8/2/11 America’s Got Talent Season 6 Episode 18 is the Fourth Quarterfinal…Is Your Favorite in the Mix?


Welcome to the 8/2/11 America’s Got Talent fourth AGT quarterfinal.  There should be some interesting acts in this bunch.  For some, it’s been a while since their last performance.

Sharon Osbourne, Piers Morgan, Howie Mandel, and Nick Cannon will preside on this road to the AGT semis.  Is your favorite here tonight?

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(The usual disclosure: As you know, we are a site devoted to opinion, inspiration, civility, and tolerance.  So, why this weekly ritual with AGT?  Well, first, it’s our guilty pleasure [life can’t always be so serious], and second, it fits right into one of our pillars: inspiration.  America’s Got Talent features folks who are going for it in a very real sense.  They are living their dream, come what may [the big red “X”?].  Doesn’t matter who you are, what you look like, or where you come from.  On stage, you’re all equal under the lights.  That’s pretty great to me.)

Let’s do it!


Nick Cannon made his entrance on a giant platform with American colors draped over it.  Then, the montage of acts showed up.  Some are like relatives you haven’t seen in a while or a good friend at a reunion.

It’s been a while.

Oh, and the thing that Cannon was standing on sort of crashed.  That was sort of funny.

Sort of.

The stage was set up for an interesting act.  Two days and two nights to set up? The Kinetic King is going for a record!  I really like this guy.  Talk about being in the spirit of Nobody’s View!  He is living his very own Kinetic dream, baby!  He says that tonight is his biggest one ever.  He said he’d been awake for around 40 hours setting up his act.  I hope hope hope it all goes well for The Kinetic King. His act started with Europe’s “The Final Countdown” and then…well…it didn’t work so well.  I don’t cry too often, but I have to say that tonight, I was close to tears!  Not really.  But I did feel for this guy.  The sticks got stuck!  No!  Kinetic King, let me just say that for what it’s worth (not much), you have my respect, no matter how it went.  And how you faced Piers?  Well, you proved that you have the sense of humor to make it in the show biz.  And who knows?  As you say you could “bring out the nerd vote.”

Good luck, Kinetic King!


We’re back with Zuma Zuma, the incredible acrobatic act from Kenya.  They say they are working hard to help their friends and family back home.  As Piers said, “they came from nowhere.”  I really like this act, and am happy to see them again.  They say they are pushing it tonight with new danger.  Uh oh.  Luckily it went off without a hitch.  These guys really look “Vegas” — crowd-pleasing and full of energy.  Sharon Osbourne loved it, as did Howie, although he questioned the wisdom of leaping from pole to pole with one’s legs!  As for Piers?  He said he loved these men on a pole.

You guys could certainly be the new face of Mazda — Zuma Zuma!


Next up?  Avery and the Calico Hearts.  Young and happy to be on stage.  They say they’re happy to be in Hollywood, home of stars like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.  Ummm.  Anyway, Avery and her friends certainly have a lot of spunk.  I’m sure the Disney Channel has already contacted their brand new agent.  Piers offered a criticism saying it might be too early for them.  Is he right in your opinion?  Wrong?  Someone in the audience yelled “you’re wrong!”  Ha! I guess Nickelodeon, Disney, and 5-10 year-olds will decide.

Just like they did with Bieber and Gomez.


Next on stage is Charles Peachock — juggler extraordinaire.  Peachock says he’s “married to juggling.”  Indeed.  Then again, that’s probably why he’s there and I’m blogging about it.  He says tonight is a new direction that is eight years in the making.  He got a quick buzz, but then it really started and it was…INCREDIBLE!  To say the least.  Shame on Howie and Sharon.  What he did with those tennis balls was “astounding” according to one of my viewing partners.  Sharon said it was too slow to start.  Too slow?  He’s playing piano with tennis balls!  TENNIS BALLS!  Oh, man.  I think there’s a point where we take “upping it to the next level” too far.  Yes he set himself on fire before, but today he played a piano with tennis balls in time with background music.

