm, Jackie Evancho, or Fighting Gravity before, but thanks to the last few seasons of America’s Got Talent, you probably now have.  And many of these folks are moving (or have moved) from obscurity to fame.

I don’t go into some bleak depression after the last show, and I don’t become a fanboy of any of these acts.  I simply like to follow their stories as they unfold week to week.  All of the names I just mentioned, and many more, were once like you and me — anonymous and toiling in obscurity.  But they found some courage, seized their moment, and went where it took them.

As you may or may not know, I write.  I love to write.  I write books, articles, and this blog, and really have fun doing it.  I’m not sure where that road will take me, but I keep doing it.  Every day.  In some form.  The joy of creating is my passion.  Sure, there’s not talent competition on TV for books, but hey, a person can dream, right?  If you are like me and you enjoy passion for the sake of passion, then take heart.  Even if your biggest fan is you, there’s always the possibility that you may end up like Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr.  And if not?  Well, then take pride in pursuing your heart’s desire…even if in the end, it only brings memories.


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