President Barack Obama Confirms That Osama Bin Laden Is Dead. This is Significant, But What Now?

I was watching TV just now and they cut in to say that Osama Bin Laden is dead, in a mansion in Islamabad.  President Barack Obama apparently ordered the mission, wherein Bin Laden was shot and his body was recovered.

I see people in the streets celebrating outside the White House right now, and the news folks just talked about the 9/11 attacks and Bin Laden’s role in that horrible tragedy.

So, we find out tonight that Osama Bin Laden is dead.

Where are we now?  What do we say at this point?  Where do we go from here?

It has been so many long years searching.  Did someone turn him in?  Was it Pakistani officials?  We don’t know yet…I’m sure that will come out soon (please no angry comments…I’m blogging as this is happening).

President Barack Obama is going to make his statement soon from the White House, and there are people continuing to crowd in front of the White House to be part of the historic announcement.

It is so interesting that after so many years of political infighting between Democrats and Republicans, something like this can bring people together.  Ordinary folks who seek peace and freedom.

Obama is now speaking.  He tells us that a US operation has killed Bin Laden, the leader responsible for the killing of thousands.  The 9/11 images, he says, are ensconced in our memories.

And they are.  They have to be.  The must be.

Obama talked about the victims of the 9/11 attacks — innocent lives who fell in an awful moment that brought a nation, and a world, together.  Obama made sure to remind us all about the unity that those horrifying attacks by Bin Laden brought, despite the terror.

He went on to thank our military and intelligence forces for taking the lead in working against the forces of terror and for finding Bin Laden.

Obama said he authorized, last week, an operation of Americans to take out their target in a firefight, and claim his body.

The President reminded us that it is our duty to remain “vigilant,” and he also reminded us that this is not America’s war against Islam, but against terror and murder.

We didn’t choose this fight, the President said.  It came to us.  The President indicated that Americans understand the costs of war, but also appreciate the price we must pay to defend ourselves, and our allies.

Finally, President Obama told the families of 9/11’s victims that he has never forgotten their struggles, and made a final appeal to unity, calling upon us to set our minds upon prosperity, equality, and sacrifices for the safety of the United States and our allies.


I’m not a political pundit.  I don’t know much about world politics or stuff like that.  I’m just a person in the world trying to find meaning in world events.  I normally don’t take strong stances one way or the other, but tonight, I was just moved to type because of this theme of unity…a theme so very close to my heart.

The appeal to unity is something we should not forget today…indeed, should never forget, for it is in unity where we find success.  It is in tolerance where we will find our peace.  It is in friendship and love where we will have everything we so desire in this world.  It doesn’t matter what political party we follow or what color our skin is.  It’s not about what god/gods you follow or how you pray.

Simply be a force for good.  Be a force for change.  Stand by your neighbor not just because you agree with him.  Support your community not simply because it insulates you.

If we can help a little, smile a little, and tolerate a little, then we can grow a lot.

Then, maybe some time in the future, we will celebrate our unity on the streets in front of the White House.



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