Japan Suffers Under Nature…May We Not Suffer Under Man

I was just watching a little of Anderson Cooper 360, and their coverage of Japan in the wake of the tsunami and quake.


I’ve been following the coverage for a few days and am always at a loss when I see the devastation — walls of debris and so much washed away.

I think about the people there and people the world over.  I see so much war and hate and I think, “Hey, everyone?  Please stop what you’re doing for a moment and consider the people of Japan.  Consider that there are folks suffering due to a natural disaster.  Please re-consider your man-made disasters and wars and think about the fact that what we struggle against day-to-day is enough…we don’t need to add war to the mix.”

My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Japan, as they have for days now.  My thoughts and prayers also go out to those suffering under the cruelty of man-made sufferings as well.

Both are tragic, and one can be prevented.

That it isn’t, is real tragedy.

May there be relief in Japan and swift hope on the horizon for that nation and its people.


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