6/21/11 America’s Got Talent Season 6 Episode 6 Sees the Talent, and the Howie Mandel Piers Morgan Bickering, Roll On…

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(The usual disclosure: As you know, we are a site devoted to opinion, inspiration, civility, and tolerance.  So, why this weekly ritual with AGT?  Well, first, it’s our guilty pleasure [life can’t always be so serious], and second, it fits right into one of our pillars: inspiration.  America’s Got Talent features folks who are going for it in a very real sense.  They are living their dream, come what may [the big red “X”?].  Doesn’t matter who you are, what you look like, or where you come from.  On stage, you’re all equal under the lights.  That’s pretty great to me.)

This Tuesday, 6/21/11, is America’s Got Talent Season 6 Episode 6.

Howie Mandel and Piers Morgan bicker.  Sharon Osbourne laughs at them.  Nick Cannon is still be in the middle of it all.

Who will be tonight’s big talent on AGT?  Welcome to the live America’s Got Talent blog at Nobody’s View!


Tonight, Piers, Sharon, Howie, and Nick head south as we find AGT in Atlanta, Georgia.

I wanna travel the US looking for talent!

First up was Hershae Chocolatae with, well…I’m not sure what, but it sure was interesting.  It started in a long dress and ended with some kind of scantily-clad homage to the ’70s.  Made me (and the audience) a little nostalgic for the days of disco.  Sharon and Howie dogpiled Piers for his grim outlook on Hershae Chocolatae.  But Howie and Sharon?  Yes x 2.  See you in Vegas Chocolatae.

The Summerwind Skippers jump rope team lit it up with their pumped up schoolyard acrobatics…on to Vegas.

The Fiddleheads, a bluegrass band, had a great sound.  I’d like to see them in concert.  Luckily, they’re moving on and I’ll see them again.

DJ Face, a 6-year-old…well…DJ…got his chance to DJ with Nick Cannon.  Soon, DJ Face will show his Face in Vegas.

Right before the break, there was a teaser for a guy with a coat hanger.  Uh oh.


After the break, it was a dance group with focus — dancers have to maintain a certain GPA to dance.  Their style is called drilling and the group’s name is Attack Dance Crew.  The dancing was great.  I’m not sure they needed the Justin Bieber “Baby” tune to get the crowd on their side.  They did just fine on their own.  Although, Howie calling it “cheerleading” didn’t go over too well.  Then, Piers called Howie “stupid.”  Ouch.  Sharon needed some convincing, and in the end, it was on to Vegas.  Good job Attack Dance Crew — your biggest fan is Piers Morgan.  That’s rare.


The Atlanta skyline greeted us on our return, as did a person in some kind of odd body sock that looked like Silly Putty…it was Joseph Ravens, and it was bizarre.  Sort of like a stomach emptying its contents.

Things didn’t get much better after the the Joseph Ravens stomach thing.  I won’t go through the list of names…you can just watch it at NBC.com and see for yourself.  Actually, Mr. Shake It Up! wasn’t too terrible…for a terrible dancer.

Finally, Mr. Orville Redenbacher and the “Auditions That Popped” gave us a brief reprieve.

Now, I’m off to the kitchen for a reprieve of my own.


Captain Stab-Tuggo and Madam Maybelle took the stage to chase their dream…the dream of body piercing and side-show antics.  The Captain and Maybelle gave us a treat with a coat hanger…a hanger that the Captain swallowed…followed by a blade with chains hanging off the end…with bricks at the end of the chains.  Argh.  How did it all end?  Probably with some kind of stomach ulcer, but also a “yes” from Piers, and it was on to Vegas.  See you there Captain and Maybelle.  Please leave the coat hangers and block-chain-blades at home.


Necessary Diva brought us back to AGT reality with a ticket to Vegas.

Armand and Angelina came together to create Popera.  They spent a few minutes talking about their love.  Their great love.  Their enduring, unending love.  Then, they got on stage to sing.  They did a rock opera.  About love.  Great love.  Enduring, unending love.  Howie called it ridiculously wonderful.  The audience didn’t seem to agree.  I think they just thought it was ridiculous.  Nevertheless, Armand and Angelina will get to set up their cheesy “camp” in the Vegas playground.

Mmm…cheese.  It think I’ll head back to the kitchen.


In the last act, Anna Graceman, 11-years-old, of Juneau, Alaska sat under the lights and performed Alicia Keys’ “If I Ain’t Got You.”  It was like watching a young Carole King.  Anna Graceman answered questions with grace, and her constant “thank yous” were no doubt endearing.  It was an easy job of judging, and Anna Graceman is off to Vegas to follow in Jackie Evancho’s footsteps.


There was some great talent in Atlanta.  Then, there was some great diversion.  Either way, there’s more coming tomorrow.

Join us!


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