6/22/11 America’s Got Talent Season 6 Episode 7 Brings More Talent, More Possibility…and Frank Sinatra?

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(The usual disclosure: As you know, we are a site devoted to opinion, inspiration, civility, and tolerance.  So, why this weekly ritual with AGT?  Well, first, it’s our guilty pleasure [life can’t always be so serious], and second, it fits right into one of our pillars: inspiration.  America’s Got Talent features folks who are going for it in a very real sense.  They are living their dream, come what may [the big red “X”?].  Doesn’t matter who you are, what you look like, or where you come from.  On stage, you’re all equal under the lights.  That’s pretty great to me.)



Really ready?

Really ready for America’s Got Talent in the mother of all cities?  That’s right.  AGT is in NYC…

Sharon Osbourne, Howie Mandel, Piers Morgan, and Nick Cannon are back to see what other talents America has to offer.

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Alright, enough talk.  More type.  Let’s get to it.

So, withing one minute of the show starting, there was a picture of Piers Morgan, looking angry, standing tall in front of a skyline.  Ugh.  At least Howie Mandel came in in a big giant ball.

First up tonight is Triple Threat — singing, acting, and dancing.  They all met at a theme park onstage.  Nice.  I wanna work at a theme park.  I’ll have to look into that.  Anyway, I love Broadway stuff, so this is nice to see…of course, they haven’t started yet…hang on…here they go…Sharon was quick on the buzzer.  The crowd was quick on the booing.  Piers was quick on the grimace.  Apparently, there was a lot more to the act, but it was still three on the “no.”

Next?  Well, next was a triple “X” montage, including a pie eating…champ is it?  Then the Boston Typewriter Orchestra — let’s just say they hit the “X” key a lot.  The Parrot Wizard obviously didn’t match up to the other bird talents of past shows who set the bar pretty high.

Coming up…Nick Cannon pole dancing?


Alright, back in New York!  John Pizzi put Nick to work as a dog (really).

Then, it was on to a dancer from Boston, Mass, Snap Boogie.  Snap Boogie is a street performer, and he does it to help pay his mom’s bills.  I like this story already.  Clearly, dancing is his ultimate passion.  He can certainly do some amazing things.  He seemed to defy gravity at one point…multiple points, actually.  Even Mr. Morgan cracked a smile.  The judges gave high praise and sent Snap Boogie to the streets of Las Vegas.



Yes, I just turned to Man vs. Food with Adam Richman for a second.  Check it out over at the Travel Channel.  He was eating big pancakes in Hawaii.  BIG!  As big as a toilet seat.  I’m not joking.  I mean, I like pancakes, but I can’t say as I like them that much.  Luckily, America’s Got Talent is pancake-free.  Speaking of which…

We’re back at AGT NYC.  Michael Turco was on stage with grand illusions.  He was quite the showman.  He made women appear from boxes all over the stage.  That seemed to be popular with Nick.  And the audience, by the way.  He’s headed to magician paradise, Vegas.

Sword swallower Riley Schillaci was up next.  She said she is one of very few female sword swallowers in the world.  Let me know how it goes.  I’m going to look away…agh!  I wasn’t quick enough to not see the drumstick.  Okay, I’m back watching now.  Three No-s.  I sort of predicted that when my back was turned.


Back on Man vs. Food it was Chicago!  Nice!  I hear they have good beef sandwiches there.

But back to AGT in New York.  A dancer was up next, Steven Retchless.  A guy.  With silver paint.  And high heels.  And shorts.  Very short shorts.  Shorter than you can imagine right now.  He’s a pole dancer apparently.  Actually, I have to say this guy is pretty talented.  He reminded me of those wall dancers from last season — if they were covered in silver paint and danced on a pole instead of a wall…and if they wore heels.  You go, Steven Retchless.  (Nick Cannon just said that talent is talent whether you have on high heels or not.  Bravo, Nick.  Come join us here at Nobody’s View!)  Piers “didn’t get it.”  Sharon said “yes.”  As for Howie?  “Yes.”  On to the Vegas poles, Steven Retchless.  But hold the phone.  Nick Cannon came out for some dancing.  On the pole.  Luckily with clothes on.  On the bright side, no one buzzed him.


The Human Knot was first after the break.  Human Knot?  Not.  Squonk Opera was even weirder.

An amped up, supercharged pianist named ELEW took the stage.  Wild.  Disciplined.  Interesting.  Sweet Home Alabama never sounded so awesome…on piano.  Jimmy Hendrix meets Beethoven as ELEW says.  I cannot — absolutely CANNOT — wait to see this guy again.  Piers called him a genius.  Genius indeed.


The last act of Season 6 Episode 7 was a car washer with a dream to sing.  His name was Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr.  He complimented Howie on his “Bobby” sketch and took criticism from Piers for chewing gum.  When he opened his mouth, there was the Rat Pack.  There was the Chairman of the Board Frank Sinatra.  There was the booming voice of greatness.  Raw, untrained, and natural.  Don’t chew gum next time, Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr.  You’ll go far.  This was Landau Murphy’s first audition?  Goodness.  There will be more to come.  Howie just said he’s changed his whole life?  Indeed.  See you in Vegas, Landau Murphy.  Probably in a show of your very own.

AGT Season 6 Episode 7 is in the books.

I thought we were in for another “new” episode, but it seems it’s a Seattle repeat.  Fine.  No worries.  We’ll keep our count at AGT Season 6 Episode 7.  Join us next time for AGT Episode 8!


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