7/19/11 America’s Got Talent Season 6 Episode 15 is the Second Quarterfinals Show — Who Will Win Over America Tonight to Join Last Week’s Big Four?

In last week’s America’s Got Talent first quarterfinals reveal, Anna Graceman, Snap Boogie, Sandou Trio Russian Bar, and The Miami All Stars made it to the AGT semi-finals.

Who will it be this week?  Well, we’ll have to wait for tomorrow, but in the meantime, we get to see the next 12 acts.

Welcome to the LIVE 7/19/11 America’s Got Talent blog at Nobody’s View.  It’s the second quarterfinals show.  Howie Mandel, Sharon Osbourne, Piers Morgan, and Nick Cannon will show us the way –if only they were on my blog!  Who knows?  Maybe one of ’em will join us here…even if we are Nobody!

But then again, you absolutely don’t have to be a somebody to enjoy Nobody’s View.  Welcome to the place where what you think matters, even if you don’t have agents, TV shows, fame, fortune, and a manager to take care of it all. Feel free to leave a comment or a good thought!

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(The usual disclosure: As you know, we are a site devoted to opinion, inspiration, civility, and tolerance.  So, why this weekly ritual with AGT?  Well, first, it’s our guilty pleasure [life can’t always be so serious], and second, it fits right into one of our pillars: inspiration.  America’s Got Talent features folks who are going for it in a very real sense.  They are living their dream, come what may [the big red “X”?].  Doesn’t matter who you are, what you look like, or where you come from.  On stage, you’re all equal under the lights.  That’s pretty great to me.)

Alright, enough blog-commercial-type stuff (did you notice I don’t have ads all over the place?  You can re-pay me by subscribing!).  Or not.

Enough of my yammering.  Let’s get going with the talent, shall we?


So, the initial intro mish-mash had a shot of Squonk Opera.  Love it!

Anyway, tonight is going to feature some great acts.  There’s a nice potpourri coming our way this evening, I have to say.  Do you agree?  Who’s your pick? Lemme know!  (But don’t lemme know that “lemme” is not a word.  I know.)

First up tonight?  A stepping group – Attack Dance Crew.  Their dream?  To make it from Tallahassee to Vegas.  They came out tonight in their best glow outfits.    Would they “step” it up?  To the untrained eye (me, by the way), Attack Dance Crew nailed it.  Piers Morgan was the first to judge.  He said he wasn’t too keen on the whole performance.  He wanted tighter and more choreography, less big jumps.  That’s probably fair.  Sharon agreed that the choreography wasn’t “spectacular.”  And Howie?  Well, he says it still looks like cheerleading.  What’s your take?


So, during the break, I had one of those coconut patties from Florida…the ones you can get at the airport or a gift shop (or Cracker Barrel oddly enough).  Love those.  LOVE them!

Anyway, the next act, Dani Shay, really impressed with her Justin Bieber-ish thing on her first show.  In Vegas, she caught a break after forgetting the lyrics (isn’t that another show?) and moved on to the AGT quarters.  I’m glad.  What does she have now on the live show?  When she started up with David Gray’s “Babylon,” well good lord…love it!  Not as much as those tasty coconut patties, but love it.  It’s in a category for me with Freedy Johnston’s “Bad Reputation.” Heard that song?  Hear it here on YouTube (thanks Freedy!).  Anyway, Sharon loved Dani Shay.  As for Howie and Piers?  Well, they didn’t dislike her…and they didn’t love her song choice, maybe thinking it wouldn’t be “popular.”  Dani?  Welcome to Nobody’s View.  You have a message.  You have a passion.  You already know how to succeed, no matter what the judges say.  Even if you don’t win America’s Got Talent, you can still do the thing you have set out to do in this live.  Try “Bad Reputation”…it’s fun to play and sing.

Then, have a coconut patty.


All good and Freedy Johnston-ed?  Good.  Let’s get back to it with Geechy Guy.  I love this guy.  I think I’ve seen him before…years ago.  Something about him is familiar.  Piers thinks he’s “annoying.”  Jeez…now I like him double.  Do you suppose he’ll have backup dancers?  Probably not.  Wait…he did.  I swear I didn’t know that before I just typed that…they were dressed as whoopee cushions, but still…. Anyway, his set made me smile.  I love one-liners.  But are smiles enough? Maybe not for AGT, but I’d see him.  Piers definitely wouldn’t, but okay.  Sharon was a bit more diplomatic.  Suffice it to say the word “silly” came up often.  In the end, Geechy Guy gave a helluva zinger to Piers, and that alone would get my vote.

