Tonight, Tuesday May 31, is the America’s Got Talent Season 6 Premiere! Welcome to the Live AGT Blog at Nobody’s View!

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Welcome to the Nobody’s View live blog (7pm in the West) for America’s Got Talent Season 6!

It’s our guilty pleasure here, and we don’t believe that life has to be all so serious.  Besides, this is a site for inspiration.  What better way to be inspired than by watching people give it their all for a once-in-a-lifetime shot at fame and a million bucks?

We’ll (do our best to) be here each week with the show to blog live.  Wanna comment?  Go for it.  Let’s talk.


It’s back on NBC folks.  Howie Mandel, Sharon Osbourne, and Piers Morgan will select the next million dollar talent.  Joining them will be Nick Cannon — in the unenviable position of the guy who often has to be the “volunteer.”

I got hooked on the show last year when I gave it a chance.  I thought it was the perfect complement to a blog about inspiration.  We try to give a lift here, and I figured hey, why not blog about people reaching for a dream?

Corny?  Oh yeah.  Fun?  Sure!

There’s so much that’s awful and acidic on the web.  Maybe for just one night a week in a long, hot summer we can give something else a try.

Tonight’s season premiere finds us in Los Angeles and Atlanta on the heels of Jackie Evancho, Fighting Gravity, and Michael Grimm from last season.  These folks did pretty well!  Who’ll be next?

Over the next few weeks, we’ll also see New York, Minneapolis, Houston, and Seattle.  That seems like a good distribution of cities!  I’m especially interested to see what comes out of Minneapolis.

Hey, I went to school there…what can I say?

Interesting…they just showed two separate clips of Piers Morgan smiling.  Wow.  Don’t use it all up in one episode, AGT.

Howie seemed especially pumped up, especially when talking about torturing Piers.  I guess that’ll be fun for all of us.  Sharon Osbourne asked Cannon about his new foray into fatherhood…she’s so motherly.

The first act was Frank Olivier, a 50-year-old unicycle juggler.  He seemed to be a bit nervous.  Of course.  The first act?  Not the most enviable position in the world.

No matter what, Frank, you have my respect.

Frank brought Howie onstage, and Howie looked more nervous than Frank.  Imagine the hysterics when Frank touched the germ-phobic Howie.

To his credit, Frank was pretty great.  He got a hand on Howie’s bare skin and he didn’t fall off the unicycle.  Way to go!

Piers brought everyone to their feet when he announced that ol’ Frank was now a favorite due to his Howie-baiting.

Howie?  Not so much.

Needless to say Frank is moving on.  You see?  Sometimes dreams aren’t about being incredible, but being just the right thorn in just the right side.

Hmm…that could be a whole other blog.

Alas, the first commercial break brings us to more corporate inanity.  Enjoy.  I’m going to get inspired at the fridge.


The Hollywood cavalcade rolls on…

Ryan Andreus is a 34-year old IT guy.  He says he abandoned music due to fear of rejection.  You know?  I write.  I know a little something about that.  I’m glad to see that he’s giving it a try.  Why not?  At the end of the day, he can always say he tried.

He told Sharon his dream was to make a living with his dream.  Love it.

Ryan took his seat at the piano, paused, and belted out an incredible rendition of Sarah McLaughlin’s Arms of the Angels.

Now, I don’t know this guy from Adam, but I’m proud of him.  It takes a lot of guts to display a talent and risk rejection.  A LOT of guts.  The risk?  You are who you were before.  The reward?  Well, Ryan got the reward…praise, then silence, from Piers Morgan, and a ticket to the next level.

Look folks.  Whatever you love, you have this moment and this shot.  Give it a try.  You can have a day job and a passion.  If they are one and the same, count your blessings.  If not?  Well, maybe that passion deserves a little more attention.


John Jacobson, music teacher, looked pretty psyched.  The guy is apparently a sensation with, as he says, over two million hits.  I just checked.  It’s actually over three million now.

Jacobson skewered his first contestant, using the word “annoying.”  Clearly YouTube hits are not a predictor of talent.

The “boo” montage featured a cowboy with lasso problems and a guy who demonstrated the farts of each of the judges.  To that guy’s credit, he did get a smile from Piers.  Not a fart, mind you, but a smile.


Landon Swank, magician, was up after the break.  His folding of a model was pretty impressive.  His praise from Piers?  More impressive.  As quickly as you could say abracadabra, Landon Swank was on to the next level.

The Body Poets filled in the gap that requires a popular dance crew.  I must say their light works were very interesting.  I’m not usually the person to go to for dance opinion, but I look forward to seeing them.