But what do I know?


And then there was Sam B.  Need I type more?  Well, I will anyway.  This guy is…unique.  So unique that one of my viewing partners took the dog out for this act.  Not me.  I like this guy.  I like his spunk.  I love that he is just right there with what he does.  Good for you, Sam B.  He came on stage.  The lights started up.  All mayhem broke loose.  Then, Piers gave the obligatory “X.”  Then the rest is kind of a blur.  I notice he now has a logo.  Brand yourself, Sam B.  Sharon called him a “guilty pleasure” and Howie said he loved him.  He didn’t love a guy who spent eight years learning to play a piano, but this?  Don’t get me wrong, B, you’re quite a success story!  But I’m just not sure about the semis.

And, I’m not so sure Disney Channel will be calling.  Let me know if they do.


The next act is Taylor Davis.  He’s a retail clerk with a big dream.  He started playing guitar at 12, and is a natural.  When I see him, I just see him.  He seems very genuine.  Piers was quick on the “X” and my initial guess is it had something to do with the song choice.  None of my viewing partners thought it really suited him.  I think it had something to do with nerves as well.  Sharon agreed with my viewing group…wrong song.  But she complimented his voice range.  I agree.  He really does have a nice sound.  Howie said there wasn’t a “wow” to it.  Do you agree?

Melissa Villasenor was next.  I loved her initial audition.  She started with Drew Barrymore tonight.  Not the best impression.  She followed with Owen Wilson. Not great.  I wasn’t as impressed with these impressions as with my first impression.  Did that make sense?  Then again, I’d probably still pay to see her for a night.  She has a lot of talent, for sure.

I just don’t think I’d mistake her for Drew Barrymore.


I just ate the softest, chocolate-iest oatmeal cookie from a local bakery.  Yum. Oh, and there was a fresh-baked cherry square in there, too.

Then, it was on to Scott Alexander, magician, father, and AGT quarterfinalist. He says that tonight, he is producing a precise show.  Well, it was precise and musical.  Very clever act to combine the singers and the illusion.  Piers really went for it, and Sharon liked it.  Howie?  Well, he was a little lukewarm on it.  I rather enjoyed the show!

It wasn’t magic gospel, but it was very entertaining.


Fatally Unique dance team was next up.  This is the crew that saw one of their members fall and crack her face on the stage in Vegas.  But the rose above that and made it to Hollywood.  I love stories like that.  Their act tonight was about being in “battle” and that is truly the AGT quarters, right?  They have amazing timing and energy.  Piers agreed.  (With me?  No way!)  I think they have a chance to move on.

I’ll celebrate with another oatmeal cookie.


Extreme bikers Yellow Designs Stunt Team came up next.  We were treated to a glimpse of their injuries.  Nice.  Thanks AGT.  Hopefully no new ones are added tonight.  I loved the Alice in Wonderland theme.  It was better than the movie. There was one mishap, but they recovered.  Even Piers thought the recovery meant more than the fall.  Sharon agreed.  Howie as well.  It really had a good production value.

I’ll probably just stick to my mountain bike on paved roads where a fall is a boo-boo, and an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie makes it all better.


Up next?  Frank Miles.  This guy is crazy with the juggling!  He juggled tasers for goodness sake!  He says he risks his life because he knows, literally, what it was like to die.  Tonight was crossbows and a very daring act.  I must say, his assistant was quite brave when he shot the bow at her.  But then Frank…well, he fired a crossbow at himself.  Or, that is to say, at a doughnut…which it missed. But still, just to stand there is incredible.

Would this be the first time that an un-punctured jelly doughnut killed a dream? We’ll have to wait and see what America decides.


