Every Day is Father’s Day

I wrote a post about Father’s Day 2011 already.  But tonight, at a little family gathering, I looked through some pictures with my family.

There were all kinds of photos in there from decades long past…and with people long gone.  It’s funny how much I still remembered, though.  How much seems like it was yesterday.

There was a pic of me and my dad when I was probably around one year old.  Pretty great.  I took a pic of the pic on my phone so I could keep it with me.

I won’t wax TOO nostalgic on this Father’s Day 2011.  I already did that post.  I will simply say: thanks Dad.  Thanks for everything.  Thanks for the advice, the correction, and the guidance, and the unending support.

It didn’t go to waste…at least, I hope it didn’t!

As I go through life, I will try my best to continue to make you proud.  If I fall short, I know that, in your eyes, it won’t be seen as such.

Tomorrow is just another Monday…a day like any other.  It won’t be Father’s Day anymore.  But in my heart, it will always be Father’s Day.


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