Cliff Dwellings Take Me Back to Simplicity

I was at a national park today looking at some cliff dwellings.

As I stood there with all the folks who drove up in their cars with their fast food wrappers and their cell phones, I thought about the civilizations that lived in these dwellings.

It was simple.  Quiet.

I’m not glamorizing it by any means.  I’m sure there was struggle, strife, hostility, famine, etc…

But it’s the idea of trade and working with the land that has me so interested.  These folks didn’t necessarily “take trips” and I’m sure they didn’t sit around like I do and watch TV.  When they needed something they had to get it or trade for it…or grow it.

It didn’t materialize from or a grocery store.

They’re gone now.  And now we go there.

Then we drive away to the nearby casino.

But something stuck with me today.  Something simple.  Something peaceful.

A reminder that although the past wasn’t always glorious, the present isn’t always better for all of its advances.


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