Did your TV get REALLY loud as AGT transitioned to that Kayak.com commercial?  Mine did.


The next act?  Daniel Joseph Baker.  Yes!  Love his talent.  Love his story.  He performed alone in his house and was bullied, but never ever gave up.  Welcome to Nobody’s View, Daniel Joseph Baker.  Thank you for doing what you do. Daniel said in his spot that he was going to turn up the “fierceness.”  Will America go for it?  Tonight he had backup dancers and gave himself permission to leave the piano and really take it to the crowd.  I liked it, but then again, I like his act. When Piers questioned him, Daniel was fierce, yet humble.  And Piers called him “naturally entertaining.”  Yes.  That’s a good way to describe it, Piers.  Natural. Sharon echoed it and added “star.”  As for Howie?  He called him “Lady Guy Guy.”  Ha!  E’nuf said, Howie.

Daniel thanked his family for his fierce attitude.  Vote for Daniel Joseph Baker because of that (not only because of that, but…still…).


Next?  The Rhinestone Ropers.  Another of those acts I may have to cover my eyes for (are you hearing this Shannon from Duo Aero?  By the way, keep us posted on your comment on last week’s AGT blog here at Nobody’s View!  And let me know about that on-blog interview!).  Anyway, back to The Rhinestone Ropers.  For their first act, the horse picked up a hat.  Nice.  Next, the horse took off a blanket from its back.  Interesting.  Then, the horse bumped the lead in the butt.  Finally, the lasso came out.  It was a fine act, but…I’m not sure what America is going to think.  Apparently, the horse (Lucky Joe) had an accident on stage (which might get a few extra votes!).  At any rate, Sharon said it “wasn’t exciting” and was too much like a “birthday” act.  Is she right?  Well, it’s not guns and knives.  Howie agreed with Sharon.  Piers was harsh.  Really harsh.  The horse registered its opinion on the criticism.  What’s yours?


Dylan Andre was up next.  Well, he certainly has the right name to win the show. He says his mother is his inspiration — his mother who never signed her music contract opportunity.  You’ve only been singing a year Dylan?  Go for it anyway. His performance was understated — a man, a guitar, a black-and-white background, and some smoke on the floor.  Sometimes simplicity is best, and Dylan Andre certainly proved that.  Now, was it a knock-out, incredible performance?  Well, it wasn’t perfect.  But for a guy only goin’ on a year?  Really good.  The judges were lukewarm, but of course, Sharon gave the best criticism — it was a “nice” performance, she said, but there was an element of holding back.  I’m not a betting man, but I’d say Dylan Andre will take that criticism to heart, and then take it on the road to success.

It’s Nobody’s View, Dylan.  We believe in success no matter what the somebodies say.


Landon Swank was up next.  Brilliant illusionist — especially with the balloon act in Vegas.  During his intro, he admitted that he had been having prop issues…wasn’t even sure he’d be able to perform.  But he did.  Nick Cannon signed both sides of a mirror and the illusion was on.  Landon actually walked through the solid mirror.  Pretty great act!  I’d like to see 90 minutes of it.  Who knows?  My next time in Vegas, I might get that chance.  Now, as for walking through a mirror?  That’s probably something I’ll never get a chance to do.


When AGT came back it was time for another eye-closer — Smage Brothers Riding Shows — two guys with motorcycles and their assistant…the most trusting guy in the world, with a job I’d never want.  In other words, I’d never want to be the guy who is looking up at a motorcycle.  I don’t know what they pay that dude, but I’ll put it this way — if they give him all million bucks, it won’t be enough. Literally, my hat’s off to you buddy (if you saw the end of their act, that’s funny. Right?  Maybe not…).  Good job Smage Brothers.


Aaaaaaand, we’re back.

Up next?  A juggler, Thomas John.  This guy was good his first time out.  He wants to be the cutting edge of comedy-juggling.  Is that a genre?  It might be now.  The act started with a juggling pin cannon started up by…yes…Nick Cannon.  The judge-oriented bobbleheads in the background were a nice touch. He capped it all off with a high-balancing juggling act that didn’t have the greatest timing.  Was it the best show going?  I’m not sure it was as great as his initial performance, but he still has a good act.  He’s entertaining.  And that’s certainly worth something.


Next on the stage?  A male pole dancer, Steven Retchless.  He pole dances on subways.  He teaches in a studio.  He says it’s like a “contact sport.”  Now, he’s performing for millions.  His Lady Gaga-esque start built the anticipation.  And I have to admit, his acrobatics and artistry were impressive…even with the Piers Morgan buzz hanging over his head.  The chorus of boos from the audience and Sharon was delicious.  Then, Howie’s squirt with the water gun.  Ahhh.  Retchless was bleeding at the end of his act.  I’d say he worked hard for his votes.



