America’s Got Talent Season 6 Premiere On May 31, 2011, Will Soon Be Coming To Nobody’s View!

[NOTE:  If you have landed on this page and are looking for the recap, click here]

For those of you who have been reading Nobody’s View for a while, you know one of my big guilty pleasures here is NBC’s America’s Got Talent.

I know, I know.  Get it out of your system.  I’ll wait…

I started watching America’s Got Talent last year and got hooked.  It’ll be back on May 31, 2011 for Season 6, and will be with us until September 14.

Howie Mandel will provide the laughs, Sharon Osbourne the love, and, of course, Piers Morgan will provide…his very own special brand of acid-laced criticism.  I’m sure there will be a few amazing talents and the inevitable cringe-inducing moments.

Last year gave us Jackie Evancho, Michael Grimm, and Fighting Gravity.  However, it also gave us people jumping around the stage in their underwear and foul-mouthed shockers looking for their fifteen minutes of fame. Or five seconds.

Cringe-inducers, indeed.

But aren’t those cringe-inducing moments part of the America’s Got Talent mystique?

So, why do I blog America’s Got Talent here?  I guess it’s because the show really highlights people going for it.  It doesn’t matter what they look like, where they come from, or what god they pray to before host Nick Cannon wishes them luck and they walk on stage.  If they want to get out there and give it a try, I say go for it!

So many of us have a dream in life we want to accomplish, but how many of us actually take even one step toward that goal?  These folks are actually doing it.  I know that sounds corny and cliche, but hey — sometimes we need those things to motivate us, even if they sound silly.

I’ll do my best to be here each Tuesday to blog America’s Got Talent live.  If you want to join in, great!  If you think I’m nuts for doing this, great!

That’s okay.  You don’t have to admit you watch.  If its your guilty pleasure, like American Idol or Glee, I won’t tell.  And if you want to leave a comment here at Nobody’s View, you can use an assumed name.

I won’t tell.

So, join us for what should be a fun season of America’s Got Talent.  Maybe someday we’ll get America’s Got Talent announcer Joe Cipriano to provide a soundbite to introduce the blog.



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