Talk, Listen, and Grow

I had many conversations today with many people regarding similar topics…positivity, perspective, patience.  It happened in a variety of settings over the whole course of the day.


Good themes.

Positivity, perspective, patience.  These are the three P’s and they are issues in my own life.  They are wonderful things to talk about, as they are so relevant at all times and in almost all places.

When we discuss issues with others, we’re also processing our own stuff.  And, it’s as we work it out in us that we see it reflected in others…and vice versa.

All conversations are really themselves in reverse.  Don’t like that idea?  Too bad.  No one comes along with nothing.  Even when we come to someone as a “blank slate” in counseling, that effort we put into the blankness is a form of growth.  The discipline to listen without judgment is a form of growth.

What do you think about that?

Go ahead and tell me.

I’m listening.


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