Mother’s Day 2011 Is a Day to Remember How You Got Here

Mother’s Day 2011 is here, and with it all the Hallmark greetings we can handle.

The greeting card business is an amazing example of a self-perpetuating industry.  Go into the store and check out the things for which you can buy a card, and I am convinced there are Hallmark lobbyists down at every legislature in the nation.

But still, something is different about Mother’s Day.  It goes beyond Hallmark-ery and gets us into another place — something for which we shouldn’t need a card store to remind us.

Whether your mother is still on this earth or not, you wouldn’t be here without her.  Whether you and your mom get along or not, you wouldn’t be here without her.  Whether you are in therapy because of mom or not, you wouldn’t be here without her.

In a way, then, celebrating Mother’s Day 2011 is not just about celebrating your mom, but also yourself…your very existence!  (I know dad plays a part in this too, but…y’know.)

Do you have big plans for today?  Nothing much?  A card?  A phone call?  Both?  If you are a new mother, how do you plan on spending this day?  If your kids are grown and gone, are you planning a few minutes to give yourself a much-deserved pat on the back?

I am not in the heads of every person in the world.  I’m not in the minds of every mother in the world.  I can’t say who is proud of their moms, who has issues, and who is still deciding.

All I can say is that I am here on this planet and it is because of my mother.  For me, it’s a card today and a simple dinner.  For my friends, it’s pretty much the same.  But one thing is for sure — we will all celebrate the unique women who brought us to life.  And that, my friends, is something for which a card is not sufficient.


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