I keep hoping “Outsourced” will show up in the commercial teasers, but alas. Let’s have a moment of silence for that departed, and wonderful, show…

Anyway, back to AGT and Mona Lisa, our next singing act.  In their prep, they said they are working on a dream with nothing but a prayer.  But they are giving it absolutely everything in their lives to come out of nowhere.  And therefore? Another Nobody’s View sentimental favorite.  Their voices are really nice and they can put on a good act.  I think they definitely have a chance to make a name for themselves.  The question is, can they compete with the Smage motorcycle madness and acts like that?  On this show, yes.  In life, they just need to fulfill their personal dreams.  That’s certainly possible.


The final act of the night?  Silhouettes.  I love this act.  Forty-two performers (including a three-year-old).  They work in shadows and light and it really is a great effect.  They made shadows of Mount Rushmore, Iwo Jima, The Capitol Building, the New York skyline, and the Statue of Liberty.  Hands down, the act of the night.  Absolutely hands down.  I can’t even do a convincing rabbit shadow with my hands.  Piers called it genius.  He’s absolutely right.  (I just said that?)  Sharon used the world “versatile” and she’s absolutely right as well.  Howie said “wow.”  Yep.  Get used to making shadows of Las Vegas landmarks, Silhouette.


The acts again?  Attack Dance Crew, Dani Shay, Geechy Guy, Daniel Joseph Baker, The Rhinestone Ropers, Dylan Andre, Landon Swank, Smage Bros. Riding Shows, Thomas John, Steven Retchless, Mona Lisa, and Silhouettes.

Who will it be?  Join us tomorrow for the reveal and the LIVE BLOG at Nobody’s View — 8pm in the West.


6 responses to “7/19/11 America’s Got Talent Season 6 Episode 15 is the Second Quarterfinals Show — Who Will Win Over America Tonight to Join Last Week’s Big Four?

  1. It depends on who’s performing. By the way, Anna Graceman is already a professional, as she has music for sale on itunes. Should she be allowed?

    • @MAC C: Good question. Sometimes I see people trying out for AGT whom I’ve seen before…comics and such. I don’t know what to make of it! Then again, if NBC is willing…
      Nobody’s View is about regular folks and the idea that everyone should have the opportunity to shoot for the stars, whether or not they have agents, contracts, fame, etc…If Anna Graceman can come out of obscurity to America’s Got Talent and iTunes, then I say “Go for it!” But again, your question is a good one, and brings up some interesting questions.

  2. It’s Shannon from Duo Aero again! I didn’t see your response to my first comment until just now – we’re in Montreal, training, visiting friends and participating in the circus festival that runs through the end of the month! I will talk to Samson about doing a Q&A style blog post with you…. it certainly sounds interesting! Now its just a matter of whether NBC is cool with the idea 🙂

    • @BLUEPHOENIXCIRCUS: Hi Shannon. Welcome back! Sounds like you and Samson are really busy. I’m glad. I’ll be in Canada soon, as well. If the festival is televised, maybe I’ll get a chance to see it. Let me know about the Q&A when you can. I understand that in some ways you are probably still bound to NBC, so I understand if it’s not possible. I don’t want anyone to get in trouble! Keep flyin’ high and for goodness sake, stay safe!

  3. Piers Morgan took advantage of the horse act Rhinestone Ropers on America’s Got Talent. Piers Morgan should lose his television shows. Piers Morgan used to be annoying but we would listen to his critiques on America’s Got Talent, but now Piers has so degraded our opinion of him by his gross and heartless attacks on the horse performers we absolutely do not respect him and will not watch him. And, you can tell him so. I very rarely write in comments on a blog, but Piers Morgan’s attitude and despicable behavior led me feel that he was so arrogant and rude, for no reason, that I had to let people know. Piers Morgan is too angry, cruel, and spiteful and should be removed from working in the media. All anyone has to do is watch America’s Got Talent, with Piers Morgan insulting and degrading the horse act, Rhinestone Ropers and they will agree 100%. You can repeat any portion of this comment in your own blog or website

    • @PERI: Thank you for your comment and your opinion. I am in no way associated with the show and have no connection to America’s Got Talent other than being a fan. I do watch and I do know that others have strong opinions about the show and its judges. I think your opinion on this particular situation is what makes the show so compelling. AGT’s drama is so much centered around our connection to the acts and how they are received by both the judges and America. We become invested and we become angry or happy. I appreciate you sharing with us here.

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