2011 PGA Players Championship and Survivor Redemption Island* — David Toms, K.J. Choi, and Boston Rob Roll On in Epic Million-Dollar Battles on a Lazy Sunday

It’s just another lazy Sunday…for whatever that’s worth.

I don’t know…somewhere along the line I felt inspired to post something about what was going on on TV today.  I like TV.  What can I say?

I just finished watching the 2011 PGA Players Championship from the TPC at Sawgrass in Florida.  David Toms lost to K.J. Choi in a playoff on the famous 17th island hole.

Needless to say Choi is now the proud owner of well over a million bucks.  As for Toms?  Well, I’m sure that even though he came in second, he’ll be cashing a wonderfully hefty check.

K.J. Choi and David Toms — four days of golf at Sawgrass in Florida for a million dollars.  Not a bad haul, right?  Not a bad way to make it, right?

And then there’s another phenomenon this Sunday…something still to come on television tonight — Survivor: Redemption Island.  Boston Rob, Phillip Sheppard, Natalie Tenerelli, Matt Elrod, and the rest will battle for a million dollars.

They’ve been battling for over a month, living in grubby conditions on a beachfront, starving to death, and competing in the dirt.  Fighting, scratching, kicking, and punching for a million.

A far cry from four days of golf at the TPC Sawgrass in Florida, where the announcers routinely say things like, “Boy, I can’t believe he missed that three-foot putt.  I guess that steak will go down harder tonight!”  On Survivor: Redemption Island, a loss gets you a trip to Redemption Island and maybe a bite of rice…possibly with maggots in it.

Golf and Survivor.  In case you thought there weren’t a lot of different ways to make money, think again.  A friend of mine once remarked, “Why didn’t my career counselor in high school tell me I could be pro golfer or an ice road trucker…or a crab fisherman on the Discovery Channel?!”


Look, if this lazy Sunday has taught me anything, it’s that if you have a dream in the money world, don’t let anyone tell you how to accomplish it.  You wanna make a million in a sport?  Well, train early and train hard.  You want to be on Survivor?  Send in that tape and give it your best shot.

Then again, maybe the purpose of life isn’t just to make money.  Maybe it’s the experiences we have on the way to that goal that count.  I know that sounds like a cliche, but whenever I hear about a golfer who truly “loves the game” or see someone on Survivor who tells the camera that Survivor was just something they “always wanted to do,” I think that’s pretty nice.

I also feel the same when I meet a happy doctor, a satisfied teacher, a fulfilled attorney, or a proud mother.

Money’s great.  Winning the Players Championship at TPC Sawgrass is great.  Returning from Redemption Island to be the sole Survivor is great.

But hey, having a lazy Sunday at home watching the Players Championship and Survivor: Redemption Island can be just as great.  Going to work with a smile can be nice, too.  Heck, anything we do can bring a smile as long as we’re happy while we’re doing it.

This is no Sunday to be envious.  It’s no time to wish I had more or to frown on my situation, whatever it is.  It’s no time to get down.  Actually, I think I’m looking forward to Monday.  Is that crazy?  I mean, I didn’t win Survivor, and I’m not really a great golfer.

I guess that’s okay.  I have a lot of blessings in my life nonetheless, including some good stuff on the ol’ tube.

It’s been a good Sunday.


*By the way, congratulations to Boston Rob Mariano for winning Survivor: Redemption Island, Nicaragua (his $1,100,000 is still less than K.J. Choi took home for the Players Championship).  Let’s just hope for the sake of the other players next season that Boston Rob is not on Survivor: South Pacific.  We have to keep it fair after all.  Maybe K.J. Choi or David Toms is interested in playing?


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