The last act was one we’ve all (in my viewing group) been waiting for.  Team iLuminate.  This is a great act that merges dance with light.  The lead architect for this group is a cancer survivor and dancer, and inspired.  Stirrings of Fighting Gravity.  Awesome.  Even Piers was standing.  Here me now, Team iLuminate: Proceed directly to Vegas, do not pass Go, do not collect 200.  Truly amazing.  Do you think it’s the next million dollar act?  The judges seem to think so.  And I’m sure some hotel in Vegas will think so.

Better yet, team up Team iLuminate with Fighting Gravity, give ’em a dark theater somewhere on the strip, and watch the tickets sell.

So there they are, your 12 acts:

The Kinetic King, Zuma Zuma, Avery and the Calico Hearts, Charles Peachock, Sam B, Taylor Davis, Melissa Villasenor, Scott Alexander, Fatally Unique, Yellow Designs Stunt Team, Frank Miles, Team iLuminate.

Who was your favorite?

Join us here tomorrow, LIVE, at 8pm in the Midwest, for the AGT reveal.

See you then!


6 responses to “8/2/11 America’s Got Talent Season 6 Episode 18 is the Fourth Quarterfinal…Is Your Favorite in the Mix?

  1. Francine Jones

    Every single night there is an episode on AGT – it will say “live” and then when it starts airing I realize I’ve ALREADY seen that episode “live.” This show has become confusing and I’m quickly losing interest because I never know which night to watch to TRULY see the show LIVE.

    • @FRANCINE: I hear you. If you are a regular here at Nobody’s View, you know that I have to say “8pm in the West!” or something like that (tonight is “8pm in the Midwest”). I blog it “live” for me in my time zone, but then realize that it might not be the same for everyone. I don’t know! Ugh! And they do replay episodes, although I’m not sure they advertise those as live. Right now, all I know is that on Tue/Wed, there are quarterfinal shows. Once the semis roll around, I can’t remember how it works. But each week, when they get to the end of a truly “live” show, listen close. They’ll tell you when the next one is. Thanks for your thoughts, Francine. I’m sure you’re not alone!

  2. Same here!!! I’m tired of trying to find a “Live” show when it says “Live”. I’m ready to spend Tues. and Weds. nights doing something else besides frustrating myself hunting for a show that isn’t there!!!!

    • @LYN: Thanks for the comment! I told @FRANCINE she wasn’t alone. I can’t say as I’ve noticed the problem to the extent you two have, but again, since I blog it, I have to be up on it. Like I told @FRANCINE, listen close at the end of the show and they should tell you when the next one is. You two now have me wondering about how big a problem this really is…hmmm….

  3. This message is for Piers. It doesn’t bother me that you are often rude to the contestants, at this point they are looking for CONSTRUCTIVE critism, and I accept that you are incapable of providing that. BUT what I find extremely juvienile and unbecoming from a man that also represents CNN, is your constant berating Howie. It is beneath you and you sound so childish.

    I don’t care what he does to you in your dressing room (in fact I think it is funny) but you seem constipated by always being annoyed. Get over yourself and laugh at Howie’s antics. For one thing, if he doesn’t irritate you he will probably stop.

    But your background is journalism, Sharon’s is music promotion and Howie’s is entertainment. Why you think YOUR opinion should matter more than the others is beyond me. I can only assume that you think your opinions are superior because you are arrogant and under the illusion that your analysis of talent is superior to the other judges who DO have skills in the entertainment field.

    Basically, I’m writing to let you know that your constant disparaging remarks to Howie are not having your desired affect of making you look superior…just the opposite, they make you look childish and egotistical. So stop it.

    • @PIXIE: Nobody’s View is not in any way associated with America’s Got Talent or NBC. However, I welcome your opinion. I think a lot of the reason the judging panel is composed the way it is is because NBC wants that tension between them all. Sharon is definitely the sweet vanilla creme in the middle of Howie and Piers! I’m guessing there’s a good reason why she sits where she sits.

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