8/10/11 America’s Got Talent Season 6 Episode 21 is the YouTube Acts Reveal. Who Will Rocket Next from Obscurity to Stardom?

Welcome to the Nobody’s View LIVE 8/10/11 AGT YouTube reveal show blog.

Let’s see who really stands up to represent the “rest of us” on America’s Got Talent.

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(The usual disclosure: As you know, we are a site devoted to opinion, inspiration, civility, and tolerance.  So, why this weekly ritual with AGT?  Well, first, it’s our guilty pleasure [life can’t always be so serious], and second, it fits right into one of our pillars: inspiration.  America’s Got Talent features folks who are going for it in a very real sense.  They are living their dream, come what may [the big red “X”?].  Doesn’t matter who you are, what you look like, or where you come from.  On stage, you’re all equal under the lights.  That’s pretty great to me.)


You remember the names from last night — TNC Elite, Illusionist Brett Daniels, Gabe Rocks, Aeon, Breena Bell, Kevin Colis, Beth Ann Robinson, Gymkana, Kalani Basketball Freestyle, West Springfield Dance Team, Matt Wilhelm, and Powerhouse.

Were any your new favorite?  Any you don’t want to see again?  I know Piers has a few of those.

Oh, and a few YouTube sensations are slated for tonight, including Rebecca Black.  I actually just read an article on her about how she was bullied out of school.  That’s too bad.  Nobody deserves bullying.  Nobody.  That’s why I love these AGT stories about acts that experienced bullying but moved on to greatness.

Elimination 1

Gymkana and Powerhouse

This is an interesting pairing.  A no experience required group of acrobats and the inspiration for “Glee.”  Piers liked both of these groups.  Did America?  Piers said he wanted both groups to get through.  Unfortunately for him, it was only Gymkana. That’s a shame.  I’d have liked to have seen both again.  Go Gymkana. I look forward to seeing you again in the semis.


Okay, now a YouTube sensation of 70 million hits — “Chocolate Rain” by Tay Zonday.  Hmmm…haven’t seen him yet.  I guess I’m not one of the 70 million.  I may not be anytime soon.

Let’s see what’s going on in the Orville Lounge?  Ah, more product placement and popcorn eating.

Another YouTube sensation?  Keenan Cahill.  A lip syncher.  This might be something I’d check out on YouTube.  Who knows?

I’ll let you know after the break.


Nope.  Didn’t check out Keenan Cahill, but he still looks pretty cool.

OK Go was up next — another YouTube hit sensation.  This was the group with that treadmill video “Here It Goes Again.”  That was pretty cool, right?  I thought so, anyway.


Elimination 2

Matt Wilhelm, TNC Elite, AEON

Well, you have to figure that Matt Wilhelm will go through, right?  The other two acts got lukewarm judge responses.  Howie said he really like Matt and Aeon.  He didn’t seem shocked that these three were on stage together.  Let’s see who America picked.  And the act moving on?   Matt Wilhelm.  It had to be.  I really like this act and the look.  Oh, and did you hear him say that last week he was on his couch and this week he’s in the semis?  Well, keep chasing your dreams, folks.


Another YouTube.com sensation performs — Rebecca Black of “Friday” fame. She’s racked up a ton of hits on YouTube.  Goodness!  I wonder if that woman from a few seasons ago who wrote “Up In My Studio” would get those kinds of hits.


Elimination 3

Kalani Basketball Freestyle, Brett Daniels, Kevin Colis, and Breena Bell

Who is your pick from this group?  I thought a few of these acts were interesting. But in the end, it was Kevin Colis.  Probably the best pick out of this group.  I love that when they talk to this guy, he is so humble.  That, of all things, will make him not only a star, but a respected star.

Humility and fame?  I wish more stars would try it.  For now, I’ll stick with Steve Nash.


Hand Dance, Up and Over It, YouTube sensation was up next.  What a great act, right?  Is this the McDonald’s duo?  One of my older viewing partners just said, “I’d watch that on YouTube!”  I love when the generations bridge.

I can crack my fingers.  Do you think that would get a ton of hits?  Probably not. Hand dancing is probably more entertaining.


Elimination 4

The West Springfield Dance Team, Gabe Rocks, and Beth Ann Robinson.

This is the judges’ choice.  Who is your choice here?

The act leaving right now?  Gabe Rocks.  Piers was thrilled.  Now what do you do? Both remaining acts — Beth Ann Robinson and The West Springfield Dance Team — are very talented.  Is it finally time for a solo dance act to take it all the way?

What did the judges decide?  Piers had good things to say about both acts, but chose Beth Ann, saying he wanted to see more of her.  Sharon also had praise for both groups, but chose West Springfield.  It came down to Howie.  He chose Beth Ann.


So, there are your four from the YouTube acts:  Beth Ann Robinson, Kevin Colis, Matt Wilhelm, and Gymkana.

Next week, the wildcards — Landon Swank, The Kinetic King, Summerwind Skippers, Charles Peachock, Yellow Designs Stunt Team, J Chris Newberg, Those Funny Little People, Seth Grabel, The Fiddleheads, Avery and the Calico Hearts, and now, The West Springfield Dance Team.  (I think I missed one.  Let me know!)

Join us next week at Nobody’s View for the LIVE blog!  Until then, have a great week, and be sure to check back regularly for more opinion and inspiration (and that means I want to hear what you have to say, too!!!!!).


One response to “8/10/11 America’s Got Talent Season 6 Episode 21 is the YouTube Acts Reveal. Who Will Rocket Next from Obscurity to Stardom?

  1. The only wildcard act you forgot is Shevonne, a female singer previously eliminated in The vegas rounds

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