Rise Seven Times, Fall Seven Times…

I once heard someone say that in each life we rise seven times and fall seven times.

It’s interesting how each fall often feels like one of the big ones, right?  “Negative” experiences are usually magnified, and their shadow often eclipses the positives.

But what if we could turn each “negative” into a “positive”?  In other words, what if we could take the very lowest point in life and turn it into an opportunity to really shine, overcome, and rise above?

I know that likely sounds silly, but think about it.  When you get all the way down to the bottom, what other choice do you have?  Honestly.  What are the range of options?

I won’t list them out here.

But I just want to submit this for consideration: when you see the empty vessel not as empty, but receptive for anything, you put yourself in to the position of power.  You give yourself permission to fill your life with new experiences.

I know, I know.  Yawn.  Cliche.  Whatever.

So sue me.

(Don’t sue me.)

Just think about it, okay?  Consider it.  Consider that there is opportunity even when you can’t see it.  Consider that this fall may not be one of the “Big Bad Sevens” and that maybe, just maybe, it’s a gateway to one of the “Big Bold Sevens.”

And hey, if it’s the former, then look at it this way: you’re getting it out of the way and making room for something better.

That’s all for now.  Let’s all go and chew on this…seven times.


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