No Facebook Account? That’s as Baffling as Stonehenge!

There’s a show on right now on NOVA about Stonehenge.

That’s right…Stonehenge…the place with the rocks in the middle of some pretty ordinary countryside.

It’s so awesome when things like this show up on earth that seem to baffle scientists or defy explanation.  Who knows what happened there?  All we can do is guess.  Nothing like a good baffle, right?

I think that will be my new goal — to try to do something in my life that I can leave behind, such that it will baffle scientists.  I’d pretty much consider that a compliment to be remembered as a baffler (instead of a babbler or something like that).


What could I do?  So many options.

Maybe I’ll be the only person left on earth to never have a Facebook page (not likely…that’s probably in the works for me soon, even if a publisher or my agent have to drag me into it kicking and screaming) or perhaps something a little more daring.  I haven’t quite figured out what that will be yet, but I’m sure I could come up with something.

Maybe I’ll go out in my backyard and construct another Stonehenge with some rocks or pebbles…or I’ll set some kind of monster loose in the water feature and call it the Nobody Ness Monster.


Camera crews, interviews, books, conspiracy theories, people camping out outside the gate.  Calls from Discovery Channel for my own show.

Double sweet.

Alright then, it’s settled.

Tomorrow when I get up, I’ll set about confounding science.  Yes!  I’ll get to it right after I figure out what I’m going to have for breakfast.  Maybe I’ll eat in the backyard near the water feature.  Maybe I’ll have a sighting of the Nobody Ness Monster.

Actually, you know what?  Maybe I’ll just continue to try to be a positive person in the face of all the craziness in the world right now.  We positive people confound everyone, not just scientists.

And I think that is something pretty great too…even if it’s not Stonehenge.


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