Representative Gabrielle Giffords Heads To Hubby Mark Kelly’s Launch — Launching Us To Inspiration

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords is heading to husband Mark Kelly’s NASA launch in Florida.

That’s right.

The same Gabrielle Giffords that was shot, along with 19 others, on January 8, 2011, when gunman Jared Loughner opened fire at a Tuscon appearance for Giffords.

The same Gabrielle Giffords that suffered a head injury and, miraculously, survived.

The same Gabrielle Giffords that seems to be trying now to overcome terror and re-enter her life again, albeit under extraordinary circumstances and over extraordinary odds.

Today’s column could be about the triumph of the human spirit against adversity and the overcoming of horror to lead a life of inspiration for others.  It could be about one woman’s struggle against all odds to resume her life of service to her country and her wonderful partnership to Mark Kelly.

It could be about that.

It could easily be about that.

But let’s assume for the moment that this article is about something else.  Let’s assume this article is just about a woman named Gabrielle Giffords who is taking a trip to see her astronaut husband launch into something about which he is so passionate…so that she can be there for him at this special time.  Let’s just assume for the moment that a wife is going to support her husband, as he has supported her.

Just for the moment, let’s assume that people, even absolutely extraordinary and inspirational people like Giffords, know the importance of doing ordinary things that keep life moving and to keep the people they love close, fulfilled, and happy.

Just for today, let’s enjoy that.  And to Congresswoman Giffords, please enjoy your journey from Houston to Florida.  And let’s hope that both you and your husband both arrive home safely from your extraordinary journeys.


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