Brennan Figari danced on silk and moved on.  Olivia Bellafontaine did a burlesque show that impressed Howie and Piers and will be shaking her…burlesque in Vegas at the next level.

America’s Got Talent, folks the Baskin Robbins (31 flavors) of talent shows.


Debbie and Danny – Vegas Birds – put on a quite humorous display.  The last time I saw a bird show that impressive was at a place called Parrot Jungle in Florida.  I’m not counting the Enchanted Tiki Room at Disney, because those are mechanical.

Vegas Birds apparently has a ton of tricks up their sleeves.  I, for one, want to see the mind-reading birds.  Sounds intriguing.

Frank Miles, California juggler, took on the hobby to get over his fear of people.  Love that.  A passion helping a person get over his fear of…anything!  He now juggles stun guns.  Large stun guns.  500,000 volts each.  I guess he’s over his fears.

It was hard to watch…almost as hard as that guy last year who puts his face close to a circular saw.  I don’t do well watching stunts that have a ZERO fail rate.  I’m big on our mistakes making us stronger…not dead.

At any rate, we’ll see Frank Miles and his death juggling again in Vegas.  Maybe I’ll take a bathroom break during his act.


Udi Abagnali and his back-up dancers came on stage next.  They were buzzed off in record time, although Udi (and Nick Cannon) did attempt to make his 15 seconds of fame last longer.

He got 90.  Then he got buzzed.  Again.

Hey, you have to admit — the guy was brave enough to get buzzed twice.  And, he was savvy enough to get two back-up dancers.

I wonder how he’ll fare at the watercooler tomorrow.  I hope it’s as well as at the karaoke bar.

But probably not.

Before the break we were treated to the first installment of this year’s Orville Redenbacher plug.  Remember those?


Atlanta, Georgia was the next stop on the season premiere.  Same type of crowd in the theater.  Same loud crowd.  Different talent?  Let’s see.

Miami All-Stars Dancers brought a large group of teenage dance students on stage.


I want to take Mambo lessons now.  Can I do that online?  Probably not.  Then again, I wouldn’t be surprised if one of you out there sent me a link for online dance lessons.


Piers said it was some of the best dancing he’s seen on the show.  Fine.  I’ll give Piers a “wow” for that comment.

Scott Alexander balanced a woman on water.  That gets a little of the wow, as well.

Twelve-year-old Preston Webber, fire dancer, also went on to Vegas.  That should be interesting!  Can’t go wrong with fire.

A bike stunt team, Yellow Designs got a second chance after a chain break and a fall.  I like when dreams get a second chance.  They’re off to Vegas.  Good for them.


Three young rappers, the SH’Boss Boys (ages 5, 6, and 7), appeared on stage.  Confident.  Calm.  Positive.  They insisted they weren’t nervous.  I believe it.  Ah, to be young and unafraid.  One of the kids said if he wins, he’d buy a big house for homeless children.  They also said they rap about doing well in school and generally being good people.

Win guys.  Win.

We’ll see you in Vegas.


They just did the AGT plug for YouTube…they’re going to pick an act from the web.  Sorry John Jacobson.  I think you’re out.

Primitivo Montoya came onstage to sing and dance.  He fell off the stage.  I think he’s going to join John Jacobson in the land of YouTube fame.  He looked a little disappointed.

He’s lucky he survived the fall.

Next up was The Forever Young Dancers…elderly men in diapers holding lollipops.

Metatron, the angel of light, came on stage and spread his wings.  He, too, soared off the stage.

Y’know?  I think I was finally ready for some commercials.


Alright, back from break and no more grown men parading around in diapers.  I think I’m ready to continue here.

The Crossed Swords came out next with their sword fighting act.  They say that, in addition to teaching college, this is how they earn money.  Hmm…why didn’t my guidance counselor tell me that sword fighting was a viable employment option?

It sort of looked like the back alley at a Renaissance Festival…although, at the Ren Fest, they’re probably pretty good!  Maybe it’s all about context.

The best part was when Howie and Piers engaged in their own battle royale.  Classic…in that reality show “classic” sense.

And, by the narrowest 2-1 margin, they were off for the Middle Ages and not Vegas.


A group that requires complete darkness, Team iLuminate, came up next (obviously, the effect of Fighting Gravity is in full effect!).

The effect was great.  And, even though it was completely dark, this group managed not to fall off the stage, so right off, they have that going for them.

Piers called it the most exciting audition he’s seen.  That’s a tall set of shoes, Piers.  Do the readers agree?


There’s your America’s Got Talent blog at Nobody’s View for the season premiere.  Join us next week for more dreams, more fun, and more grown men in diapers.

Well, maybe not that.


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