6/14/11 America’s Got Talent Season 6 Episode 5 — Is the Next Big Star Here?

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Welcome to the 6/14/11 America’s Got Talent Season 6 Episode 5 live blog!  Tonight’s AGT will once again feature Howie Mandel, Sharon Osbourne, Piers Morgan, and Nick Cannon.

The NBC America’s Got Talent teasers also suggest it’ll be a night dominated by kids.  Is the next talent here?

(The usual disclosure: As you know, we are a site devoted to opinion, inspiration, civility, and tolerance.  So, why this weekly ritual with AGT?  Well, first, it’s our guilty pleasure [life can’t always be so serious], and second, it fits right into one of our pillars: inspiration.  America’s Got Talent features folks who are going for it in a very real sense.  They are living their dream, come what may [the big red “X”?].  Doesn’t matter who you are, what you look like, or where you come from.  On stage, you’re all equal under the lights.  That’s pretty great to me.)

The show opened with a shot of Monument Valley…I guess that’s some kind of homage to summer and heat.  Interesting.

Then, there was the obligatory “accident-on-stage” teaser.  Also interesting.

Let’s see what tonight has to offer.

The search tonight returned to Seattle, Washington.  Yes, we got to re-live the Space Needle, but we also got to re-live some of the great buzzers from the last show.  Can’t go wrong with that!

Sharon called Seattle “one of the coolest cities in America,” and I have to say, when I visited Seattle years ago, it was pretty cool.

Tonight’s first act was Brian Jackson of Oklahoma.  He claimed that his act was quite dangerous and that he was intent on breaking a record tonight.  He blows up hot water bottles until they explode…Piers Morgan looked like he wanted to explode.  Jackson enlisted Howie Mandel’s help with the stopwatch.  On the count of 3 three, the bottles began to fill…and it didn’t take long for Piers to buzz.  Jackson fell short, and he looked like he was going to pass out…especially when Piers called it “pointless.”

No hot water bottles in Vegas.

Buffo, the comedy priest, did not get the blessings of the judges.

Kimo Presents Madonna had an interesting hook (presenting Madonna’s life in 20 minutes), but three “NOs” and that was it.

Robo the comedian wheeled out on stage and was greeted by a chorus of X’s (sorry, computer freaks, no “Os”).

Oh, by the way, Jackson finally blew up the balloon.  Thank goodness, because the commercials are here.  Lord knows I’d never make it through them if I didn’t know the fate of that water bottle.


After the break, Fon Morcus got a buzz with his drums, then Marcos got the buzzers with his…well…I’m not sure what.  His aunt gave Piers a piece of her mind…not that Piers cared.

Alaska was up next with freestyle dance.  The audience didn’t really go for it.  Maybe they wanted something a little less…freestylin’.  Nick Cannon came out and encouraged the audience to learn to dance like Alaska.  I’m not sure it’ll catch on, but then again…


The promise of something interesting popped back on the screen after the break with comedian Geechy Guy, a one-liner revivalist.  He wasn’t bad.  He claims to be in the Guinness Book for telling jokes, and his standing ovation gives that a little credence.  By a vote of 2-1, it was on to Vegas with the shtick.

I’m glad because I like one-liners (like that last sentence).

Illumni Men’s Chorale brought a little funky class to the joint.  Their stylings will go to Vegas.

Soleil Rousseau, pole dancer from the firehouse, is also going to Vegas.

Seth Grabel, the acrobatic magician, is also moving on.  I have to say, his show has a shot at a standing theater in Vegas…it’s just weird enough to be a hit.


After commercial, Amadeus the dog played pool.  It was a “no” from Howie and Sharon and off he went with his balls.

A band of buddies with a huge dream came up next.  The BGP came on strong with a difficult song — Elton John’s “Benny and the Jets.”  Difficult.  Very difficult.  Very ambitious.  Talk about coming out swinging.  It was really pretty good.  Apparently BGP’s daughters like it as they charged onto stage.  Does that seal the deal for Vegas?  Yes.  I’m looking forward to their next visit.


We came back to see Nick Cannon catching fish.  How Seattle.

Three young hip-hop dancers (The Art of Teknique) burst out on stage.  They were clearly excited and hardly nervous.  Can I be that age again?  Now, I’m no expert in hip hop dancing, but they certainly seemed to be confident and talented at their craft.  The audience was on their feet and the kids were off to Vegas, looking every bit their little ages…and a little bit older.


As the crowds dwindled backstage, a Colorado realtor, Marylee, brought her song to stage.  She writes music for dead people.  Yup.  She says she wants to do what she wants to do in this life.  Amen.  She brought a song for Piers.  Yup.  Piers.  It was accompanied by a great montage of…well…Piersyness.  And got the standing ovation.  From Piers.  By a narrow margin of 2-1 (Piers was a “yes”), Marylee was back to Colorado.

So close!

Well, another week comes to a close.  But there’ll be more next week and hopefully, Nobody’s View will be here.


Just a note inspired by Marylee to my readers: I once got a piece of advice from a man who said, “You need to hope that the people who can help you have vision.”  What does that mean?  Well, it means live your dream, apply for that job, write that book, play that song…and, even if you don’t fit neatly into a mold, do it all anyway.  Pursue your dream and pray for vision…for yourself and from others.



2 responses to “6/14/11 America’s Got Talent Season 6 Episode 5 — Is the Next Big Star Here?

  1. it was great to be on the show .how ever i did not get to do my drumsolo.the way it het sepose to have been my drusolo is all in the dark with a one of a kind light show go to you tube and pres in my name fon morcus .and see for your selv

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